What Color Knobs Or Handles On Gray Cabinets?

Gray cabinetry gives a cool, clean look to any kitchen or bath, but after agonizing over which hue of gray is best to makeover your project, you also have to choose complementary hardware. You may be wondering what color knobs or handles will go best with your gray cabinets and be a bit confused. We've done the research to give you some guidance in this area. 

  • Black hardware with light or dark gray tone cabinets.
  • Gold hardware with light gray tone cabinets.
  • Bronze hardware with tan, gray tone cabinets. 
  • Nickel hardware with medium to dark gray tone and blue-gray tone cabinets.

So now you know which color hardware to choose for your gray cabinets, based on the tone, but it would be nice to see some examples and understand why we think these are the best options. Keep reading to learn more.

An interior of modern luxury gray and white wooden kitchen, What Color Knobs Or Handles On Gray Cabinets?

Black Knobs Or Handles

With Light Gray Tone Cabinets

This is an excellent option for those with a chic décor style. Pairing black pulls with pale tone gray cabinets creates a stark contrast. This results in a cool, modish feel. We recommend long, slender pulls like what is shown here if you want a trendy look. 

With Dark Gray Tone Cabinets

Maybe you have a flair for the dramatic. If so, we recommend pairing black hardware with bold, charcoal cabinets. We think this kitchen is gorgeous and eye-catching.

If you choose this pairing, be vigilant to include light areas in the room so that it doesn't look too dark or commercial. Perhaps this could be done with white countertops or a bright backsplash and plenty of natural and artificial light sources in the area. 

Gold Knobs Or Handles

With Light Gray Tone Cabinets

Gold may be seen as an eccentric choice, but we hope you will see it's pretty beautiful when placed with light gray tone cabinets. It can give a touch of earthiness, bring out warm hues in the room to beautifully contrast the crispness of the gray cabinetry.

This also can be a great choice for those with an eclectic style. You can see how in this kitchen, it goes along nicely with playful, bold colors. It also is wonderful with global influences, such as Middle Eastern or Asian décor.

When looking to purchase gold hardware, something to keep in mind is that it will often be labeled as "brass" in color. This may save some confusion and frustration when searching online for gold knobs and pulls.

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Take a look at these gold cabinet pulls on Amazon.

Bronze Knobs Or Handles

With Tan Gray Tone Cabinets

Bronze may seem like a safe, natural choice for hardware. After all, it looks stunning with white cabinets, but with gray cabinetry, you have to be careful not to cause a clash of color that's displeasing to the eye. We recommend only using bronze pulls on your project if you have chosen a gray with a tan undertone.

This kitchen seems both clean and timeless with its tan-hued gray cabinets and bronze pulls. It's homey but also grand. 

Nickel Knobs Or Handles

With Medium To Dark Gray Tone Cabinets

Brushed nickel hardware is simple and classic, but maybe you assumed this color wouldn't offer enough contrast with gray cabinets for it to be a favorable choice. The truth is, with medium or dark gray tone cabinets, there can be enough contrast, and it can offer quite a regal look. 

We enjoy the shine of brushed nickel with more understated gray cabinetry. It adds a little sparkle to what could otherwise be a dull space. 

Take a look at these brushed nickel cabinet knobs on Amazon.

With Blue Gray Tone Cabinets

Have you ever considered gray cabinets with a tint of blue? It's a braver, bolder choice, but one we would encourage. Blue tints also go very nicely with brushed nickel hardware.

The blue tint allows for just enough dimension and contrast, even if you go with a lighter hue. When you walk into a space with this color combination, you won't help feeling serene. 

How To Pick Your Perfect Gray For Cabinets?

According to Cyndy Aldred, you should always consider the size of your room and what illusion you would like to create for the space. 

The interior design consultant and owner of The Creativity Exchange says, "The lighter the color, the larger the space will look. Darker shades are great if you want a den-like feel or you have a lot of space with lots of natural light." 

Cyndy also points out that, "If you want to draw your attention to the surroundings outside your windows, use a less pigmented and lighter color. Choose a color that will complement the outdoor surroundings (green undertone for trees, blue undertone for water, etc.)."

When choosing a gray, this is especially something to pay attention to as most have a slight undertone of another color.

And of course, always keep in mind the furnishings you plan to include in your space. If you love cool, modern décor, choose a gray with a cool undertone such as blue. Or perhaps you enjoy cozy, warm décor, In which case, you could choose a gray with a green or brown undertone.

Where To Buy Handles Or Knobs For Cabinets?

There are several great places to choose from when purchasing the hardware for your project. Home Depot may not have been foremost on your mind, but this local hardware store has a great variety of options when it comes to pulls and knobs. Take a gander on Home Depot's website and in-store.

Cabinet Parts is an online trading post featuring everything you could possibly need or desire for your cabinet remodel.

We enjoy this option because the website is organized in such a way to help you find exactly what you're looking for, having the products separated by product types, collection styles, and product finishes. Visit the Cabinet Parts website to browse and purchase.

My Knobs is an online company that specializes in cabinet hardware and not just knobs! They have every type of hardware you could desire, and at great prices.

This is an excellent option for a project with a strict budget. Take a look at the My Knobs website for budget-friendly options.

Of course, Etsy must be on this list. If you're looking for something unusual, handmade, or antique, this is the place to be. There are hand-painted and even sea glass knobs to be found on this gathering site of online shops. Take a look at Etsy's wide variety of options.

Are Knobs Or Handles Better For Kitchen Cabinets?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. Knobs are the least expensive. If you choose round knobs, they will never be crooked or need adjusting. However, they are more challenging to clean and more difficult to grab.

This could be an issue if you have drawers within your kitchen area that will be more full and thus need more force to open. 

Pulls, on the other hand, are more expensive. Sometimes, they can be double the price of knobs. Nonetheless, these are the most functional out of the two. They are easier to keep clean and easier to take hold of.

In accordance with the best practices, pull handles are the best choice especially for those with mobility challenges.

With all of that said, this is truly a matter of personal preference. While most would choose handles in their kitchen, you may have an intricate style knob in mind that you are dying to use for your project. We say do what will make you feel joyful in your kitchen!

In Closing

Gray cabinets can be brought to life with many different hardware choices. Here, we have suggested black, gold, bronze, or nickel knobs or handles for your cabinetry and have guided you on which to choose by the tone of gray.

Whether you enjoy regal, traditional looks or like to shake things up with eclectic scenery, there is an option here for you. Choose what catches your eye and makes you feel excited to be in your space!

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