What Color House Goes With A Brown Roof?

Maybe you’re thinking about repainting your house, and you’d like to know what house color will work best with my brown roof? We’ve researched to find some house color options for you that will look fantastic with the color brown on your roof. So let’s check out what we found.

Some of the best house colors to go with a brown roof are the following:

  • Taupes and Beiges
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • White
  • Terra Cotta
  • Yellows

Let’s take a look at examples of each of these and see why they work so well. We’ll also talk about siding that might go well with a brown roof, exactly matching a house and a roof color, and the most popular house colors. So please, keep reading.

Huge modern country mansion with brown shingle roofing and brown painted wooden sidings, What Color House Goes With A Brown Roof?

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House Colors That Go Well With Brown Roofs

Brown roofs can come in a variety of shades, from light to darker. We’re going to check out some commonly seen combinations and discuss why they work so well together. Hopefully, when you finish going through this post, you’ll have a clearer idea of what the right look is for your home. So let’s get started.

Taupes and Beiges

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Huge modern country mansion with brown shingle roofing and brown painted wooden sidings

If you have a medium to darker brown roof, one group of colors you may want to look at are taupes and beiges. These lighter versions of brown work very well with brown roofs. And in the home above, you can see how well they work with both brown roofs and brick half walls. Beige tends to have this slightly yellowed or orange-ish cast to the color.

Exterior of a luxurious brown two storey lake house with brown roofing seams paired wit brown wooden paneled sidings

This taupe colored home has a bit more of a cool-color vibe than beiges do. Here this medium taupe is paired with a dark chocolate brown metal roof for a really handsome home exterior.


Exterior of a two storey house with brown weathered shingle roofing and green painted vinyl sidings

Green is a natural choice to pair with a brown roof. Both have the forest and the field’s soft tones and thus blend beautifully into many residential landscapes. In this home, a soft mossy green paint is paired with a medium brown shingled roof. Decorative stone and brown cedar shake accents give it a bit of visual interest while still keeping the color theme coherent.

House with green exterior color and brown asphalt roofing

This darker green home with a medium brown roof adds cedar columns, shakes, and stone stacked pillars for a craftsman feel. This color combination is prevalent in areas of the northwest, where it blends into the groves of redwoods and tall conifers.


A two story house with brown roofing and blue sidings

Blue is a color that goes well with just about everything, and brown roofs are no exception. In this lovely home, a medium rich blue has been chosen for the paint color. It’s a striking contrast to the grey themed stone on lower walls and the medium brown shingled roof. White trim makes the whole thing sing.

This homeowner has chosen a sky blue paint color with white trim to pair with their lighter brown shingled roof. It’s a very fresh and sunny look that will have you smiling as you turn into your driveway each evening after work.


White siding of a house

Lots of times, we see white houses with black roofs or grey roofs, but why not brown? We’ve found some beautiful examples of this combination. It’s often just a matter of picking the correct white tone, a bit more creamy if you’re choosing a brown roof. We love this cute contemporary farmhouse style that utilizes white paint, a brown shingled roof, and natural wood-toned columns to frame out the front porch. It has a bit of a timber frame vibe, and we love the contrast of dark brown metal roofing on the porch roof.

This white home slips ever so slightly over into the warm tones with a hint of creaminess. As a result, it looks nice paired with the deep rich chocolate-colored roof. Garage doors and window frames in even deeper brown provide lovely contrast, and the whole exterior screams of class.

Terra Cotta

One of the classic color combinations in the southwest US is terra-cotta colored paint or stucco with a brown shingled or tiled roof.  The paint’s slightly rosy tone gives the palette warmth and resonance meant to mimic the bright glow of the desert sun.  But this color combination works well regardless of what region you call home.

Exterior of a stucco architecture house with brown clay roofing

Here’s a similar style and color home but with the brown tiled roof.


Exterior of a yellow painted two storey house with brown roofing and beautiful outdoor landscaping photographed on a summer day

Yellow is a trendy house color that works well with a variety of roof colors, including brown. In the above home, a warm yellow that house a bit of brown to its tone works in almost a monochromatic way with the brown roof. The two colors provide a subtle and pleasing contrast when combined.

Small modern American country house with brown shingle roofing and cream painted wooden sidings

In this home, a very light yellow works nicely with a darker brown shingle roof. White trim brings the whole look together for a sunny curb appeal.

Does Gray Siding Go With A Brown Roof?

If you have gray siding, you may be wondering if you can reroof your home with brown shingles or vice versa. Though typically we see gray paired with black or grey, we’ve found some beautiful examples of gray siding with brown roofs. As a result of what we found, I think it’s safe to say that gray siding does go with a brown roof.

A two storey house with grey sidings and brown roofing

The gray cedar shake siding on this home looks soft and lovely against the light-medium brown shingles. The whole home has a beautiful cottage vibe, and the color palette helps create this.

Here light gray vinyl siding picks up the gray tones in this brown multi-color roof. The soft neutral of the home means this interesting roof shingle won’t overpower the look.

A two story house with an attic and grey sidings

This pewter colored vinyl siding is another beautiful option with a lighter brown shingled roof. The one thing to note in all of these homes is that white has been chosen as the trim color. This is probably because it works best with this combination.

How Do You Match A House And Roof Color? 

Probably the best thing to do is start with your roof color. Your climate may dictate the color you choose. Hotter climates may do better with a lighter roof color as it will deflect the heat, and cooler climates may choose darker roof colors. You also might be restricted by your homeowner’s association on the colors you can choose, so be sure and check first.

Our best suggestion is to drive around neighborhoods and see what you like when it comes to colors. You can also go online to posts like this to find examples. But a few simple rules of thumb are to think about basic rules of color. Cool paint colors (blue, white, gray) will look best with gray and black roofs. Warmer paint colors (creme, beige, green, yellows) will do well with brown roofs. Switching it up can work, but it may be more of a statement than you want your house to make.

What Is The Most Popular House Color?

In recent years, white homes have made a resurgence. You see homeowners painting over old brick with a whitewash. Contemporary farmhouses are being built in urban settings, and white is often the color of choice. But there are other popular colors as well.

A two storey house with blue sidings and white trims

One color that we see a lot of is deep, not quite navy blue. This rich color is being paired with natural wooden accents or white trim. Sometimes the windows are even being trimmed in a deep red for a contemporary contrast.

Other popular colors are creme, beige, yellow, and gray. All of these colors have both paints and sidings available for you to choose from.

Your Home Is Your Castle

Whichever color you choose to pair with your brown roof, we’re sure it’s going to look great. Your home is your castle and taking the care to read and research when making decisions proves you’re true homeowner royalty. Good luck in making your color decisions, and if you enjoyed this post here at HomeDecorBliss.com, please check out a few others below:

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