What Color Hinges And Knobs For White Cabinets?

White cabinets provide a refreshing and clean vibe for your kitchen or bathroom. However, did you ever wonder what color hinges and knobs look best? We researched whether to opt for cool or warm colors for your white cabinets, so the look, including hardware, is absolutely stunning. 

Depending on the colors used throughout your kitchen and accessories, you can best decide what color hardware to install on your cabinets. Check out our suggested list of metals and finishes for door handles, pulls, and hinges:

  • Black matte or flat finish
  • Brass (gold tone)
  • Bronze (brown patina)
  • Copper 
  • Pewter (grey tone)
  • Silver
  • White

White cabinets stand out as a focal point of interest in a kitchen. It is essential that the hardware properly accents and elevates the cabinetry's natural beauty. Continue reading to discover helpful hints about pairing cabinets with knobs, drawer pulls, and hinges.

Modern white chest of drawers with lamp and decor near light green wall indoors. - What Color Hinges And Knobs For White Cabinets

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Warm Vs. Cool Colors For Cabinetry Hardware

Adding hardware in a warm or cool color as appropriate gives cabinetry a more polished look. If your kitchen has red, brown, orange, or yellow colors, you will want to use door pulls and hinges in bronze, gold, or black tones. A kitchen with cooler colors like blue, green, or gray is more attractive with highly polished silver hardware, such as nickel, stainless steel, or a distressed, muted pewter. If you choose to install hardware that is also white, you can give your kitchen a clean, chic look that is stunning.

Do be mindful about the kitchen lighting, whether you have natural light or fixtures with a high illumination level that will strike the cabinets. You may need to make adjustments if your lighting placement strikes a door pull or hinge, creating a reflective blinding area that makes it challenging to function in the kitchen.

If you are unsure how to judge whether your kitchen is warm or cool,  factor in your wall and floor treatment's colors and accents. You can also consider the colors and finishes in your faucet setup, the stove, refrigerator, or appliances like a prominent coffee maker or juicer for hints. Understanding the difference between warm and cool colors will help you choose a more suitable form of hardware for your cabinetry.

Black matte or flat finish

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Kitchen with sink and cabinet knobs with black matte or flat finish

Hardware in a flat or matte black finish provides a chic and sharp contrast against white cabinetry. Choose this look for a kitchen with black accents on the stovetop and a grey backsplash for a sophisticated touch. Note that the finish on the faucet is in a matte silver finish, which does not compete with the cabinetry hardware.

Check out this zinc-alloy pull with a flat black finish on Amazon.

Check out this modern black matte handle on Amazon.

Brass (gold tone)

details of furniture


Bright and polished brass knobs or drawer pulls look classy and timeless on white kitchen cabinetry and drawers. Choosing hardware with this goldtone color looks lovely on a kitchen with a traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse appeal. Notice how the wood furniture and kitchen countertop are in a range of light to golden browns that play well with the hardware.

Check out this burnished brass knob on Amazon.


Beautiful kitchen in new luxury home with island, pendant lights, and glass fronted cabinets with bronze knobs

The patina of a rich bronze finish looks best in a kitchen with antique, industrial, or vintage details. In this kitchen, the hardware on the bright, white kitchen cabinetry aligns with the industrial-style hanging lights and the rich brown colors on the island with a marble top. The look of the bronze hardware feels durable, classy, and pays homage to great homes of the past.

Check out this oil-rubbed bronze handle on Amazon.

Check out this oil-rubbed bronze cabinetry hinge on Amazon.

Copper (brown patina)

Empty kitchen table in cottage style home with copper brown patina cabinet knobs

If your kitchen has a vintage or rustic, cottage-style like the one shown, copper hardware is an attractive choice for cabinetry. The patina of copper looks amazing on white cabinetry painted in a softer shade with a matte sheen, rather than a bright, white glossy paint. Turn up the charm of copper hardware with a wall treatment with wainscotting, clapboard, and antique wooden furniture.

Check out this antique copper door pull on Amazon.

Pewter (gray tone)

Stylish light gray tone pewter handles on cabinets close-up, kitchen interior with modern furniture and stainless steel appliances

A kitchen with pewter colored hardware has a toned-down look that anchors a kitchen with brown, black, and silver elements. Pewter doesn't have the high gloss and reflective qualities of zinc, stainless steel, or brass but still looks clean and modern.

Check out this distressed pewter cabinetry hardware on Amazon.


A contemporary home kitchen with stainless steel appliances and painted white cabinets. with silver knobs

A modern kitchen with cool tones of light blue or more neutral silvery-gray tones looks beautiful with silver-colored hardware. Explore exposed hinges made from stainless steel,  zinc-allow, or metal with a chrome-plated finish. Silver-colored hardware placed against a bright, white coat of paint adds a nice pop that is sophisticated and anchors the space. 

Check out this nickel finish cabinetry hinge on Amazon.

Check out this modern stainless steel pull on Amazon.


Horizontal view of designed retro kitchen with white porcelain cabinet knobs

When you have the luxury of living with a vintage or antique kitchen with classic details, installing vintage door pulls and exposed hinges are the best choices. Enjoy the loveliness of a white-colored door pull or handle crafted from white porcelain, ceramic, or painted glass for a desirable visual impact.

Check out this vintage ceramic door pulls on Amazon.

Check out this traditional round door pull on Amazon.

Do Cabinet Knobs Have To Match Hinges?

Colorful wooden textured drawers dresser

If you had questions about whether your cabinet knobs have to match hinges, there is only one thing to consider. Are your hinges exposed? If your hinges are not visible outside the kitchen cabinet, there is no need to perfectly match the color or finish of the knob to the hinge. However, if you can see the hinges on the cabinet, you should match the color and finish for a uniform, polished look.

Do Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Have To Match Faucet?

Cropped view of woman hand open door on white cabinets, standing at cozy kitchen in house with modern interior

It is understandable why some people agonize whether all the hardware and fixtures need to match in a room. However, when it comes to kitchen cabinet knobs, they do not have to match the faucet's finish.

It may be a wise choice to stick with similar metals for the cabinetry and faucet. But, ultimately, the sink is its own space, and the cabinetry should be allowed to steal the show visually because of its color and installed hardware. Focus more on the style, material, and finish of any hardware to complement one another, creating harmony and balance in a room.

Can You Mix And Match Cabinet Knobs?

gray shaker style kitchen / vanity / bathroom cabinet with chrome color rectangular handles, porcelain floor tiles

There is no hard rule that you have to match cabinet knobs or pulls, but they should at least have the same finish. You can create a lot of visual interest that is aesthetically pleasing when you mix and match the knobs on a cabinet. Consider using different knobs for the top versus the bottom or on cabinets reserved for a specific use.  Ultimately, the knobs or pulls installed on kitchen cabinetry should serve both a practical, functional purpose and provide aesthetic value. 

In Closing

The color and style of cabinetry hardware can make or break a kitchen's aesthetics. You have to pay attention to whether cool or warm colors dominate the room. When you have a kitchen with elegant vintage details, it is best to embrace old-fashioned designs and similarly install antique-inspired hardware. Kitchens with cool tones in blues, greens, creams, and gray tones look best with silver, white, or pewter hardware. A home with warmer tones of red, orange, or yellow looks chic with hardware that has a bronze, copper, or a matte, black finish.

Enhance the best elements within your kitchen with attractive, quality hardware in a matching finish that gives white cabinetry a high visual appeal.

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Woman installing hinges on white kitchen cabinets with silver knobs, What Color Hinges And Knobs For White Cabinets?

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