What Color Gutters For Brick House?

A brick house is a home that you can always rely on for a stately, old-school look. It’s not even a secret. People now pay as much as an eight-percent premium on getting a home with a brick exterior, simply because it’s such an elegant look. Of course, there’s a brick house and then a really upscale brick house. The upscale versions of this top trend involve a lot more coordination, such as having the right gutter color, but what is the right gutter color, anyway? We’ve researched various color combinations to bring you the best options for coordinating gutters with brick facades. 

Only a handful of colors are used in gutters, but almost all of them work well with the right brick facade. If you have a brick house, these gutter colors often work best:

  • White
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Brown

There are so many ways to dress up gutters on a brick home, and all of them are absolutely gorgeous. This guide will help you get the best results possible for your home’s exterior.

House roof, gutters and downspout on the corner of a house, What Color Gutters For Brick House?

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Should Gutters Match The Trim Or House?

Honestly, this is all up to you. With bricks, it’s technically not possible to make the gutters fully match your home unless you get an ochre color or choose to use copper spray paint for your gutters. With that said, matching the trim is a lot easier. This might be a good idea if your trim is in any of the following colors.


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Colonial brick house with walkway to front door

White gutters are classic and work with any type of siding, including a brick facade. A great way to add an inviting, clean, and open touch to your brick building, having white gutters is often the easiest way to add some style to your home. Moreover, many gutter companies come with white as a prefab option, reducing your work time immensely.

If you have a very picky HOA, chances are that white gutters might be the only approved choice out there. Therefore, this is a totally safe bet.


Modern gray brick home with front yard

A more exotic and yet traditional way to work with gutter colors is to paint them black. Black gutters give your home a framed look that emphasizes cleanliness. Like most other black accents around a home, having black painted gutters is a good way to ensure that you get a luxurious feel to your home. 

Most of the time, black gutters work best with gray bricks. However, nothing’s stopping you from trying it out on a red brick building. It’s a very Princeton-like look. 


Copper dormer on rooftop of apartment house

Copper gutters are about as close as you can get to match your gutters to standard brick exteriors, which means that they are a perfect pick for people who love the seamless look of a fully matched home. For example, if you’re the type of person who wants to match mulch to your red brick exterior, this is a great pick. 

The cool thing about copper gutters is that they can be painted using a metallic spray, which means that you do not have to worry about them turning green unless you want that look. Sometimes, it can look pretty neat. A patina can be a good thing, as anyone who owns a copper sink can tell you.


Part of brown plastic drain pipe under the roof of a house

Brown gutters are a more rustic cousin of copper, and they also happen to be slightly more affordable. Because brown tends to be a less expensive option with a similar color palette to copper, it can offer the same kind of streamlined look that you would get with copper gutters. 

If you have a hard time finding copper paint or copper-painted gutters, brown is a lot more attainable. There’s nothing wrong with a little convenience. People looking to turn their brick home into a foresty getaway should definitely check this option out. 

Do Colored Gutters Cost More?

This is a major question that almost every homeowner has when picking out gutters for their home. It’s not surprising that people tend to worry about the costs of a more colorful, stylish option. Believe it or not, most gutter colors are available for sale at the same price. Those that aren’t (like copper) usually only cost a little bit more. 

If you have to paint the gutters yourself, that will be the most expensive option on the menu. Even then, it will usually only cost a couple of hundred dollars at most. 

Is It A Good Idea To Paint Gutters?

Painting your gutters is not going to harm them in any way. If anything, the extra coat of paint will not only make your home look a lot better but also protect your gutters from damage relating to mold or rust. So, it’s safe to say that painting your gutters might be a pretty smart way to add your own unique take on your home’s exterior. 

If you are looking to fix and flip your home for a quick sale, painting your gutters can add some curb appeal. This might be able to add some value to your home or get more buyers at your doorstep. 

Can Gutters And Downspouts Be Different Colors?

In most cases, home improvement gurus suggest keeping the gutters and downspouts uniform in color. This is because it gives your home a more coordinated, unified appearance. Having mismatched gutters and downspouts can make a home look half-done, awkward, or otherwise visually unappealing. 

The truth is that having color-clashing gutters and downspouts can be deemed an eyesore. This means that many HOAs ban this move altogether, rightfully citing concern over home values in the neighborhood. If you want to have gutters and downspouts of different colors, we suggest you do the following before you decide:

  • Choose colors that, at the very least, look coordinated rather than colors that contrast. For example, black and gray may work better than copper and blue. 
  • Double-check how the colors will look together, if possible. Computer renderings and finding similar ideas online can help.
  • Make sure that you want to do this since replacing or repainting your gutters will not be an easy or affordable feat for many homeowners. 
  • Call up your local homeowner’s association or city board, if they’re persnickety, to see if your gutters and downspouts are allowed to be different colors.

In Closing

Though it’s often an afterthought compared to figuring out the best material for your home’s front, gutter coloring can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance. Choosing a color that complements the natural color of brick is a smart and affordable way to add value to your home. In fact, it’s a downright smart move for anyone looking to flip a home. 

Technically, almost any color can work as a gutter color on a brick facade. However, neutral colors like black or white tend to be the bigger winners for most homes. If you want to add a stylish touch of glam, then you can always check out what copper gutters can do for you, too. 

Regardless of your personal tastes, it’s important to remember your home’s overall ambiance and how that plays into your design. When in doubt, ask a home designer and your local HOA for advice on the best possible shade for your home. 

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