What Color Mirror Goes With A Gray Vanity? [11 Colors To Consider]

Neutral-colored spaces have an appeal that's attractive to the eyes. The colors are easy to tie together, and you can create depth through contrast. Having gray vanities, whether in the bathroom or bedroom, blend with a lot of mirror colors. You're probably wondering which color suits your gray vanity best, so we have researched answers to find out. 

Here are the mirror colors that go beautifully with a gray vanity:

  • Gold 
  • Deep brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Abstract colors
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Seafoam blue
  • Coral
  • Yellow
  • Sage green

There are many ways you can spruce up your vanity's look simply by mixing and matching colors. Decorations and accents can go a long way too, but it is best to be intentional about the items you put on your vanity since there may not be a lot of space. If you want to learn more about how to beautify your vanity, keep reading below.

Modern gray themed bathroom, What Color Mirror Goes With A Gray Vanity? [11 Colors To Consider]

What Color Mirror With Gray Vanity?

Gray is considered a gender-neutral color. This makes them an aesthetically versatile option for vanities, which are sometimes placed in a common area in the house. 

The color you choose with the mirror will ultimately set the tone of how you want your vanity to look. You can choose the safe route and stick with neutrals, or you can go with bolder choices to inject vibrance into the vanity.

Whatever you'll choose can be highlighted and toned down with decorations and accents.

For example, putting warm light fixtures on your vanity will add a pop of color if your vanity has a monochromatic or neutral color scheme.

This will make your vanity less plain, and the added lighting brings sophistication to the atmosphere. 

Here are mirror colors you can try incorporating into your vanity, as well as tips on how you can decorate them. 

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Gold mirrors can make any space effortlessly elegant. It adds a pop of warmth into the space, and they are vibrant enough to balance out the plainness of gray vanities. 

Mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. If possible, choose one that looks unique. However, curved or round mirrors also have a simple but chic appeal that can spruce up your vanity. 

Pair the gold mirror with gold metals and accents for uniformity. However, silver finishes can work too since the colors complement each other. 

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Deep brown

Deep brown or wood finishes are a tried and true design solution. They pair well with any color, and they have a rustic and rugged flair that suits modern farmhouse interiors. 

Although it's a deep color, it is a bold style that contrasts the serious and cosmopolitan appeal of a gray vanity. At the same time, it is a gender-neutral design that you can install in common spaces.

Lean into its rustic appeal by incorporating natural designs such as plants and succulents. Install a vintage-style light fixture that will not only be functional but aesthetically cohesive as well. 


Modern bathroom with gray vanity

You can't go wrong with white mirrors. They are a neutral color that blends with gray seamlessly, and it has a minimalist appeal that can make your vanity look consistently polished.

White mirrors are effortlessly elegant, and you have more freedom with the designs and accents you want the mirror and vanity to work with. 

A downside of pairing a white mirror with gray vanity is that they look drab and plain by themselves without any decorations.

You'd have to think about how to spruce up your vanity instead of just going with a vibrant mirror that can effortlessly elevate its visual appeal.

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New modern master bathroom with off white counter tops and gray cabinets

Monochromatic color schemes are a classic design solution. It's a no-brainer if you want an effortlessly elegant look, and you can enhance the vanity by peppering it with tasteful decorations and accents. 

If you want a pop of color, try incorporating brass or gold hardware on the vanity. Installing sleek and warm lighting will also do wonders for how the vanity looks. 

This color scheme is ideal if you're trying to keep the space neutral and visually light. Small spaces will benefit from this design solution since there's not much color narrowing down the space. 

Abstract color

Uniqueness and unpredictability are key factors that can elevate any space, regardless of color scheme. An abstract-colored mirror, most likely a mix of all colors that come together to form a visually stimulating and artistic picture.

If you have an abstract-colored mirror, you have the option to simply leave it alone since it's already visually intriguing and doesn't require any more accents or decorations.

However, if you want to install them, choose decorations that have a practical purpose. Recessed light fixtures, for example, will highlight the mirror better during the night and will help you see better in low light. 


Bathroom vanity cabinet

Black mirrors add dimension and depth to gray vanities. They complement each other, but they don't eclipse one another.

A black mirror has a more cosmopolitan flair that matches the serious appeal of gray, so together they create a modern yet elegant vanity that you can highlight further with accents and decorations. 

Pair this vanity with uniquely-designed light fixtures to add sophistication to the vanity. Incorporate matte black or silver-finished hardware if possible, and soften the whole look with a pot of plants or flowers. 

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Silver mirrors blend seamlessly with gray vanity, and their shine gives an effortless glow into the vanity so it doesn't look too plain.

It has a vintage and classic appeal, especially if you choose a mirror with intricate molding that can instantly elevate your vanity's look. 

However, since you have a silver mirror, you don't want your hardware to clash with it. Go for silver-finished hardware for a uniform and elegant look, and decorate the surface with flowers and succulents for a softer appeal. 

Be sure to clean your mirror's edges along with its surface since it can be prone to fingerprints and smears as well. 

Seafoam Blue

Guest bathroom with gray cabinets and white countertops


Incorporate a refreshing pop of color into your gray vanity with seafoam blue mirrors. They are a unique choice, but they seamlessly blend with gray vanity.

They have a coastal and tropical appeal that will easily spruce up your vanity's look, and they match any aesthetic. This means that if you want to change the style from tropical to vintage, simply change the decorations to match that style. 

If you want a more classic look, opt for minimalist and neutral designs that highlight your seafoam blue mirror. This will lead the eyes from the plain vanity table to the bright mirror. 


Coral mirrors have a soft look that balances out the plain appeal of gray vanities. They introduce a pop of color without being visually overwhelming, and the contrast adds visual stimulation to the vanity.

Since they have a stark contrast, choose decorations that will tie up the two colors neatly.

Natural elements such as plants are a no-brainer solution, but you can also try gold and silver vases as well as candles to make the design cohesive. A wicker basket perched underneath the vanity will also give it a subtle boho feel.


Choose a yellow mirror if you want a subtle visual contrast with gray vanity. Be careful about the shade you choose. As much as possible, steer clear of overly-bright and saturated yellows. Stick with pastels for aesthetic cohesiveness. 

Opt for a color block by incorporating matte black fixtures on your gray vanity. That way, you have three main sections (gray, black, and yellow) balancing each other out and giving off an interesting play of colors. 

Make your yellow mirror glow almost like gold during low light by installing recessed lighting underneath it. This will make a wonderful vision when you use the vanity during nighttime. 

Sage Green

Lean into a natural aesthetic by installing a green mirror on your gray vanity. They won't clash with each other, and you can decorate them with natural elements that refresh your eyes. 

Final Thoughts

Gray vanities are ubiquitous in many markets, so choosing the right mirror is second nature when you get a gray vanity. Make sure the color you choose will balance out gray, and that it will match your personal style. 

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