What Color Goes With Almond Siding?

Finding the right color to complement your almond siding may seem like a small detail but can make a huge difference in the overall look of your outdoor space. This guide is the result of our painstaking research on the subject matter and will help you determine which colors best complement your almond sliding.

Almond goes well with light pastel, neutrals, and bold colors. It is one of the most versatile colors in the color wheel, allowing you to achieve a variety of color combinations with it. 

With so many different options to choose from, finding the perfect color combination for almond siding is challenging. As you read through this guide, you will find several color ideas for your almond siding and ways to incorporate them into your home. These ideas are meant to help you get started, so please keep reading.

House roof elements with cedar wood siding, blue sky and clouds, What Color Goes With Almond Siding?

The Best Color Combinations for Almond Siding

Almond is a warm and soft neutral that can complement a range of different colors and styles of your shutters, roof, door, and trim. The warm color of almond is well suited to a traditional, vintage home.

You can easily achieve an exciting look by using the following colors with almond:

Pastel Colors

Almond siding is perfect with pastel colors. Pastels have a soft and airy feel that creates a very calming effect.

You can also use pastel colors to create a more modern look for your home. Here are some pastel colors that work best with your almond siding:

1. Light Blue

Window of a 100-year-old house. Antique lace curtains. Light blue wooden siding.

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The light blue and almond color pairing is one of the most favored color combos. The light blue hue is ideal for accentuating the natural beauty of the skies.

The combination of the soft, cool color of light blue and the warm, rich hue of almond is a popular color scheme that is surprisingly powerful. When used in subtle amounts, the two colors work together to create a harmonious look.

Light blue and almond are both natural colors that are often associated with calm and welcoming. This is why they work so well together.

The light blue color in particular is soothing and calming, which makes it a perfect fit for a house where you want to stay relaxed.

2. Light Green

Green and Brown House With Cedar, Vinyl Siding

Almond and light green go together beautifully because of their similarities. Both have a subtle sweetness to them, and both look great with cream and white.

Almond and light green are wonderful pairings because they’re both earthy colors. They are similar in appearance and give a sense of warmth.

Almond is a bit lighter than tan, which makes it feel more "summery". Light green has more of a cool undertone, which makes it feel more "springy".

3. Turquoise

turquoise teal aqua rustic metal siding outdoor exterior wall similar to a garage or metal shed building

Turquoise is an incredibly versatile color. It works well with just about any other color, but when it comes to colors, turquoise pairs best with things like aqua blue, cream, or light gray.

But that doesn't mean you can't add turquoise to other colors. If you're looking to pair turquoise with something more interesting, consider using almond.

To create a warm color scheme, consider adding a splash of turquoise in a variety of shades. Because turquoise is a color that is associated with water, it is often used in coastal-inspired decor.

Turquoise can be used to bring out the oceanic beauty of your home's exterior. For more exterior color ideas, check this video out:


If you feel like you need to tone down the brightness of your home, you can use a neutral color such as gray or white. You can also use neutrals to add a sense of mystery to a space.

Neutral colors are great because they don't compete with other colors. They simply work as a backdrop for the rest of the colors of the exterior.

Here are some of the popular neutrals that work best with your almond siding:

1. Dark Brown

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Dark brown complements almond because it's similar to walnut. It's not just a "dark" brown but rather a rich and warm brown. It's a very versatile color and you can use it in a variety of ways.

The best thing about dark brown is that it doesn't need to be the dominant color. You can add it to the background and still have it look great.

Check out this Giani royal mahogany paint kit for doors on Amazon.

2. Crisp White

Hortensia flowers in front of white wooden building wall with retro windows

White is the ultimate neutral color. White is the most versatile color on the color wheel. It's the perfect neutral and can be the basis for any design.

This doesn't mean, however, that white should be the only option you consider when choosing a color scheme.

If you're looking for a crisp and clean look, white shutters, doors, and trim are a great choice. This is perfect if you want to highlight and inject more depth into your almond siding.

A white exterior door looks clean and fresh, but it can also be boring. It does highlight the almond siding though, but it's not a good color of choice if you're looking to conceal dirt that's regularly being accumulated on the door. 

3. Gray/Black

If you want to add a classic touch to your home, you can use dark gray or black. This color works well in a traditional home because it helps to give it a more timeless look. It can also add a sense of depth and mystery to your home.

Stylish single family house facade with white vertical vinyl siding, gable with attic window and decorative brackets

Bright and Bold Colors

Almond siding is also great with bright colors. Bright colors have strong energy and can really liven up a space.

You can choose a color that will draw attention to the surrounding landscape or you can use a color that will blend in with the rest of the exterior.

A little bit of contrast can really make a space pop. If you choose a color that is too similar to the existing colors in your exterior, it may not stand out as much.

However, if you choose a color that is too different from the existing colors, it may overwhelm your home.

You can also use bold colors to draw your guests' attention to the most exciting feature in your home. For example, if you have a beautiful fireplace, you could paint your door a bright red or orange to prepare your guests for it while they're still outside. 

Bold colors like red, orange, yellow, and green are all great choices for a bold statement. 

Newly constructed colonial mansion single family home, with brick facade, 2 peak gables, landscape, curb appeal, arched windows in a luxury neighborhood street in Maryland USA

What Colors Make a House Look Bigger Outside?

Dark colors make your house appear smaller, especially when you look at it from the outside. Bright colors, on the other hand, help make your house look bigger.

When you think about it, the colors that make a house look bigger are actually the ones that reflect sunlight. So if you are concerned about how your house looks from the outside, you should choose light colors for your exterior.

What Color House Sells Fastest?

When selling a house, the first thing buyers notice is the outside of the home. You can improve the curb appeal of your home by using paint that reflects light and helps your home stand out.

White is the most common choice when it comes to exterior paint because it is reflective and helps the home stand out from the crowd. The color of the roof can also influence a buyer's decision to buy a home.

If you have a light-colored roof, buyers may assume that the rest of the home will be light and easy.

What Color House is Hardest to Sell?

Paint color can play a key role in determining how quickly a prospective buyer will decide whether or not they want to make an offer on a home. Certain colors may be harder to sell than others.

If your house has a dark-colored exterior, you may have a harder time getting people interested in buying your home. Ultra-bright and fluorescent colors are just too fancy and these may give an impression of your house as a “showplace” rather than a “home”.

How Many Colors Should You Have For Outside House?

Adding color to the outside of your home is a great way to add interest and beauty to your property. It also helps to give your home a unique look and feel. 

While the number of colors you choose depends on what your style is, it is recommended that you keep the palette of colors you use limited.

By limiting your color choices, you are able to bring out your personal style and create an overall cohesive and unified look throughout the entire exterior.

Three paint colors are enough to get your message across.

In Closing

There are many beautiful and exciting colors to choose from to complement your almond siding. The most important thing is to start with your personal tastes, and then figure out what goes with what. We hope that the above list of colors to go with almond siding has inspired you to think about your home exterior.

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