What Color Island Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

You have a cherry cabinet's beautiful, intense, dark hues, yet you're still contemplating the color to choose for your kitchen island. Our in-depth research will take your drab kitchen to a whole new level of exquisite—with the best island color ideas that we've found for cherry cabinets.

There are many great colors for a kitchen island that go well with cherry cabinets. The best choices include:

  1. Off-white 
  2. Blue
  3. Sage Green
  4. Gray

One genius design hack for a lively and beautiful kitchen is to allow a set of contrasting colors to add excitement to your old kitchen. As one of the leading edges of kitchen design, an island color to match cherry cabinets is not a complicated task but rather an easy and enjoyable one. Keep on reading to get a head start on the island color of your choice for your cherry cabinets.

A beautiful interior of a custom kitchen, What Color Island Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

Which Island Colors Are Best With Cherry Cabinets?

modern luxury kitchen with cherry cabinets and granite countertops, showing a center island with chairs

The rustic appearance of the cherry cabinets compliments a variety of island hues. With its traditional but beautiful rich shades,  cherry wood styles and concepts vary from a cozy, country-inspired kitchen island to a modern one which is still on par with contemporary designs today.

But it's all in the homeowner’s preference. The varying colors of the cherry tend to create a severe, dark, and somber atmosphere, so creating contrast in your kitchen means choosing a color containing the correct undertone to work with your cabinets and preferably going with cool tones.


You can never go wrong with the most versatile and timeless color in the color palette. This monochromatic color creates a large atmosphere making the kitchen area look spacious. The luminous and airy appearance gives off a cleaner and fresher feel in contrast to the reddish-brown shade of the cherry cabinet.

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You might think that integrating the already dark hue of cherry with a well-rounded shade of blue would diminish the overall impact of the kitchen. That is where most people might be mistaken! Complementing the warm tone of cherry with a soft blue color creates a calming atmosphere making the room stand out.

Sage Green

Green shades have always been complementary colors to red. The contrasting colors of a sage island and cherry cabinets would never look out of place. Green colors make any cherry types of furniture pop, distinguishing them from the rest of the area.


It's good to play it safe when choosing a kitchen island that goes well with dark-toned furniture. Shades of gray emphasize the elegance of the cherry cabinets. Having it plain and simple is never a bad idea.

Should the kitchen island be the same color as the cherry cabinet?

Your kitchen island does not have to be the same color as your cherry cabinet. To turn the kitchen island into the focal point, mixing and matching colors with other pieces of furniture creates balance and harmony in the kitchen area.

Other things to consider are kitchen size, theme, and appliances placed together in the area. These factors greatly help you choose the right color combination, styles, and hardware for your kitchen needs, whether for a new house or a renovation.

What color wall goes well with cherry cabinets?

Thanks to the richness of cherry wood, the possibility of choosing the right wall colors becomes easy. Its beauty can go with any color scheme and deliver an elegant aura with contemporary style. Selecting the right paint color with the right undertone uplifts the space of your kitchen area.

The perfect color completely transforms the whole place. You can go from having a modern uptake of your kitchen using neutral colors or go much deeper to a traditional style kitchen of deep vibrant colors.

  1. White: It makes small spaces with cherry cabinets appear brighter and spacious
  2. Neutrals: They blend and enhance to add warmth.
  3. Complementary colors: Their contrast and drama make the cherry color stand out.
  4. Pastels/light colors: They tone down the color of cherry wood.

In short, light colors are the best choice. Pastels carry both warm and cool undertones, making the wood appear brighter.

What kinds of floors work best for cherry cabinets?

Design experts would likely recommend the flooring to be a variation of warm colors, particularly shades of white, beige, or brown. One thing to remember is not to mix cherry with the same or darker undertones. You wouldn’t want a gloomy kitchen, so it is best to choose lighter colors.

Should the countertop match the floor or cabinets?

Countertops do not necessarily have to be the same color as your floor or cabinet. While some prefer the cozy vibe of matching a countertop with the floor, others opt for a less sterile option of coordinating the cabinets to match the countertop. A better option is to suit your countertop with your backsplash, especially as the backsplash is an extension of your countertop.

Using cherry as furniture in your kitchen, for instance, brings about the same or similar materials for a cohesive kitchen look. Since cherry cabinets or any piece of furniture gives off a distinct appearance to a space, you could pair your cabinets with a natural stone countertop with porcelain or ceramic tiles.

As much as possible, never use the same color for your flooring, cabinet, and countertops as the receiving end will make it redundant and out of place.

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Are cherry cabinets out of style?

Interior of modern kitchen in classic style with golden elements cherry alder wood cabinetry with built-in appliances electric or induction hob, electric oven stone sink and extractor fan.

One may think that cherry cabinets are expensive and out of date. They are not! These deep shades of red and brown are still front runners of the kitchen styles even today. Its quality and unique designs combined with several color schemes make a sophisticated yet modernized approach to the traditional and timeless cherry wood.

It will always be an excellent choice to use cherry pieces of furniture in your home. They not only give off a dramatic look, but they also create a harmonious balance of traditional and contemporary integrated into one.

Cherry cabinets are still in demand up to this day. You can achieve timeless beauty by combining with whites, neutrals, beige, or even browns to match your cherry furniture.

If your goal for a new house or a renovation is to create an elegant concept of a modernized cherry kitchen, you can use cool tones such as blue and green. If it is for restoring a traditional kitchen space, the warm tones are the one for you. But that’s not all with cherry cabinets and colors.

You just need to consider additional elements such as lighting, flooring, appliances, and backsplash. The goal is to create the symmetry of a balanced kitchen, fusing all aspects into one and delivering the best and most contemporary concept your kitchen needs.

Final Thoughts

A beautiful interior of a custom kitchen

Colors make up a home. The best way to complement your cherry cabinets, or even trim or furniture, is to decide whether to contrast or coordinate with cherry. When all elements fall into their proper place, you have a well-balanced kitchen: cohesive and in tune.

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