What Color House Sells Best?

Fixing and flipping a house is starting to get boiled down to a bit of a science. Nowadays, it's possible to calculate how much return on investment you get for something along the lines of landscaping or a bathroom remodel. The details on how to make your home as attractive as possible now can be found online, even down to the most attractive home color across the board.

Studies show that the best house paint color for an exterior is a light, soft neutral such as the soft whites, greys, and beiges. These colors are linked to higher sale prices, not to mention faster sale rates when a home goes on the market. Colors to avoid include egg yolk yellows and faded blues. 

It's common knowledge that colors can make a home's appearance change in an instant. We all know that certain colors can be pretty off-putting. Ready to know about the best home colors out there? We've got the scoop.

Large luxury red brick home, What Color House Sells Best?

The Best Colors To Paint Your Home

Large luxury brick home

When discussing house paint colors, it's important to remember that what works inside might not work outside. The only exception deals with neutral colors. Neutrals, such as white, grey, beige, tan, brown, and even black, are all flattering across the board. When picking your colors, stick to these guidelines below:

  • Pair darker neutrals with lighter ones to avoid an oppressive, gloomy look.
  • Light neutrals work on virtually any surface, and any room.
  • If you are looking for a "safe" non-neutral color for any room inside your home, go for blue. It's the most popular non-neutral room color regardless of shade.
  • Brick acts as a neutral "color" for home exteriors.
  • Most woods are also seen as a neutral color in and out of the home.
  • Avoid overly bold or bright colors inside your home, as many homebuyers are put off by them.
  • Choosing paint colors that have warmer undertones will give your home an inviting ambiance. 

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A House?

Big modern two story house with balcony

While all neutral paint colors have their moments of popularity, there is one color that stands above the rest in terms of demand. That color, of course, is white. White opens up a room, looks timeless, and also works with every styling concept you can imagine. It works inside and outside, and always remains HOA-friendly. 

A perennially safe option, choosing to paint your home white is a great way to ensure people will love your house. Depending on your home's style, it can also help your home look more expensive or make it appear large than it is. If you aren't sure what to paint your home, the versatility of a white coat of paint will never let you down. 

What Is The Best Color To Paint An Interior For Resale?

Modern and comfortable bedroom interior

Painting your interiors can be daunting. However, the rule of neutral colors still applies---especially when it comes to white! Most interior designers will tell you that white walls are one of the safest bets for a home's interior. Much like exterior appeal, white offers a level of clean, crisp versatility that few other colors can.

So, go ahead. Indulge yourself in a new grey and white bathroom concept. It'll look stellar and it will probably bolster your home's resale value if you do.

What Is The Most Popular Wood Paneling Color For A Home?

Master bedroom with floor lamp and hardwood flooring

This actually up for debate, unlike most other color choices on the menu right now. Wood paneling is best taken on a case-by-case basis, all depending on how it's being used. If you dig a mid-century modern look, going for a rich golden color works. On the other hand, if you want a modern look, opting for a brushed grey is better. 

Truth be told, wood paneling is a feature that is often treated as an "approach with caution" type of decor. Many homebuyers are leery of it, simply because it's stigmatized for being outdated. If you want to add some wood paneling, pay close attention to the colors you use in the walls and home decor. It's the only way to soften the blow of the stigma and breathe new life into this old school decor cocept.

Does Brick Add Value To A Home?

Small American red brick home on a sunny day

If you don't want to add a coat of paint to your exterior, there's a quick and easy way to get a boost in curb appeal. That way is to add a brick facade to your home through the use of veneers or an actual brick wall. As it turns out, studies show that home resale prices increase by as much as 8 percent when brick is added to a home's exterior. 

This makes adding faux brick one of the best home improvement projects in terms of return on investment. Saying that you'll get increased value is a safe bet. We like to call it the "brownstone" effect since many people tend to associate brick with upscale apartments from New York. 

Does Front Door Color Matter For Resale Value?

A front entrance of a home with a blue door, yellow siding, and a flowerpot in daytime

A front door (or even home trim) color might not seem very significant. It just looks like it's a personal touch, right? Most people assume that door trim color doesn't matter, but they're wrong. The color you paint your door and window trim matters more than you think. Depending on the color you choose, it can increase your home sale price by as much as $6,000 or decrease it by as much as $3,000. Wow!

One thing that is worth noting is that matching the front door to the siding of your home is rarely a good idea. This gives the home a rather drab look, even to the point that it looks too blocky. If there's any place you should add a pop of color, the door is it.

Thinking of changing up your door color now? Find some inspiration here: 27 Front Door Color Ideas

What's The Best Door Color For Home Sale Purposes?

Black front door of a modern home

This all depends on what you're trying to do. Many homebuyers find bright colors like blue, pink, or red to be attractive door colors when paired with warm beiges. This look can give you more attention to your home, which can translate into more offers.

However, when it comes to getting the highest price, one color stands above the rest. Black doors are linked to a much higher price tag than other door colors. In fact, one study suggests that it can tack on as much as $6,000 to your home's resale value. If you plan on turning your front door black, you'll want to check out this article: 35 Black Front Door Ideas. 

In Closing

Your home is usually a place where you can express your creativity in terms of decor. However, things start to change when a potential home sale is on the line. When you are trying to prep your home for a resale, you need to stick to colors that are appealing to the masses. This is why sticking to traditional neutral colors makes the most sense when you're trying to sell a home. 

Bold colors like lime green or orange are just not a smart idea here. After all, if someone buys your home and dislikes the color, they will have to spend extra money to paint it a color they enjoy. So when you're working to bolster your home's appeal to buyers, make sure to keep things traditional. Your wallet (and real estate agent) will thank you for it. 

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