What Color Mirror With Brushed Nickel Faucets?

Coordinating your bathroom hardware can be challenging. As subtle as they may be, they can make or break the look of your space. Mirrors are essentially part of the wall, so they are the first thing you'll see when you enter the bathroom.

If you have brushed nickel hardware, what mirrors go well with them? We have researched to give you the best options below.

Regardless of the shape, the mirror's edges can instantly add visual appeal to it. Brushed nickels are aesthetically versatile, so you have a variety of mirror colors to choose from:

  • Matte Black
  • Vintage Brass
  • Gold finish
  • Silver Finish
  • Deep Brown
  • Warm Gray
  • Crisp White

The key to making the hardware and metals go together is to make the color finishes cohesive. Sticking with neutrals is a safe route, but there are more vibrant colors that can transform your bathroom and make it more visually appealing. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

A bathroom at a modern hotel with two mirrors in a wall, What Color Mirror With Brushed Nickel Faucets?

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What Color Mirror With Brushed Nickel Faucets?

Generally, mixing metals is a great way to update a bathroom without needing a complete remodel.

Mixing and matching metals can turn an old bathroom into something more contemporary-looking, creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

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Bathroom and washbasin

Here are colors you can incorporate with your bathroom mirrors.

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Matte Black

Matte black mirrors inject a contemporary vibe into your bathroom. 

It gives the bathroom dimension, especially if your hardware is mostly brushed nickel and your walls are stark white, making it more visually stimulating than drab.

Matte black fixtures are typically in minimalist interiors since they easily provide a sleek appearance on hardware. They are easy to maintain, although you must be wary of watermarks, fingerprint marks, and smears.

Their dark neutral color makes them a fool-proof choice if you want a classic and timeless look in your bathroom.

See this matte black mirror on Amazon.

Do Matte Black Finishes Fade?

Black finishes fade over time, but if the edges of your bathroom mirror are thin, it may not be obvious. However, if it does bother you, make sure to maintain the edges well.

This can be as simple as wiping it down with a cotton towel every time you use your bathroom and accidentally splashing over it.

The chemical build-up is one of the main culprits why matte black finishes fade, so wiping it down with a soap and water solution can prolong its visual appeal.

Vintage Brass

Vintage brass matches well in warm-toned color schemes since it has a classic vibrant tone that can make your bathroom space more elegant. Although they have an aged look, they are timeless fixtures that can transform your aesthetic.

Vintage brass also pairs well with brushed nickel hardware, giving the bathroom a lovely contrast. The silver finish of brushed nickel will be emphasized next to the warm tone of polished brass.

Choose this mirror if you want to lean into a more vintage aesthetic and if you want your bathroom fixtures to look effortlessly chic.

See this vintage brass mirror on Amazon.

Is Vintage Brass High Maintenance?

Vintage brass requires a specific cleaning routine. After cleaning it with soap and water, you need to apply polish designed for brass to give it a more elegant glow.

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Gold Finish

Gold finishes give an elegant glow to a bathroom. It doesn't look tacky next to brushed nickel faucets, and the contrast gives off an air of quiet elegance.

This is ideal if you have a warm color palette and matching gold-tone hardware. This will also pair well with silver-toned hardware if you want a more low-key approach.

Check out this gold mirror on Amazon.

Silver Finish

If you want a more uniform look with brushed nickel faucets, go with mirrors with a silver finish.

However, as much as possible, choose a finish that resembles the shade of your faucet so the combination will look intentional.

If they are in a slightly different shade, the pairing may look like a "mistake" and make your bathroom look mismatched.

Silver mirrors are ideal for predominantly white bathrooms or ones with a cooler color scheme.

It will also look good in bathrooms with warm colors if you want to tone down the vibrance and make the mirrors blend with the interior.

Check out this silver mirror on Amazon.

Deep Brown

Deep brown mirrors will inject a rustic feel into your bathroom regardless of your color scheme.

The brushed nickel faucets will blend seamlessly and won't clash with the vintage or rustic aesthetic you're trying to achieve.

Deep brown mirrors are also a classic choice--they don't show dirt easily and have a quiet elegance that transforms your bathroom's look without being too visually drastic.

Deep brown mirrors are ideal to be placed in bathroom interiors with warm color schemes, but they will blend with virtually any design as long as it matches the finishes of other hardware in your bathroom.

See this brown mirror on Amazon here.

Warm Gray

Warm gray mirrors blend well with brushed nickel hardware. The colors have a soft contrast that will make your bathroom look brighter, and it has the aesthetic versatility you need if you want to change your bathroom's style.

Warm gray mirrors can have either a contemporary or classically traditional style depending on the trim and the overall type of your bathroom.

Choose sleeker mirror edges if you want a more modern vibe, and choose a mirror with rounded edges or intricate patterns if you want a more classic look.

Either way, warm gray mirrors will elevate your bathroom's look.

Crisp White

If you want a cleaner look that's tried and true, go for crisp white mirrors. They blend with any interior and are ideal in a light color scheme.

There's more aesthetic versatility since you have more agency about what accents to incorporate into the bathroom.

However, one downside is that white mirrors show dirt fairly quickly. Depending on the material, they may even show water stains, fingerprints, and smears, which are common problems in bathrooms.

If you want to stick with a white bathroom mirror, you'll need to commit to wiping it down after you use the bathroom to maintain a clean and polished look.

Check out this white mirror on Amazon.

Is Brushed Nickel Modern?

Bathroom interior with nickel faucet and mirror above it

If you're worried about your bathroom interior looking out of style with your hardware choices, you won't have this problem with brushed nickel.

They are timeless and durable finishes and will remain in style for years after you install them.

Although it's expected that its popularity will wane with the rise of other finishes and styles, brushed nickel is a tried-and-true classic that can only benefit your bathroom--or kitchen--interior.

Brushed nickel can also retain its luster after many years as long as you maintain it well.

Do Mirrors Have To Match The Faucet?

Shiplap Bathroom with big round mirror above the nickel type faucet and a facetowel in the right side of it

Whether you want all your hardware to match or not is up to your preferences, although it's a general rule to create contrast as much as possible.

If you want to match all your hardware, they should match in the same shade to have a cleaner look.  Hardware that does not completely match adds depth and dimension to the interior and gives character to the room.

The more visual contrast there is, the more appealing it looks. Ensure your color scheme remains cohesive and tasteful, making your interior look timeless.

What's The Difference Between Chrome And Nickel?

white bathroom vanity with silver faucet chrome type

Chrome and brushed nickel are often confused with one another because of their resemblance, but they have aesthetic and functional differences that can affect your choice.

For instance, chrome plating has a blue tint, while brushed nickel has a warmer shine. Chrome is also a more affordable alternative, so it's a good option if you're on a budget.

Brushed nickel hides smears and fingerprints better than chrome, making your bathroom look cleaner and polished. On top of that, chrome requires more maintenance since it shows watermarks easily.

You'll have to wipe it off with a cleaner with each use if you don't want the white marks to accumulate and make your bathroom look messy.

Final Thoughts

A bathroom at a modern hotel with two mirrors in a wall

Designing or remodeling your bathroom can be challenging, but it won't be as complicated when you have a vision. Consider these mirror ideas to narrow your choices and ensure your interior reflects your preferences. Good luck with your project!

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