What Color Goes With Brown Furniture?

Whether you have just moved in, or if it’s time for a change, decorating a room can get complicated. There are countless styles, and many of them call for Earthy colors like brown. Further, brown furniture is very common. So much furniture is simply made of wood, and wooden décor also fits most interior designs. As such, it’s best that you totally understand how the color brown will work with your style. We have thoroughly researched what colors will go with your brown furniture and how to alter the effects of brown furniture.

Because brown is a neutral color, it is flexible enough to work with nearly any color theme. However, it is also a composite color, meaning a combination of existing colors. This gives brown certain characteristics that will improve with the right color combinations. Bear in mind that combining different shades of any color will produce very different results. Using both contrast and matching styles, many colors accommodate brown furniture, such as:

  • White is a neutral color that will contrast and brighten.
  • Gray is a neutral color that will blend and darken.
  • Green is an organic color that will pop and create a natural atmosphere.
  • Blue will contrast with brown the most.

Although brown furniture is relatively common, it doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of opportunities for creativity if you can use the right color palette for your room. Please keep reading to learn more about the color brown’s nature and how its temperature can affect your room. Brown furniture may be neutral or wooden, but we’ll make sure your room is bold and lively!

built in brown modern wardrobe with mirror reflecting a brown sofa and brown wood floor. What Color Goes With Brown Furniture

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White with Brown Furniture

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Interior of a white themed living room with a brown sofa

Although white is a neutral color, it has the ability to brighten any room. White basically serves as a smooth, tidy canvas for any interior design. White is especially useful for darker brown furniture. The brightness of white walls and décor can help balance out the rich, earthy browns.

Fortunately, white also comes in a variety of different shades. Some shades of white can include undertones of yellow, which will be a perfect match with brown. This is because brown can be created with the color yellow.

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Gray with Brown Furniture

A brown leather sofa paired with a green and gray theme

Gray is yet another neutral color, which can work with pretty much anything. However, gray is distinctly cooler than white. Gray can help soothe any brown furniture that is too bright. This is useful for combining different shades of brown across the room. For example, gray side tables can create a calm bridge between a tan couch and a dark coffee table. A gray area rug can also be used to unify furniture with various shades of brown.

Even though gray might seem relatively dull, it can be used successfully with certain interior designs. For example, brown and gray can become a perfect combination for clean, industrial themes. To learn more, you can check out “Does the Color Grey Go With Brown Furniture.

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Green with Brown Furniture

Brown leather sofa with a green throw pillow

Green is an especially potent color, which can be tricky. It is only softer when it’s darkened, and it can still really pop. However, green can still be used to significant effect with brown furniture. Brown and green are natural colors that can be used together to call a tranquil forest to mind. This makes them perfect for any style that aims to bring nature to mind.

For example, a Japanese style room would embrace and celebrate nature. Even actual plants might be used to create that scene, and plants themselves are a great green source.

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Blue with Brown Furniture

A gorgeous and lively living room with brown and blue leather sofas

Because brown is a composite color, you won’t find its opposite on a traditional color wheel. However, blue is the closest complementary color to brown. This is because of the source colors that are mixed together to make brown. If your goal is to create bold contrast in your room, blue will definitely do the trick.

Using blue curtains, pillows, and other accent features will really make your room pop. Sky blue curtains will open up the room, creating a bright and airy environment. Oceanic blues will dampen the room, cooling and calming the accompanying décor.

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Is brown furniture making a comeback?

You may be considering whether or not to use brown furniture, to begin with. That’s perfectly understandable because some people may hesitate to use too many neutral colors. However, brown is still a very practical and cozy color. Wooden furniture is also one of the dominant options on the market. Brown furniture is very adaptable and generally inexpensive. Because of that, brown furniture will remain a permanent staple in stylistic trends.

It will always be effortless to get creative with a neutral color. This means that many future trends will likely include brown furniture. Wooden features have been used to create Victorian, Italian, industrial, and even coastal scenes. With so many people adding their own dash of personality, brown furniture will never truly be out of style.

Is brown a warm or cool color?

Although brown is certainly a neutral color, brown is also considered a warm color. This is because the sources of its composition are warm. Brown is actually composed of red and yellow, both of which are distinctly warm. Even darker browns can still have a soft and lukewarm quality, just like dark chocolate. Meanwhile, cool colors would include blue or green. Even brighter shades of blue can retain their ability to soften. This is why blue is the best complementary color for brown.

Does dark furniture darken a room?

Brightness can be a tricky thing because there are so many factors. First of all, lighting is always crucial. Natural light can dramatically change the feel of your room. Then there is the manufactured light, from strategically positioned light fixtures. These can drastically alter how your furniture looks.

Aside from your lighting, furniture colors can absolutely change the brightness of your room. Darker brown furniture will temper your room, while brighter furniture will liven the area. Each kind of illumination can be used to balance the other. They are often used to create a smooth transition between pieces.

How do you brighten up a brown couch?

Like any other color, brown couches can be brightened up by their surroundings. Adjusting the color of your walls can seriously reduce the colorful influence of any piece of furniture. You can read “What Wall Paint Goes With Dark Brown  Furniture [5 Best Options].” Also, accent colors can be found in numerous small additions. If you give a brown couch bright neighbors, it will feel less commanding in the room.

Brighter curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and furniture can all be placed nearby for the desired effect. In fact, even lighter shades of brown can also be used on a brown couch. This will make the couch’s temperature feel more deliberate. Just be sure not to add too much brown to the room, or the standout pieces will become lost in the white noise.

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77Brown furniture is common and popular for a good reason. The color brown is useful in so many different styles; the possibilities can sometimes feel overwhelming. But now that you know how brown will mix with other colors, you’ll be able to bring your own style to life. And if you already have your room put together, you can also find a way to balance the existing theme successfully.

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