What Color Mirror With Black Vanity?

Black is a very classy color that can go anywhere, including the bathroom. But if you have a black vanity, you want to pair it nicely with a color for the mirror that will go with it. We researched the best color for a mirror matched with a black vanity, and here are our findings.

Black is a strong color for vanities, so it is important that the color of the mirror accents it well. To pair your black vanity, choose these colors for your mirror:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Wood

By opting for these colors, you'll maintain the sleek look of your black vanity in your bathroom with your mirror. Read on as we guide you through each of these colors and more.

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Colors For Mirrors Against A Black Vanity

These days, a black vanity is popular amongst homeowners as it makes the space look classy. To maintain that look, it would be good if the mirror's color would also pair well with it.

A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to mirrors against the color of vanities is to make sure that the colors complement each other. Your mirror can follow the same color scheme as your vanity, but you can use different colors as well if they accentuate it well.


 A small modern bathroom with a dark vanity, mirror frame, and hardware. White subway tiles line the bathtub and shower with black faucets.

Black on black is not uncommon as a color combination for the vanity and mirror. While too much black may look intimidating and too dark for a bathroom, if it is against a white wall, it can really stand out.

Even if the color of the mirror is also black, it is not overwhelming since the mirror itself only acts as a reflection of its surroundings.

In this photo, you can see that the bathroom is quite simple with its black vanity. The mirror's thick black frame adds uniformity to the bathroom and ties in the theme together for the whole space.

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A bathroom with a black vanity, gold faucet and mirror, and a mosaic tiled floor.

Having gold can look a bit tacky if there is too much of it. But gold as an accent color can do wonders for rich colors like black.

It can make it look luxurious without going over the top. You can also have the handles of your vanity in gold to pair with your mirror, so it ties the color scheme further.

This example proves that a simple touch of gold with the black vanity can do wonders. Here, the mirror has a thin gold frame the same as the handles of the vanity. This makes both vanity and mirror work aesthetically in tandem, giving off a modern, classy look.

Try out this TokeShimi gold mirror on Amazon.


While almost similar to gold, putting a mirror with bronze as its frame can work well with a vanity that is black. However, be wary when working with bronze.

While it does fit with a black vanity, it also gives off a vintage feel, which may or may not work for what you are going for. It also gives off a classic feel to it. If you are going for a classy, 1920s feel, this may be a route for you.

Just look at the photo with the bronze mirror. Apart from the bronze color, the mirror's frame has intricate details to it that give it a vintage look.

Meanwhile, the black vanity is simple, so the details can take center stage. This way, the colors and design don't clash between the mirror and the vanity.

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Breaking away from the thread of sleek looks, wood takes a different route when paired with black vanity. This is different from just plain brown, as this adds a bit of texture to your mirror.

A mirror with a wooden look can help soften the solid black color of your vanity, as it can give off a warmer tone. By adding a mirror with a wooden color, it can have an earthy feel to the space.

You can see this in the photo with the mirror's large wooden frame. The vanity is purely black, which may darken the space if not for the mirror. Because of this, it tones the black color down and makes the whole space have a warmer look.

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Is Black A Good Color For A Bathroom Vanity?

Master bath vanity

You now know what kind of color mirror you can have for a black vanity, but you may wonder if it is a good color at all for the vanity. First, black is a classic color that can add a timeless twist to your bathroom, so it is a good color to use.

Of course, you need to consider how big your bathroom is and how much light you will need to put into the space so it won't look overwhelmingly dark.

This is why a black vanity is a good addition to your bathroom. Apart from adding a touch of sophistication to the space, it also does not overwhelm its solid color and makes the room too dark.

How To Use Black In The Bathroom?

Speaking of using black in the bathroom, the vanity is not the only place you can use the color. Usually, white is for the bathroom to give it a clean feel.

However, you can switch the colors up and go for black in different ways to add sophistication to your bathroom.

Although black might make a space look too dark and small, you can use this color in the bathroom without overwhelming your senses with dark tones.

Black On Details

Black as an accent color can make your bathroom have a more modern look. You can incorporate this in the items you have in your bathroom, such as the glass you use or even the faucet.

You can even go for a black sink and toilet bowl for your bathroom to have a more modern take on a bathroom. By adding a touch of black to these details, it will pop up against a white space and make the bathroom look monochromatic. 

Adding An Accent Wall

A black accent wall against an otherwise bright bathroom is another way to use black in the space. It breaks the monotony of the white color to give a bold character to the area while maintaining a classic look.

Apart from having a black wall, you can also spruce it up by adding a few tasteful elements that can work well with it, such as plants or accent colors, to spruce up the area.

Painting The Door Black

You can also use black on the door of your bathroom. Similar to an accent wall, painting your door black can act as an accent for your whole bathroom. Just make sure that the door's color fits well with the room that it is connecting to.

Outlining Black With White

If you want to be bolder in using black, you can have a black bathroom with an outline in white. It is important to have the area still have a light element to avoid having the space too dark.

You can achieve the outline by trimming the windows or the outline of the walls with white.

Have Black Textures

Once you have decided where to put your black element in your bathroom, you can add different textures to it. If you are going for a black accent wall, you can use wood that is painted black to add to it.

Sinks, toilet bowls, or bathtubs can have a matte finish to make them sleeker. You can also have marble for your countertop to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Black mosaic tiled splashback and double basin bathroom

If you have a black vanity in your bathroom, it's important to have a mirror that pairs with it well. And the color black complements any color.

But for your black vanity in your bathroom, it would be best to choose between black, gold, bronze, or wood for a mirror, so it can add to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

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