What Color Matches Orange Walls?

Orange paint is frequently used in children's bedrooms, living spaces, and kitchens because it's a warm, inviting color that promotes playfulness, happiness, and social connection. But it's important to know what colors mix well with orange if you're thinking about how to incorporate orange walls into your home. If you're wondering what hues complement orange walls, we've gathered the best information for you.

A homeowner can pair lively colors with orange and make a space feel vibrant and alive. Here are 12 colors that go well with orange walls:

  1. White
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Burgundy
  5. Brown
  6. Beige
  7. Pink
  8. Black
  9. Lime
  10. Purple
  11. Gray
  12. Orange

Orange can be somewhat risky to use because it is bright and powerful. Orange will readily evoke warmth and enjoyment in any area of your home if you're more daring with your color choices. For various interior designs and room types, we've included colors that work well with orange in this section below. Read through our color matching advice to discover which is ideal for you.

Orange Room with Workspace and Green Plants, What Color Matches Orange Walls?

Colors That Work Well With Orange Walls

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Orange is a stunning and modern color that may help you reach your design objectives in various spaces and styles. Below are colors that will complement your orange walls:

1. White

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If you are wondering what color matches with orange walls, here is the answer. One of the most adaptable hues that complement orange is white. You may use orange's vibrancy with white to breathe new life into a neutral living space.

You can properly balance a room with orange walls by using white curtains, furniture, and accessories. Your personal collection of artwork will look stunning when supported by a focal orange wall.

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2. Blue

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Blue in any shape, form, or shade looks great in any living situation. Since blue plays well with cooler and warmer tones, you can reliably pair it with anything, including orange. Find creative methods to incorporate vivid blue next to your orange walls for fun, energetic, and bold look. These vibrant and light color choices can also create distinctive looks that can improve your home's overall appearance.

With an orange accent wall, add elements of blue to your sofa, pillow covers, and your favorite painting. Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed.

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3. Yellow

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When combined, yellow and orange make you think of the summer and citrus fruits. This warm, vibrant combination would be ideal for a kitchen or dining room. These colors exude a warm and friendly vibe, making them the designers' top choice for cheerful guest rooms.

The kitchen's focal points are the yellow cabinets, which warm the space and steal the show. In turn, the abundance of orange balances the warm tones of the cabinets and gives the room a lively, upbeat, and exciting atmosphere.

4. Burgundy

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Burgundy, a warm variation of purplish red, will give any orange wall a new, glam vibe and intriguing look. Together, the colors exude boldness. Burgundy is an intense color, so even a simple addition like a burgundy pillowcase may have a significant impact.

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5. Brown

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Brown will easily look good with orange walls, as both are warm colors and may create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. Also, this pairing is perfect if you are not a huge fan of bright, vibrant colors. A rich orange wall is great to pair with natural wood or a brown-hued dining set.

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6. Beige

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Since beige is a neutral color, it's easily paired with your orange walls. This color combination is soft and calming without being overtly feminine. If using orange walls in your home is still a little intimidating, consider using beige undertones in your sofa to add color without overpowering the room.

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7. Pink

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The colors pink and orange have a cheerful and carefree aura about them. These two hues make us think of the summertime. Pink and orange is another great combo for you if you want your decor to be lively, vibrant, and bold, just like the blankets and pillowcases in the image above.

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8. Black

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A fantastic way to modernize and stylishly complement the orange wall is using black accents in your furniture and even in your mirror. Black is undoubtedly an excellent choice if you want an accent that is more pronounced and powerful than orange. It provides a bold, mysterious atmosphere when paired with orange.

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9. Lime

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Orange works very well with lime. Adding small lime accents via a lamp or chairs provides freshness and a natural appearance to your spaces, just like any other typical green tint.

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10. Purple

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Orange and purple is a bold color combination, but it's not unusual. Don't be afraid to use strong color combinations. You can combine orange walls with some accent of violet for a space that instantly makes you feel more energized.

The color combinations in the image above work well because they allow each hue to stand out without competing. Combine delicate purple paint with the deep orange wall color and a purple carpet for an appealing outcome.

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11. Gray

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If you don't want to get more creative and would rather play it safe with an orange wall combination, we strongly suggest going for light gray. Gray and orange work well together to produce a décor scheme that is both elegant and fun. A gray accent on your sofa would help calm down and balance the intensity of orange, but use it sparingly because there are other appropriate gray tones to pair with vibrant orange.

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12. Orange

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If you genuinely adore the color of your walls, you could decorate the space with additional orange accents to add depth and contrast. Orange with orange may seem like a risky combination, but it works. This bedroom with an orange blanket and pillows takes a bold approach with orange shades throughout the space. Subdued orange items can match bright orange walls to create more visual appeal.

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What's The Best Color Curtain For Orange Walls?

Once you've decided on an appropriate hue of orange for the walls, you'll need curtains that complement the walls. The best choice for your curtains is white. When considering colors that complement orange, white might not immediately come to mind, but the two colors make for an understated yet energizing combination.

White works well with any color, and when combined with orange, it provides a clean background that enables orange to take center stage in your design.

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Do Orange Walls Make The Room Bigger Or Smaller?

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Lighter hues create the illusion of spaciousness, while darker shades give them a closer, smaller appearance to the eye. Darker colors absorb light, giving the impression that a space is smaller. Choose warm, deep colors, and you might even think about painting your ceiling a darker color to make it appear lower.

Orange and yellow, which are considered warm colors, tend to make a room appear wider than darker hues do. The placement of colors or textures in a room alters the perspective, giving the impression that the room is wider or smaller.

Should Walls Match The Floors?

The color tone of your wood floor is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the colors for your walls. Naturally, it might be pretty daunting to try to match the wood floors with the colors of the walls, but you shouldn't worry about it too much. You should choose a wall color that properly complements the wood tones in your home.

Many home design experts believe that the floor should be darker than the walls. The concept holds true, because a room appears larger when its walls are lighter and its floor is darker.

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Should I Paint The Inside Wall Of The House With One Color?

Orange room with sofa and green landscape in window. Scandinavian interior design.

Never paint your entire house the same color, as a general rule. If you want to utilize the same color throughout your house, use different shades around the house, then make one color dominant. To put it another way, not every room in your house should have the same shade of paint as the significant wall color.

In Closing

Living room with red sofa and wooden crates used as a bookcase

Many people choose orange for its warmth and vibrancy. While orange by itself can be somewhat overbearing, it is a lovely color when used for contrast in your home.

The secret to using this color is understanding how a particular shade of orange may affect a space. When appropriately used, orange can create a brighter, cheerful, bolder space. It can be excessive and overstimulating when misused.

We hope we have provided some valuable insights into making your home shine. If you enjoyed reading this post, take a look at these other articles!

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