What Color Gutters To Choose [By House Color]

As homeowners, we agonize over what color to paint our interior walls, woodwork, exterior, and exterior trim, but how often do we think about the color of our gutters? This is an essential decorative element of your home and could make or break its curb appeal. No worries, though. We’ve done the research for you so that you can easily choose the best gutter color to compliment your home’s shade.

Here are what color gutters to choose organized by house exterior color:

  • For a blue exterior, choose white or gray for your gutters.
  • For a white exterior, choose white gutters.
  • For a green exterior, choose gray or red-hued gutters.
  • For a yellow exterior, choose white gutters.
  • For a red exterior, choose white or brown gutters.
  • For a black exterior, choose black or white gutters.
  • For a gray exterior, choose white or black gutters.

Now that we’ve given you a quick rundown of what to pick, maybe you need to know why these are the best colors and see some pictures before you choose. Keep reading to learn more.

Low angle view of soffit, gutters, downspout and vinyl siding on a new home, What Color Gutters To Choose [By House Color]

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Blue Exterior With White Or Gray Gutters

Shades of blue can be such an attractive choice for a home, and there are many shades to choose from to match your aesthetic personality, whether bold and rich or pallid and subtle.

Rich Blues

The rich blues are a favorite, and this bold color deserves a bold contrast. That is why we suggest going with white gutters with this shade of exterior. They will make your home look colorful while still regal. There will be some turned heads and some envious neighbors with this color scheme.

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Pale Blues

Now, if you enjoy a bit of a paler blue, white is still a gorgeous and bold choice, but you may also like the look of gray gutters. You could even couple the gray gutters with white trim to give a bit of added dimension.

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White Exterior With White Gutters

Whitewashed homes with their picket fences and groomed lawns give an impression of the owner’s pride. This home color is the epitome of the phrase “less is more.” Nothing needs to be added to this beauty to make it stand out. That’s why we suggest putting this exterior color with white gutters. This pairing will not take away from the clean look of the home.

House with white picket fence

Green Exterior With Gray or Red Hued Gutters

Gray Gutters

A sage green seems to blend so smoothly with gray. Why not combine these two hues in the exterior of your home? They will give such a pleasant, earthy look.

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This gutter color could also go nicely with dark green if you so choose. We think this color palette is striking.

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Red-Hued Gutters

A more eclectic choice with a green home would be red-hued gutters. Now, we’re not talking about fire truck red, but a lovely auburn seems to go quite well with a green home exterior. Turn some heads with this less common color pairing.

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Yellow Exterior With White Gutters

Don’t yellow houses make you feel happy? We love the look of a cheery yellow house with white woodwork and gutters. The white compliments the yellow by making it look clean. We recommend staying away from darker gutters as they could make the home look dingy, which isn’t so complimentary.

Yellow house with pink rose bush in front

Red Exterior With White Or Brown Gutters

White Gutters

White with red? How jolly! White gutters contrast nicely with a red exterior, and this color palette gives an inviting country ere.

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Brown Gutters

Brown gutters are a less grand choice but still just as friendly and inviting. Choosing this color of gutter can add subtlety and a homey feel to your house’s exterior.

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Black Exterior With Black Or White Gutters

Black Gutters

Black exteriors are bold and modern, but we don’t recommend taking it too far and choosing some wacky colored gutters. Keep it simple and go with black gutters for a seamless, clean look.

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White Gutters

We’re getting some Cruella vibes with this one! White gutters with a black exterior are a glaring contrast for sure, but somehow it just makes for a gorgeous home. It’s an exterior that demands a double-take.

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Gray Exteriors With White Or Black Gutters

White Gutters

Pairing white gutters with a gray exterior makes for a bright, clean look without making it too modern for common taste. It also goes well on a home with stone or wood features.

House with gray wood siding

Black Gutters

If you desire a more modern style, black gutters with a gray exterior may be the best option for you. This choice is bold and striking.

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Related Questions

Should gutters be the same color as the house?

If your home’s exterior trim is the same color as the siding, it would be the best choice to have your gutters be the same color as the home. However, if the trim contrasts the exterior siding or contrasting elements such as stone or woodwork, we do not recommend that the gutters match the house’s exterior.

What is the best color for gutters?

There is no best color, but white gutters seem to be safe with almost all home exteriors. This is because it is simple and classic and cannot clash.

How do you match gutter color to house?

Maybe you want to paint your gutters a different color, a color that no one else has. We recommend picking up a color wheel and doing some experimenting. You can even get paint samples from your local hardware store and make your decision with a bit of trial and error.

Purchase this interior design color wheel on Amazon.

What should your gutters match?

If you are unsure what color of gutters to purchase, a good rule of thumb is to have your gutters match the exterior trim or woodwork. You could also match the gutters to brick or stone features on the home.

Is painting gutters a good idea?

Absolutely! If you would like to paint rather than replace your gutters, this is perfectly acceptable and healthy for your gutters’ lifespan. Even if you enjoy the color of your gutters, it is a good idea to paint them every few years to keep them looking clean and prevent rusting. Purchase a paint with rust resistance for the best results.

Check out this rust-resistant paint on Amazon.

In Closing

Gutters are a functional element of your home, but you can’t gloss over the importance of their appearance as well. Choosing a flattering gutter color is essential to creating curb appeal. You don’t have to stress about this decision, though.

Because there are classic, complimentary gutter colors to go with your home’s exterior, no matter the shade. Most of all, have fun with your house’s exterior, and make sure it reflects your style and makes you happy to come home to!

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