What Color Is Anthracite? [And How To Use It Around Your Home!]

Redecorating your home, inside or out, takes a lot of consideration in making the right color choice. There are so many uniquely named color options; you might wonder what some colors really look like and how to use them around your home. For instance, what color is anthracite, and where might you incorporate it? To make the process a smooth transition, we've looked at the trending anthracite for you to know what color it resembles and how to use it stylishly.

Anthracite is a deep gray, appearing almost black with a softer edge. Coming in a pearl finish, it gives a sophisticated air without weighing down the room. Grey shades, such as anthracite, have been a growing trend in homes.

With so many paint samples and furnishings available, it can be overwhelming! We've put together answers for questions you might find yourself asking when looking at your current interior and exterior design strategy. Keep reading to find out the best ways to simply redecorate your home!

What colors go with anthracite grey?

A gray wall

Anthracite is a naturally forming hard coal with a submetallic luster finish. As a result of its earthy undertones, other nature-inspired metallics, neutrals, and warm tones can be paired with this color grey. Since anthracite has such a soft look to it, incorporate a wide variety of textures into your final touches. 

Decorating with Grey

The upside to grey furnishings is, it can pair with just about anything! No matter which room you're remodeling, touches of grey will help your favorite colors pop.

A gray wall, What Color Is Anthracite? [And How To Use It Around Your Home!]

Popular colors to pair with anthracite include:

  • Yellow
  • Bronze
  • Mint
  • Deep red
  • Navy
  • Burnt orange
  • Silver
  • Rose gold
  • Teal
  • Cream

Anthracite Stays Trendy with Colorful Accents

Grey is a perfect calming element to keep your colorful schemes tasteful. If you have bright yellow walls and a teal couch, light and dark grey throw pillows will keep your room in balance. Do you have a guest room you don't want to age quickly? Painting the walls in anthracite and then using lighter shades of grey for blankets will allow you the freedom of changing pillow colors to keep up with trends. 

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Anthracite Keeps the Home Office Calm

As more of us work from home, having a dedicated office space is a must. Here is how you can bring calm energy into your workspace. By mixing creams, greys, and natural wood tones will give you a pleasing and motivating area to stay focused. Bright white walls alone can cause headaches; however, adding an element of light grey for an accent wall allows for easy contrast. Partner this with a wood-topped, dark grey desk along with your favorite chair; working from home just got all the better! 

Add a Touch of Class with Anthracite Walls and Neutral Decor

Pops of white and cream go very well on dark grey walls without having the harsh contrast usually associated with black. If looking to change up your living room to have an elevated high-class aesthetic, you can pair anthracite walls with a cream couch and copper-toned picture frames. The result will be cosmopolitan living, no matter where you live! 

Gallery-style layout for picture frames is a popular design feature. You can have a combination of black, silver, gold, and more all tied together on your grey walls. If you lean away from modernism, this is a great way to decorate without overly cluttering the room. By blending tones that compliment each other, you'll achieve a space with more dimension and personality. On the other hand, if you tend to favor clean lines, a grey wall with thin black frames will effortlessly bring elegance into any room. 

What rooms look best with grey walls?

A painting tip, keep your ceiling a bright white to prevent the room from feeling short and closed in. To make your room look larger, try painting the two longest walls in a dark grey and the remaining walls a light and bright color. This method will help elongate the room and give the illusion of more space with just paint.  


Luxurious kitchen with gray walls, white countertop and dark brown cabinets

It might surprise you, but grey kitchens can bring a new level of cleanliness into your lifestyle. Home designers are beginning to lean more towards greys when doing full or small renovations. A combination of white or blue backsplash with flat light grey countertops and anthracite cabinetry creates a sleek kitchen fit for any cook. Of course, there is still wiggle room to add a dash of personality into the room with your cabinetry hardware. 


Gray beddings and matching gray pillows inside a gray themed bedroom

Thanks to anthracite's natural greenish hue, earth tones pair perfectly with it. Combining grey walls with browns, reds, deep yellows, grey teals, and burgundy will add life to grey's neutral voice. The bedroom is your sanctuary, a dedicated space where you can be yourself. There is no limit to how much or how little grey is needed to bring harmony to your bedroom.

Living room

Gray sofa inside gray kitchen with matching gray cabinets

Living rooms typically have some sort of trim along the top or bottom of the walls. Small points of interest like this can add to the room's richness and allow you to make small changes if you're hesitant to paint such a large space. If your walls and trim are the same color, the room can become washed out. By adding a darker color to your interior trim, you'll bring a new variation into the room.

Is grey paint going out of style in 2021?

In 2020, the usage of grey was the dominant color choice. Moving forward into 2021, grey paint is still the first pick but is now being used in partnership with tertiary colors. Grey paint isn't limited to walls either! You can now buy different finishes of grey paint to match the style of your room. A great example would be a chalk finish on furniture in your shabby chic-styled room.

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We've looked into what's trending right now in the world of home decor. Colored walls and especially wallpaper with patterned designs are climbing to the top. Have no fear, grey is still here! Dark greys work in harmony with multiple colors to keep the room from being overly loud. Grey side tables, plant holders, coffee tables, and couches are examples of bringing balance into your space. 

Let us not limit greys to just the interior of your home; greys can be an addition to your exterior as well. More and more, we see front doors and garage doors being painted deep gray to modernize a home's curb appeal. 

Do dark exterior colors make your house look bigger?

Depending on your home's proximity to other houses, dark exterior colors can make your house appear larger in appearance with the right color combination. 

Eye-catching palate

To make your home really pop, try out this combination of paint colors, as demonstrated below:

  • Dark blue siding
  • Anthracite trim and stone features
  • Light grey entryway patio
  • Brown doors, shutters, and beams

These paint choices will make people driving by think, "I wish that were my house!"

Stand apart palate - for clustered homes

If your home is close to other homes, these colors can help it stand out, as exemplified below:

  • Green-grey siding
  • Anthracite roofing and stone features
  • Beige trim and stone features
  • Wooden, reddish-brown highlight beams

Having a blend of contrasting colors will help your home pop and make it distinguishable amongst similar-looking houses.

Unique palate - for isolated homes

If your home is surrounded by greenery, you might want to have your home blend into the environment. Try this:

  • Dark green for siding
  • Anthracite for the front door
  • White and burgundy for trim

A gorgeous country house painted in Anthracite

If your home stands more in a clearing, getting a lot of sunlight, try this:

  • Yellow for the siding
  • White for the trim

A gorgeous Swedish house with asphalt shingle roofing

By having the largest part of the home a lighter color, it will help deflect heat and won't be as noticeable as it fades over time. 

In Closing

Paint colors can be overwhelming to look at when you're in the paint aisle, largely when it comes to shades of grey. In particular, what even is anthracite? It may look black, but it falls into the grey family since it is much softer than black. Using greys in combination with earthy warm tones can elevate your living space without a complete tear-down renovation. 

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