What Color Hardware For Maple Cabinets?

Maple cabinets were ubiquitous from the late 90s to the early 2000s. Their warmth and homey appeal graced many traditional-style kitchens until the rise of contemporary interior designs. Updating the hardware of maple cabinets is a great way to transition without changing your cabinets, so what hardware should you switch to? We have gathered ideas for you. 

Here are cabinet hardware ideas that will modernize your maple cabinets:

  • Stainless Steel in Rose Gold
  • Zinc Alloy in Brown Finish
  • Copper Pulls
  • Brushed Nickel Pulls
  • Zinc Alloy in Gold Finish
  • Ceramic Pulls with Grey Stains
  • Plastic Pulls in White Paint
  • Steel Pulls in Black Paint

There are many creative ways you can upgrade your kitchen interior without getting rid of classic maple cabinets. It would be a waste to throw them away, so the key is innovation and a bit of effort. The results will be worth it, so keep reading below to learn more about styling maple cabinets.

Maple cabinets and drawers with white granite countertop, What Color Hardware For Maple Cabinets?

What Color Hardware For Maple Cabinets?

Your cabinet hardware can elevate the look not only of your maple cabinets but of your kitchen as well. They may be subtle fixtures, but the way it blends into your interior indicates cohesiveness.

However, you want your cabinet hardware to both be visually pleasing and functional. The hardware should be able to withstand humidity and high temperatures and should be able to retain its shape after a long time. 

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Stainless steel cabinet handles

It can be a little challenging to choose hardware that will match the rich warmth of maple wood. So, you want these pulls to have warm undertones, or if not, cool neutrals that will create a lovely contrast with the cabinets. 

Here are some materials that will go well with maple cabinets.

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Stainless Steel in Rose Gold

Steel is one of the most durable handles that can benefit your maple cabinets. They are resistant to corrosion since it contains chromium which acts as the material's protective layer. 

This makes it ideal for kitchens since humidity can sometimes cause cabinet handles to rust and corrode. You won't have to worry about the handles looking messy and aged, so if you want your cabinet pulls to look consistently polished, go with steel.

Aesthetically, The cold tone of stainless steel will instantly modernize your maple cabinets. The shiny finish gives the cabinet a cosmopolitan glow, and the lovely contrast will balance out the warmth of maple wood. 

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Zinc Alloy in Brown Finish

Zinc Alloy is an excellent alternative to stainless steel. They are highly durable and resistant to both rust and corrosion. They are also affordable, making them a more cost-effective option. 

Aesthetically, it's ideal to have zinc alloy in a brown finish so it can complement the warmth of your maple cabinets. That way, you'll have a more cohesive interior. 

However, if you have a higher budget, there are other materials stronger than zinc alloy. It's ideal as an alternative, but there are others that are better both in form and function.

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Copper Pulls

Copper is an excellent material to incorporate with your maple cabinets. They have antimicrobial properties that make them more durable and safe for the kitchen. Since the kitchen is prone to moisture, you want your handles to remain free from mildew and bacteria. 

They can be more expensive than other materials, but it's an investment if you want to modernize your kitchen. 

Aesthetically, copper will reveal its natural patina over time which has a warm and elegantly aged appeal. This will make your maple cabinets look more sophisticated and modern.

One drawback is that copper pulls scratch easily, so you may need to be careful about handling them if you don't want them to form scratches earlier. 

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Brushed Nickel Pulls

Brushed nickel is a popular option in spaces that are prone to water splashes, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Brushed nickel is strong and durable against wear and tear. 

They are cost-effective, making them an excellent alternative to other materials. They last longer, so they are a good and affordable investment. 

Brushed nickel often comes in a silver finish, which will give a lovely contrast against the warmth of maple cabinets. The contrast and finish will inject modernity into your kitchen space, making it look more polished.

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Zinc Alloy in Gold Finish

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Zinc alloy in gold finish can elevate the look of your kitchen cabinets. Maple wood is naturally warm and has a traditional appeal, so installing gold-finished hardware will give the cabinets an elegant and sophisticated look.

Gold is a classic and safe choice since it has a warm undertone that blends well with maple cabinets. However, you need to be careful about matching the shades too much since the handles can be lost in the cabinet color.

Ceramic Pulls with Grey Stains

Ceramic is naturally strong and heat-resistant. They are low maintenance, and they can retain their elegant and noble appearance even after years of use. This will increase the value of your kitchen space, making it an ideal investment.

Aesthetically, ceramic pulls blend seamlessly with warm-toned cabinets. If you want to balance out the warmth of maple, go with ceramic that has a grey stain. That way, your kitchen space can look more modern and polished.

You can purchase pulls that have either a sleek round design or intricate molding, depending on the style you want.

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Matte Black Pulls

Matte black hardware is a classic and effortless way to upgrade your maple cabinets. The elegance of matte black will balance out the warmth and traditional appeal of maple cabinets.

Black hardware goes well with everything naturally, so this is a great option if you don't want to think too much about which hardware to choose. 

Matte black pulls hide fingerprints well, making your cabinets look consistently polished and clean. However, you still need to clean them even if they look clean if you don't want them to collect dust and moisture.

There's also a drawback that black handles are prone to fading. The handles may not age well, so if you want something that can retain its look for a long time, you're better off with other materials.

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How To Modernize Interiors with Maple Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinet handles

There are other ways you can upgrade your kitchen space other than changing the hardware. You don't have to completely change your maple cabinets to make your interior modern; maple wood has a great potential for timelessness if you trim down its visual heaviness and aged look.

The key is to attain balance and look for ways you can add depth and structure to the space. Here are ways you can modernize your kitchen space without removing maple cabinets.

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Install Recessed Cabinet Lighting

The lighting can do wonders for your interior. Undercabinet lighting will add character to your kitchen, and it will instantly transform your space from traditional to cosmopolitan.

This is also a great way to cut down on energy bills. Not only will it give your kitchen a warm and intimate ambiance, but it will help you see better at night without having to turn on all the lights.

Make sure to install the lighting in places not normally reached by overhead lights, so the lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Attach Crown Moldings

Big maple cabinets with black granite countertops

Adding elegant and sleek crown molding to your maple cabinets will make your space look more spacious with the illusion of height.

Not only will it modernize your cabinetry, but it will also add value to your space since crown moldings are a timeless structure.

To give it a homey yet modern vibe, paint the trim in a dark but contrasting color to highlight maple and give the cabinet a sense of dimension and structure.

Repaint the Cabinets

Maple wood is open-grained, making it an excellent canvass for repainting. The paint will be seamless, making your cabinets look cosmopolitan depending on the color you choose to paint the cabinet.

If you want to get rid of the warmth and traditional look of natural-colored maple cabinets, you can paint your cabinets white or beige. However, you can repaint it with its natural warm color and lean into its rustic appeal. 

Final Thoughts

Maple cabinets and drawers with white granite countertop

Upgrading your cabinets can be intimidating at first, but it's worth it when you see the results.

Make sure to make the design and color cohesive so you'll have an effortlessly elegant-looking kitchen space where you can enjoy whipping up delicious meals.

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