What Color Landscape Rock With A Red Brick House?

Landscaping projects are in the works, so what color landscape rock should you choose to use with a red brick house? You want great curb appeal, and this extends to the beds and yard as well as the house itself. So, we've researched to find some great landscape rock choices to work with red brick siding.

Landscape rock tends to come in natural colors, and lucky for you, many of them look great with red brick facades. Here is a list of our favorites:

  • Red
  • White
  • Natural river rock
  • Grey
  • Black

We'll take a look at examples of each of these types of stones to give you a visual idea of what we're talking about. We'll also discuss if there are other considerations besides the color of your home when picking your landscape rock color. In addition, we'll cover how to change the color of landscape rocks, what color paving goes with a red brick house, and if there are any plants that look particularly great with red brick.

So please, keep reading.

Huge two storey luxurious mansion with red brick walls, white fence dock area, and gorgeous landscaping, What Color Landscape Rock With A Red Brick House?

The Best Landscape Rock To Pair With Red Brick Facades

Landscape rock is a great alternative to mulch. It keeps organic material away from the foundation of your home, is easy to control weeds with, and looks great with shrubbery. We've put together some great landscape rock looks for pairing with your red brick home and why you might choose each color.

Red Rock With Red Brick Homes

Red landscaping rock is a natural pairing with your red brick. It presents a somewhat seamless transition from the garden bed to the side of the house. Lava rock will typically have a bit of a brown tone to it, so it will look natural and good with your red brick.

White Rock With Red Brick Homes

White rock provides a very clean contrast to red brick. In particular, it looks super when the trim on the red brick home is also white. Green boxwood shrubbery is neat, and the whole look feels very manicured.

Natural River Rock With Red Brick Homes

Natural river rock is a perfect choice for those who like a very natural look. This stone is often varied in colors with greys, light tans, and darker browns. It comes in a myriad of sizes, from pebbles to larger stones. It goes with pretty much any color of home, including red brick.

Grey Landscaping Rock

If you want a really elegant and modern look, consider using a tumbled dark grey river rock. Unlike natural river rock, this type of stone generally has a consistent color. The darker grey against the warm red looks great with homes that have darker trim as well.

Black Landscaping Rock

Here's another gorgeous idea. Use black landscaping rock to create a natural and low-cost side patio. It's less buggy and weedy than a grass side yard. The natural paver stepstones pick up the color of the home's red brick siding, bringing the look together.

How To Pick The Right Landscape Rock Color: Considering All The Variables

Picking the right landscape rock has more to it than just choosing a great color for your siding color. There is the intended use, the location, the type of gardening you want to do. There's also the need to make sure you see the rock when it is clean and dry versus dirty and dry. Let's look at the variables.

Housing Color

Your first consideration is your home's color, your trim color, and the overall style you're trying to achieve. Classic rock like natural river stone holds up the test of time, while something stark like white or black may be too trendy for your home. Get samples to test out an area, step back, and see what you think.

This brings us to the rock's condition when you receive it.

Making Sure The Rock Is Clean And Dry

If you're lucky enough to have a rock sales yard or even just a big box landscaping store, chances are the rock will be dirty when you see it. It's important to wash the rock off, then let it dry completely before making a final decision. The three states, dirty and dry, clean and wet, and clean and dry will all look slightly different.

You want to make your final decision based on clean and dry rock. 

Intended Use Of Rock

Landscaping rock comes in sizes, from tiny pea gravel all the way up to huge boulders. Your intended use of the rock will affect the size you buy.

For patios and walkways, you'll want something small, like pea gravel or slightly larger gravel that will create a smooth, easy-to-walk-on surface. To replace mulch, go for a smallish-medium size stone. Larger plum to grapefruit-sized stones are good to cover french drains and anywhere you might need drainage.

How To Change The Color Of Landscape Rocks

Though landscape rocks are meant to be a fairly permanent form of mulch, you can change them up if the color doesn't work for you. Of course, the costliest and most labor-intensive way of doing this is to remove the old and replace them with new ones. This will require either heavy equipment or many hours of labor.

Another way to change things up is to simply mix in a second color to what is already there. For instance, if you have white rock and find the contrast too glaring, mix in some river rock.

Finally, if you think your rock is a bit dull in appearance, you can treat the rock with an application of waterproof sealant. This will give it a slightly darker, glossier appearance, much like it would look when wet.

What Color Paving Goes With A Red Brick House?

If you're busy landscaping your gorgeous home, you might also be looking at pavers for a sidewalk, walkway, or even your drive. Which color pavers go great with a red brick house.

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A red brick mansion with gorgeous landscaping and newly lawn landscaping

As you can see, choosing a red similar to the color of your brick is a gorgeous look for your walkways and drive. Hear a geometric pattern is perfect for the overall aesthetic of this lovely home.

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Huge two storey luxurious mansion with red brick walls, white fence dock area, and gorgeous landscaping, What Color Landscape Rock With A Red Brick House?

A varied palette of reds, browns, and greys is another subtle look that works well for patios, stairways, and sidewalks. The color is a slightly lighter overall shade than the brick but works beautifully.

Huge and luxurious modern red brick designed mansion with blue paneled windows and small trees and flower landscaping

In this home, natural grey river rock has been used to create an attractive sidewalk toward the front porch. It works well with the grey concrete drive, the white trim, and the deep red of the home's brick exterior.

What Plants Look Good With Red Brick?

The final touch with landscaping is the plants you choose. Now that you've decided on rock and pavers, what about your plants? Are there any that look particularly good with a red brick home and landscaping rocks?

A huge red brick mansion with a gorgeous newly lawn landscaping

In this home, a mix of low perennials, shapely boxwoods, and a hedge of bayberry add structure, varied height, and color to the white landscaping stone. It's a more whimsical look than with many red brick homes, but we like it.

Inkberry holly is a great choice for your red brick home. Buy one here on Amazon.

Think of using low, round shrubs like certain conifers, azaleas, or evergreens. The simple small tree, like dogwood or red maple, in the front yard balance out the bedding shrubs.

Ivory Halo (Cornus alba), with its variegated leaves, provide spring interest, while the red stems provide architectural beauty in the winter. Click here for this on Amazon.

A beautiful red brick mansion with small round hedgers along the driveway and green lawn landscaping

This neat red-brick home uses sculpted boxwoods to enhance the exterior appearance of the home. It's both formal and lovely.

Landscaping Decisions Are The Final Flourish For Your House

Making these landscaping decisions doesn't have to be daunting. Look at posts like this, see what style hits you in the feels, and purchase accordingly. It's all about what you want to convey within the budget you have to spend.

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