What Color Goes With Green Bathroom Tile?

Green is a versatile and calming color, so people love choosing green tiles for their bathroom floor and walls. But which colors go well with green bathroom tiles? We've done a little investigation regarding this question, and here's what we came up with.

You can match green bathroom tiles with almost all colors. Different shades of green go well with these hues:

  • Pastel and Pale Colors
  • Dark Tones
  • White / Creamy Hues
  • Shades of Purple 
  • Contrasting / Opposite Colors
  • Earth Colors

Now that you know which colors go well with green tiles, it's time for the next level. Let's determine the effects these colors make when matched with green tiles. We'll also discuss which tiles are best for your bathroom and some bathroom tiling ideas.

Green tile bathroom interior with tub - What Color Goes With Green Bathroom Tile

Colors That Match Green Bathroom Tiles

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Interior of comfortable bathroom with green tile and white walls, big white bathtub and white toilet.

Here's a simple explanation of the effects of green tiles when matched with:

Pastel and Pale Colors

Green tiles matched with pastel and pale colors produce stunning effects. Yellow creates a bright burst of sunshine, while light blue creates a cool atmosphere.

Dark Tones

Dark tones such as brown or mahogany create a warm, rustic feel to your bathroom when partnered with green tiles.

White / Creamy Hues

White paired with green tiles scream elegance and sophistication. This color scheme also brings freshness and calmness to any room.

Shades of purple

A purple color is a perfect option when you yearn for a satisfying warm or cool contrast. More radiant shades deliver a splash of liveliness and vitality. Muted hues give a soothing effect.

Contrasting / Opposite Colors

Contrasting colors give an exceptional ambiance. You can avoid a holiday feel with red when you complement the bathroom with blues and yellows.

Earth Colors

Green is one of the earthy tones, and matching it with earthy colors will create a hearty and natural atmosphere.

Tones Of Gray 

Lighter shades of gray paired with various shades of green give a Victorian and chic style vibe.

5 Most Popular Bathroom Tile Choices

Bathroom interior in green tones — Photo

There are many kinds of tiles to choose from. Here are some of the best tiles to use in your bathroom.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are excellent for your bathroom. These tiles are durable and stain-resistant.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are less expensive than porcelain tiles. These tiles contain a mixture of clay and materials like quartz and water. Ceramic tiles are also easy to clean.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most luxurious natural stones. These tiles can add texture and design due to the natural vein color on their exteriors. Marble tiles are timeless, as they can last for decades.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are excellent for your bathroom. These tiles contain various materials such as glass, marble, and ceramic. You can create mesmerizing designs with this type of tile.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are incredibly stain resistant and more durable than other tiles. One disadvantage, however, is that they're easy to break if you drop an object on them.

How Do You Match Bathroom Tiles?

Contemporary Home Bathroom with Shower Stall, Tub and Glass Tiles

Who doesn't love beauty and elegance? Here are several tips for mixing and matching your bathroom tiles.

One Color But Different Tiles

Using different tiles of the same color for your bathroom floor and walls is a timeless design. You can use various sizes and shapes, especially on your walls, to prevent monotony and produce variety and style.

Control Your Color Scheme

Apply the "less is more" design. Bathrooms often have various surfaces. Reduce chaos between structures by using limited colors.

Pair A Patterned Design With A Plain One

Using one patterned element and one plain element for your bathroom floor and walls is a great idea. Focus on the area or surface that you want to be the highlight or center stage of the room.

Accentuate The Floor And Have Plain Walls

Creating the floor to be the highlight of your bathroom is a trend nowadays. The bathroom wall tiles should be simple and muted to let the floor shine.

Use Various Shapes, Not Color

Use various tile shapes instead of different colors for variety. You can pick two tile layouts with identical colors and use cement or grout to form designs.

Design Tip:

You can use a grout/filler color contrasting your tile color. A perfect example is white tiles and black filler.

Do You Tile Bathroom Walls Or Floors First?

Old bathroom in normal apartment interior — Photo

Most people are pretty curious about this question. You can tile either of them first. However, the recommended solution is to tile the bathroom walls before tiling your floor.

Tiling the walls first will ensure that you won't ruin your floor. Once you install your wall tiles, you can work on tiling your bathroom floor.

Is It Better To Tile The Whole Bathroom?

Another frequently asked question is: "Should you tile your entire bathroom or just half-tile it?" The good news is you can do both. It's just a matter of preference. Both options are equally acceptable in designing your bathroom floor and walls.

What Kind Of Tile Makes A Bathroom Look Bigger?

If your bathroom is a bit smaller, you can follow this suggestion to create an illusion that it's bigger. You must use horizontal floor tiles and patterns to broaden the floor space and make the bathroom appear less compact.

7 Bathroom Tiles You Should Check Out 

Green tile bathroom interior with tub — Photo

Here are seven green bathroom tiles you may want to try for your bathroom floor or walls.

Adedeo Pale Green Glass Subway Tile

Click here to see this subway tile on Amazon.

These Adeleo subway tiles are smooth and have non-porous surfaces. Adeleo subway tiles are 3'' x 6'' in size, and a box of the tile can cover an area of about five square feet. 

Main Features:

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a 3D appearance and is durable

Aimayz Glossy Glass Subway Mosaic Tiles

Click here to see this subway mosaic tile on Amazon.

The Aimayz glass subway mosaic tiles are made from crystal and glass materials. These tiles are 4 "x 12" in size, and a box of the tile can cover an area of five square feet.

Main Features:

  • Polished finish
  • High-end production
  • Easy to wipe to remove the stains

Glossy Green & Gold Flower Square Glass Mosaic Tiles

Click here to see this glass mosaic tile on Amazon.

The Vogue green and gold mosaic tiles are square-shaped and have flower patterns. These tiles have a glossy finish and can cover an area of 1 square f00t.

Main Features:

  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Premium-quality glass material

Premium Quality Bliss Green Glass Subway Tile

Click here to see this glass subway tile on Amazon.

These Vogue premium quality green subway tiles are made from high-quality glass material. These tiles have a glossy finish and are rectangular in shape.

Main Features:

  • Has water absorption of less than 0.5%
  • Frost resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Santa Fe Green Matte Porcelain Tile

Click here to see this matte porcelain tile on Amazon.

The Santa Fe green tiles are made from sturdy porcelain material. These tiles are hand-painted, and a case of the tiles covers ‎an area of 10.32 square feet.

Main Features:

  • Matte finish
  • Offers a refined, artisanal look
  • Has an assortment of formats

Icelandic Ming Green Picket Pattern Marble Mosaic Tile

Click here to see this marble mosaic tile on Amazon.

The Tenedos Icelandic Ming green mosaic tiles are picket-shaped and have a polished finish. These tiles have a dimension of ‎9.81" x 14.5" x 0.38". A set can cover an area of 4.5 square feet.

Main Features:

  • Grade 1, first-quality natural marble
  • Has a dimension of 9.81" W x 14.5" L x 0.38"
  • Has a solid pattern

Soldier Green Crystal Subway Glass Mosaic Tile

Click here to see this glass mosaic tile on Amazon.

The Vogue soldier green crystal mosaic tiles are made from premium quality glass material. These tiles are 12" x 12" x 0.18".

Main Features:

  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Great value and high quality
  • Has a retro old design look

Tiles, Tiles, And More Tiles

Green bathroom tiles in various shades are really perfect for your bathroom floor and walls. You can choose from different materials and do numerous designs and styles with them.

You can also pair these green tiles with just about any color. Just be sure to check which ones are suitable for the shade or tone that you like.

Now that we've covered everything, are you ready for your bathroom tiling project? If you are, you can now get those materials and start designing to your heart's content.

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