What Color Grout With Beige Tile?

The color of grout isn't something you necessarily think about every day. However, if you are retiling your floors in beige or regrouting your existing beige tile, you might be faced with the decision of which grout color to choose. If you are asking yourself which color grout works best with beige tile, worry no more, as we have all of the answers you are looking for right here in this article.

Luckily, beige is a neutral color, so there are quite a few color options when it comes to grout that will look fantastic with your beige tile. The best colors are:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Black

Grout is definitely an important component when it comes to flooring, so you will want to make sure that you choose the best color to match your beige tile. For more information about colors that work well with beige tile, continue reading our tips below.

Beige floor tiles and mosaic pattern background - What Color Grout With Beige Tile

The Best Grout Colors With Beige Tile

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If you are working with beige tile, then you are in luck. Your tile choice is a good one since beige works with pretty much all colors of grout. However, we have found that there are four grout colors that look particularly good with beige.


White grout looks great with most tile colors, but it goes especially well with beige tile because it creates a bit of a contrast. This is true for both light beige and darker beige tiles.

The white grout with beige tile combination will keep your room looking bright and clean, and your floors can actually make your room appear larger.


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Ceramic tiles a mosaic horizontal

If you want to keep things unified, using the same or similar color grout can make your floors look great. Monochromatic tile and grout work really well, and the result is even and attractive.

It might be difficult to find a grout that matches your tile exactly, but finding two shades that are similar will keep your room simple and balanced.


A professional cleaner cleaning grout with a brush blade and foamy soap on a gray tiled bathroom floor

It's often thought that gray and beige don't go well together; however, that's definitely not the case. Gray grout with beige tile is an excellent combination. 

If your beige tile is dark, you might want to opt for a lighter gray grout, and if the tile is extremely light,  darker gray will look fantastic.

The contrast of gray and beige can be striking and adds drama to a room. Plus, you will have lots of color options to choose from when decorating your room that will complement both beige and gray.


Black is dramatic and always gives off a modern vibe, so if you're looking to add a bit of a contemporary feel to your floors, black will make the more subdued beige tiles a little trendier and more exciting.

Another thing to consider is that black grout hides dirt well, so it cuts down on cleaning. If the black grout is going to be in a room with a lot of traffic, black might be a practical choice for your floors.

Should Grout Be Lighter Or Darker Than Tile?

Soft tones bathroom interior with tile floor and tile wall trim, antique vanity with mirror and round bath tub in luxury house

Design experts don't really specify whether or not grout should be lighter or darker than tile; however, one thing they all agree on is that, to create a nice contrast, you should consider using grout that is either several shades lighter or darker than your tile.

If you are looking to achieve a balanced, monochromatic vibe, choose a grout that is similar or the same color as your tile. Matching your tile and your grout is perfectly acceptable.

There really are no rules, so choose what you prefer. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to find an exact match when it comes to grout and tile, so it might not be perfect. 

Should Grout Match In A Room?

Modern Contemporary and white kitchen room interior

If you have beige floor tiles and a white backsplash in your kitchen, you might wonder if it's smart to match all of the grout in the same room. Although that's definitely a way to keep things looking even and balanced, you don't necessarily need to match your grout.

For example, you could achieve harmony by using beige grout with a white backsplash and white grout for the beige tile. The use of opposite colors avoids too much matchiness, but you still have the same color scheme throughout the room. Avoid clashing grout colors, or you might end up with a room that feels too loud and uneven.

That being said, many experts agree that the way to go is with matching grouts so that the room looks clean and even. Luckily, floor grout and wall grout are the same, so you can use the same batch of grout for the entire room.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing A Grout Color

Your tile color isn't the only thing you should be concerned about when choosing grout. Consider the other colors in the room, and make sure that your grout works well with your wall colors and furnishings.

You wouldn't want to choose a grout color that clashes with your decor. Grout comes in many different colors, so keep your decor in mind before you choose a bold grout color like blue or green.

Another thing to consider is whether you would prefer a grout color that doesn't require a lot of cleaning. Lighter grout really shows dirt, so if you'd rather have a grout that hides the wear and tear, then it might be a better idea to go with darker grout.

Darker grout might also be a better choice for homes that have a lot of traffic with kids and pets. Your grout can really take a beating, so you may want to consider a lighter grout only if you know it won't be subjected to lots of traffic and dirt.

Is Beige Tile Outdated?

Beige tile might not seem to be the decorating rage at the moment, but it is a timeless color that will never go out of style. Beige is neutral and goes with so many other colors, so it's no mystery why someone would opt to use beige tile in their home.

Beige matches with different styles as well. Whether you're looking to create a modern look in your room or something more traditional, you can't go wrong with beige. It's a shade that will work well with all types of decor.

Also, keep in mind that styles will come and go, so chances are, beige will come back around, and before you know it, your tile choice will be trendy once again.

What Color Grout Makes Beige Tile Look Trendier?

Brown floor tiles and mosaic pattern background.

If you want to modernize your beige tile, consider pairing it with black grout which always offers a more modern look. However, as discussed previously, there are other colorful grout options like blue and red.

Adding some color to your flooring can really jazz things up and make your beige floors look trendier and more exciting. 

Don't forget about white grout either. Using a very bright, white-colored grout can really open up a room with light-colored tile and give it some renewed energy and pizazz.

Blissful In Beige

Choosing grout doesn't need to be a major cause of stress. There are countless options if you have beige tile in your home, and with a little bit of thought, you're bound to find the right one that matches not only your room but also your individual tastes. So get going with your grouting and get ready to transform your beige tile into something truly unforgettable.

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