What Color Nightstand Goes With A Beige Bed? [8 Color Suggestions To Inspire You!]

Designing your bedroom can be super fun if you come up with a general theme. However, are you trying to figure out what color nightstand goes with a beige bed or bedding and can't decide? Luckily, we've done some digging and have some great color combinations for you to try!

In general, you want your bedroom to feel complete through furniture, decor, or a good use of the space. Furthermore, the color palette for your room needs to stay consistent. So, if you have a beige bed, it could be better to stick with other neutral tones.

For example, if you want to find a light or even dark wood nightstand that will pair well with beige furniture and bedding. You might want a more modern route, having the night table be grey or white. What if you prefer vibrant colors?

You can still choose a bright nightstand for your beige bed, as long as it ties into the space. So, if your bedside table is blue, make sure to throw in a blue detail on or around your bed.

With that said, let's dive right into our list of nightstands for beige beds below!

Stylish child room interior with house bed - What Color Nightstand Goes With A Beige Bed [8 Color Suggestions To Inspire You]

1. White Nightstand With Beige Bed

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Teenage girl's bedroom interior with stylish furniture and beautiful decor elements

First, we have a clean, bright white nightstand idea for a beige bed. Although this may seem too easy of a pairing, white and beige tend to pair well in the same room.

The white sheets are a nice detail to help make the space pop and feel tied together. It often helps to have your bedding share a color with another feature in your bedroom.

So, here, you can see how the bedding matches the nightstand. Sometimes it's all in the tiny details.

2. Natural Wood Nightstand With Beige Bed

Stylish child room interior with house bed

Second, we have a natural wood side table for your beige bed. As we said, more neutral tones will look good with beige beds and bedding. That's because the two colors share a common undertone.

Finding warmer or cooler furniture to match your bed can be helpful, even if you aren't trying for a monochromatic palette. Typically, the best rooms have some theme, so you want to keep that in mind.

So, in this space, the common undertone is warmer, which both the bedframe and the table fall into.

Amazon Brand Rivet Mid-Century Nightstand

This night table has a mid-century design, features two drawers, is FSC-certified solid pine, measures 18"W x 15"D x 24"H, and has the option for expert assembly.

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3. Beige/Tan Nightstand With Beige Bed

Flowers in brown vase on wooden nightstand table next to single bed with stripped bedding with teddy bear

Next up, we have a warm beige/tan night table with a beige bed. As we covered, matching your nightstand and bed is an easy way to achieve a cohesive design.

Of course, it isn't the most colorful idea in the world, but it gets the job done. Sometimes, decorating a bedroom can be stressful, so why not make it easier by matching everything?

Moreover, the design here has a warmer nightstand and cooler bed, so that's an easy way to add some contrast to the space. You could even throw some mixed beige pillows on the bed to further this idea.

4. Black Nightstand With Beige Bed

Elegant cozy bedroom with brown suede king size bed, white linen and baby swing all in natural calm tones.

Switching gears, we have dramatic black nightstands beside a beige bed. Again, this isn't a traditionally vibrant idea, but alongside a beige bed, black pops.

One of the more modern colors you can incorporate into your home is black, whether it's fixtures, flooring, or in this case, furniture. We appreciate the double night table design, which adds a bit of framing to this space.

Even if you live alone, having a table on each side of your bed can give your bedroom a classier look.

VECELO Night Stands For Bedroom

These two-pack of nightstands have a rustic design, are two-tiered, measure 11.8"D x 15.8"W x 21.7"H, have adjustable feet, and come in a few other colors.

Follow this link to view them on Amazon.

5. Blue Nightstand With Beige Bed

Close up of new comfortable bed with decorative pillows , wood headboard and side table lamp. Blue and orange scheme decoration.

Fifth, we have a soft blue nightstand with a beige bed. Although most ideas on this list use neutral tones, throwing in a pop of color can make your bedroom feel more unique.

Generally, using brighter colors gives a space character, even if it's on the softer side. One thing about beige is it fits perfectly into a nautical theme.

Therefore, any shade of blue will likely pair well with it. So, if you're dying to add a splash of blue to your beige bedroom, we say go for it! Maybe even throw some blue-tone pillows on the bed too.

6. Dark Grey Nightstand With Beige Bed

Modern bedroom interior, with bed, night tables, lamps, and many details around. Many books and decoration, wall is rich in texture. Copy space background template render

Coming in at number six, we have a deeper grey night table beside a beige bed. As we mentioned, grey and beige can sometimes share a cooler undertone. Therefore, pairing them is an easy choice.

Grey has a modern vibe, which can transform your space and give it new life. Sometimes, beige beds and bedding can feel old-fashioned or out of style, so you need to throw in modern colors to help liven the room up.

On top of that, grey goes with just about any other color. So, if you want to throw in pops of blue or stick with neutrals like white and tan/nude, you can easily do this.

7. Gold And White Nightstand With Beige Bed

a beautiful bedroom in a luxury penthouse apartment of an expensive new development. Tastefully decorated and furnished by a leading interior designer. This image could also feature a luxury hotel room.

Next up, we have a gold-accented night table beside a beige bed that looks stunning. Gold is an opulent, classy metal, and it goes well with beige furniture.

In this room, the gold and white nightstand feels super up-to-speed and gives the space a refreshed feeling. Generally, you don't need to do much besides adding gold into a bedroom to make it pop.

Especially if you want to elevate your design, having a gold nightstand and even some gold lamps or decor throughout your bedroom can accomplish this.

Why not have your bedroom be fit for royalty?

8. Pink Nightstand With Beige Bed

Pastel pink pillow and blanket on single wooden bed with white bedding in scandinavian bedroom interior

Last on our list; we have a soft pink nightstand idea for anyone wanting a more feminine touch to their beige bedroom. Generally, pink is a great color for anyone who prefers softer tones throughout their space but also wants to stand out.

Beige and pink have an almost regal feeling when they're together, which is always a winner in the bedroom. Adding to our gold suggestion, you can also try having beige, pink, and gold in your room's design.

Sometimes, throwing various elements into a bedroom can make it feel more like a home rather than a cold, uncomfortable space. Again, it's your bedroom, so you should do what makes you happy.

Do I Need Bedside Tables In My Bedroom?

Bedroom interior with wooden furniture, 3d render

Although having nightstands in your bedroom can make the space look better, they aren't required. Generally, adding bedside tables to a bedroom will create more storage and give your bed framing.

However, some designers claim you can skip the idea if you're short on space. But that leads to where you'll put your phone or water at night.

What about the book you're reading? Your glasses? Without a nightstand, you will have to put these things on the floor, which isn't necessarily the safest spot.

Furthermore, a nightstand is usually where we put a lamp, so you've now lost the lighting too. Therefore, we recommend adding at least one bedside table into your space for storage and lighting.

Should There Be A Nightstand On Either Side Of The Bed?

Like our above question, you also aren't required to have bedside tables on either side of your sleeping space. However, doing this will provide a tasteful framing for your bed.

Think of when you go to a hotel. There are almost always two night tables on either side of the bed. Again, that doesn't make it an unspoken law for bedroom design, but it is a popular choice among homeowners.

Additionally, you want to consider how many people use the bedroom. Is it just you? Or is someone else sleeping in the same space that might prefer their own bedside table?

Especially for couples, having your own space is important. Nobody wants to reach over someone to get their phone or water, so when in doubt, add the extra table.

If you're still curious about this, check out our article: Do You Need Two Nightstands? [Design rules and suggestions]

Is Beige A Good Color For My Bed?

Yes! For anyone second-guessing their beige bed or bedding, this is a trendy, easy-to-decorate option that is perfect for anyone wanting to create a tranquil space.

According to Casper, beiges' light, natural hue makes it perfect for a calming bedroom environment. Because it's closely related to white, beige often creates serenity and simplicity in a space.

That said, beige is also a bit warmer than white or grey, giving it more character. So, if you want to make your bedroom feel like a place where you'll relax and sleep well, beige might be the color for you.

To Finish Things Up

Whether you recently bought a beige bed or have had one, it's always good to figure out what color your nightstand should be. We found that beige goes with just about any color/design palette.

Therefore, you can pair your bed with beige/tan, grey, black, white, and even blue bedside tables. Of course, we recommend finding a similar undertone between your colors, leading to a better overall design.

In addition, you also want to consider the layout of your bedroom. Do you have room for one side table or two? Regardless, try and make your space work for you/whoever else is in the space, and have fun decorating!

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