What Color Goes With Mauve Walls?

Mauve is a gorgeous color if you want your space to have a feminine flair while still maintaining a versatile aesthetic. Creating a color palette with mauve as the dominant color can be a challenge since it teeters the line between light and dark, but it's worth it once you figure out your style. So, what color goes with mauve walls? We have gathered ideas for you.

When dealing with mauve, you want the colors to make the space look cohesive. Sticking with various shades of purple, such as lilac and taupe, and experimenting with teal shades is a creative way to do this. You might try:

  • Grey
  • Pinks
  • Cream
  • Bright white
  • Teal 
  • Blues
  • Purples
  • Gold
  • Light Green

Mauve comes from the purple color family as its neutral counterpart. You can experiment with various colors, but your goal should be to create a color scheme that is visually relaxing and polished. If you want to learn more about incorporating colors with mauve walls, keep reading below. 

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What Color Goes With Mauve Walls?

If you have mauve walls and are intent on keeping them, you are most likely attracted to the somber, romantic mood that it evokes and want to work your way around that. However, you don't want to randomly throw in colors in the same shade without considering other colors.

There's an artful way to make the colors cohesive but not plain and visually overwhelming, so you should familiarize yourself with neutral, complementary, and contrasting shades that will elevate your space further. 

Injecting accents of teal and gold will be perfect with mauve walls and grey furniture, and you can create a softer palette with cream and pink shades.

Here are designer-approved colors that you can integrate with your mauve-colored room. 


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Grey is a neutral color that complements mauve well. Mauve is a warm color, so having grey furniture peppered around the room will balance out the warmth and give the space a more relaxing vibe.

If you want to lean into the warmth of mauve, you can layer the furniture with various shades of purple. The goal is to have a balanced color scheme right off the bat so it won't be visually overwhelming.

Having the largest furniture in the room in the color grey will also give you more freedom to experiment with different kinds of styles.

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Mauve is more in-tune with femininity, although it is still visually versatile. However, if you want to lean into its feminine look, injecting pink decorations into the room is an excellent idea.

Try to make the space look brighter and wider by having large pieces in a paler pink shade. That way, you have both a soft color palette and a breathable-looking space. 

For example, you can have a couch in a pastel pink color, a settee in a darker mauve to create contrast with the couch, and everything tied together by a dusty pink throw blanket. 

This will make your color scheme more cohesive, and you've achieved the style you want without having too many warm colors in the room.

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Modern Hotel Room

Having cream-colored decor and fixtures in a room with mauve walls will make the room look balanced and visually cohesive. Cream shades have a warmer tone, so you won't veer away from the visual atmosphere that mauve has. 

However, cream shades also balance out the mauve's vibrance. The two colors work together to have a more versatile color palette that can be applied to various interior designs. 

Mauve with cream also has a more elegant flair than other color combinations. This color scheme is ideal for guest rooms to make your visitors feel fancy!

Bright White

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Having crisp white colors peppered over your mauve interior is an excellent way to give the space structure and brightness. Mauve walls sometimes come in a darker shade, and white creates a lovely contrast with the room and makes it look wider, especially if you have large furniture pieces in white. 

The contrast will also give some depth and dimension to the room, especially if you use it to highlight your room's best features by painting the trims in white. 

If you want to soften the contrast, layer the room with transitional colors such as grey and pale pink shades. 


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Teal adds sophistication to any color you pair it with, but it highlights mauve walls. Cool, green and blue tints balance out the warmth of mauve, and the colorful play is both visually stimulating and cohesive. 

This combination is ideal because no one is overpowering the other, yet they still stand out in their own way. They add depth to the room, and the combination has more character that can elevate your space's look. 


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Another way to soften mauve is to inject shades of blue into the interior. Natural colors go with warm colors if the saturation is done right, so make sure you get shades that create a lovely contrast with mauve.

Try to veer away from dark blue colors if your mauve walls are dark too. This can make the space feel cramped, and the blues may get lost with the dominance of dark mauve.

Having lighter shades of blue in a mauve space can make the room more vibrant, making it visually refreshing as it gives your eyes a break from the warmth of mauve.


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Lean into the purple color family and incorporate shades of purple into the mauve interior.

This is ideal, especially if your mauve walls are in a muted or lighter shade since darker shades of purple will give the space more depth and dimension, while lighter shades such as lilac will complement and soften the look of the space. 

Tied together, the color scheme will be almost monochromatic and elegant-looking, especially when you pepper accents of gold in the decoration. 


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Having gold decor in a room with mauve walls will make it look opulent and sophisticated since mauve has an elegant, sensual look that pairs well with bright and warm colors. 

You can paint your trims in gold, or you can install gold light fixtures into the room to give it structure. This is an excellent alternative to white trims, especially if you're leaning into a warmer color scheme. 

You can soften the contrast by injecting more neutrals into your bedroom, but the play of colors is already good enough, and you can lean into it if you wish. 

Lean into the warmth by incorporating gold and mauve with deep purple and pale pink colors peppered across the room. 

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Muted Green

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Incorporate mauve walls with muted green furniture and fixtures to transition to a rustic, natural look. This will give the room a more cozy vibe, and it leans into the intimate atmosphere that mauve is best known for. 

For a more rustic flair, decorate the room with large potted plants and lean into shades of cream, white, and brown. Experiment with more rugged textures to elevate the look.

If you want elegance, lean into gold accents and purple shades and lean into shiny and smooth materials to stay true to the style.

What is the color mauve?

Purple background Painting on Canvas, Acrylic Painting

Designers often call mauve "pink trying to be purple." In a sense, this makes sense because the color does resemble these two shades. However, mauve is essentially light purple injected with grey hues that make the color more muted and neutral. This makes it more aesthetically versatile, although it still has a vibrant shade that leans more toward feminine designs. 

Mauve is better associated with opulence, royalty, and sensuality. During the 1890s, it was seen frequently in exclusive fashion houses in London in Paris. It had been dubbed the color that revolutionized the world.

Where is mauve most used?

Beautiful black female fantasy princess in a rural fairytale heather parkland setting

Mauve is popular amongst people who want to have a romantic interior. This color is also popular in fashion, often being used in weddings and intimate events. 

Final Thoughts

Mauve has been a popular color for centuries, and for a good reason. Although some people have drawbacks against having purple-pink walls, it is a versatile color that can work with anyone as long as you know how to style your interior. 


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