What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

When choosing furniture for your home, you have many details to consider. One of the most important is color, including how it will coordinate with your flooring. If you have dark wood floors or are considering installing them in your home, you need to know what colors of furniture will look best with them. We've done the research and have all the information you need to choose the perfect color furniture for your dark wood floors.

Almost any color furniture can be paired with dark wood floors, including different wood tones, depending on your tastes and desired style. Here are our top color recommendations for furniture for your dark wood floors:

  1. White
  2. Light wood
  3. Medium wood
  4. Dark wood
  5. Yellow
  6. Blue
  7. Violet
  8. Brown
  9. Gray
  10. Black
  11. Mix

Keep reading for more information on choosing the right color furniture to go with your dark wood floors. We'll also let you know whether dark wood flooring is out of style, if you can put light wood furniture on a dark wood floor, and whether all your furniture should be the same color.

colorful interior of a modern living room with mix color furniture, What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors

What Color Furniture Should You Choose For Dark Wood Floors?

You can pair almost any color furniture, including different wood tones, with dark wood floors. However, there are many elements you'll want to keep in mind, including wall color and the atmosphere you'd like to evoke in the space. Lighter and brighter colors will help to brighten a dark room, while darker colors may promote a cozier ambiance.

When considering wood furniture, you can opt to match the color of your dark wood floors or choose a lighter shade for contrast. You can also mix different wood tones if you like. Also, keep in mind the color of the legs on your couches and chairs. Lighter woods and colors like silver will stand out, while dark woods and blacks will blend in with the floor. Both options can work well, and it's simply a matter of preference which style you choose.

We compiled 11 examples of rooms featuring dark wood floors to demonstrate the wide variety of your furniture color options.

1. White

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Modern living room with dark hardwood floor and white furniture

White furniture is a top choice to consider if you have dark wood floors. The light furniture provides a great contrast to the dark floors, and it imparts a clean, fresh, modern look. White couches and chairs will look terrific whether you have light or dark walls, and they provide a versatile palette for you to introduce any other style touches or colors you'd like through throw pillows and your other decor.

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2. Light Wood

You can match pretty much any tone of wood you like with dark wood floors, but a light wood like in this dining table and chairs looks especially nice. Whether it's a coffee table, hutch, or the legs on your couch, opting for a light wood will create the perfect balance to your dark wood floors.

3. Medium Wood

 living room with gray sofa, home plant and floor lamp against blue stucco wall

A medium shade of wood also pairs nicely with dark wood floors. The wooden legs of this couch provide just enough contrast to stand out against the dark floors and wall. A darker shade of wood wouldn't have worked nearly as well in such a dark space.

4. Dark Wood

light couch, rug, and walls in a modern living room with dark hardwood floor and dark furniture

Dark wood furniture can be the perfect choice for your living room if you choose the right elements. Matching your wood furniture pieces to the exact color of your dark wood floors will create a cohesive, coordinated look. And the dark wood won't feel too overwhelming if you balance it against a light couch, rug, and walls.

5. Yellow

yellow orange sofa, with a lamp, ornate pendant and a table, gray carpet with two pillows, Light blue wall and dark wooden floor

Yellow is another smart option for brightening a room with dark wood floors. The yellow sofa provides a sunny burst of color in this living room. The frame and legs of the couch match the dark wood floors, which allows them to stay in the background and let the color truly pop.

6. Blue

Blue sofa in a window on sunny day with table in foreground and dark hardwood floor

Blue looks lovely paired with darker wood floors. This deep dark blue velvet sofa adds a touch of softness to this living room, but any shade of blue can be paired with dark wood floors. Consider a lighter shade if you have dark walls and darker tones like this if your walls are light.

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7. Violet

Modern chic classic luxury white European interior with violet velvet sofa on a dark wood floor

Dark wood floors provide the perfect backdrop for bold colors like this gorgeous violet. Choose a sofa in a vivid color if you want to design a room that's both formal and fun. This is another example where matching the furniture legs to the floor lets the color of the sofa stand out.

8. Brown

Loft Interior with brown Leather Sofa and dark wood floors

For a rustic aesthetic, opt to pair brown furniture with your dark wood floors. The medium tone of this leather couch and chair is a shade lighter than the flooring, but a lighter tan would also work well. You can go for a darker brown like chocolate as well, but be aware that darker furniture might blend in against dark floors or create more darkness in the space than you'd like.

9. Gray

modern gray sofa, dining table with wooden chair, dark wood flooring

If you're looking for a neutral option, gray could be the right choice for your furniture. This modern, minimalist living room features a gray couch that pairs perfectly with dark wood floors. When you choose to pair a darker colored couch with dark floors, consider white and lighter shades of wood for your other furniture to keep the overall space brighter.

10. Black

If you have dark wood floors but would like to add a black table, or vice versa, you might be worried that the two together will be too dark. Placing a light-colored rug under the table or other dark furniture piece will easily solve this problem and help create some contrast in the room.

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11. Mix

interior of colourful contemporary living room with sofa, with curtains, table and vases

You don't have to stick to just one color of furniture when outfitting your room with dark wood floors. This fun and modern living room features teal, black, and silver in the furniture, and the curtains connect them all together.

Is Dark Wood Flooring Out Of Style?

Hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Selecting hardwood for your flooring is a smart choice, no matter the color. Though the trend might lean more toward lighter shades one year or colors like greige the next, dark wood floors will always be a viable option.

When choosing the floors for your home, it's important to focus on what will work best with your walls, furniture, and desired overall style rather than the latest fad, since that could change at any time. Flooring is a long-term commitment that's not as easily changed as a new couch or coat of paint, so you'll want to choose an option you can live with long term.

Pick the shade of wood you like best, whether light, dark, or something in between, and you can't go wrong.

Can You Put Light Wood Furniture on Dark Wood Floors?

Light wood furniture looks terrific with dark wood floors. The light color provides a nice contrast and can brighten a darker space. When choosing light wood furniture to pair with your dark wood floors, you might want to select pieces in the same shade of wood. This will create a classic, coordinated look that's always popular and in style.

Should All Furniture Be the Same Color?

Your furniture can all be the same color, but it doesn't have to be. You can mix colors, wood tones, or for a truly eclectic vibe, both. If you'd like to mix colors but aren't sure where to start, pick two or three that you think will work well together. Then carry those colors through all the extra details in the room, like throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and artwork. Tieing the different colors of your furniture together like this will make it seem as though the separate pieces were made for each other.

In Closing

Dark wood flooring provides a great backdrop to feature almost any color furniture you like. Consider your wall color and whether you'd prefer a lighter, brighter, or darker space, and then choose the color furniture that helps you make that a reality. If you'd like more tips on choosing flooring and furniture, check out these other articles:

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What Colour goes with midnight blue?

Midnight blue pairs well with other dark colors such as black, charcoal grey, and navy blue. It also looks great with lighter colors such as white, cream, light grey, blush, and pastel colors such as mint green, baby blue and lavender.

What color compliments royal blue?

White, yellow, orange, and pink all work well with royal blue.

What colors go with light dark blue?

Colors that go well with light and dark blue include white, yellow, gray, orange, pink, purple, and green.

What are the 3 best colors that go together?

  1. Yellow, red, and blue.
  2. Green, orange, and purple.
  3. Teal, magenta, and gold.
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