What Color Ottoman Goes With A Black Couch?

Picking out new furniture can be such an exciting experience. Whether it is your first time furnishing a new home or just time for some new decor, the process can be daunting especially if you do not know what to match with your items. Obviously, there is a wide variety of furniture to choose, but we've focused primarily on what color ottoman goes best with a black couch to find the best coordinating colors and patterns for you.

In general, bold, monochrome, or pastel colors are best to accent a black couch.

  • Bold colors pop against a black couch.
  • Monochromatic colors are calming, but also create a modernized look.
  • Pastel colors soften a solid, black couch.

Accenting and highlighting the right features in a living room is key when it comes to decorating. With a black couch, emphasizing both the color of the couch and the colors of the accessories should be focused on. Read on to see specific examples of some great ottoman choices to go along with your black couch or sofa. We will also discuss how to use texture to change the vibe in your room.

A black couch with assorted colored throw pillows and a black ottoman, What Color Ottoman Goes With A Black Couch?

Bright And Bold

For bold colored ottomans, bright colors like red and orange contrast very well against the black couch to make the black couch really pop. In this instance, both pieces stand out in the room. The red ottoman pictured below would not only go great with your black couch, but can double as a coffee table. Adding a tray to the flat topped ottoman is a great way to accessorize, but more on that later. Click here to find this product on Amazon.

The classy, tufted orange ottoman seen below is a great contrast piece to feature with your black couch. It also adds texture to the room, for a bit more of a dramatic look. Click here to find this product on Amazon.


Blacks and grays are wonderful when it comes to a monochrome ottoman to pair with your black couch. Not only subdued, but monochrome also adds a modern edge to your decor. 

Birdrock Home's knit pouf uses texture for an added bit of flair in your room. The knit style creates a fun statement piece, but the monochrome color coordinates this pouf with your black couch. Pictured below in gray, this pouf does come in other colors if monochrome is not your liking. Find this product on Amazon here. 

Soft Pastels

Light, pastel colors like sea foam green, mauve, and blue-gray are wonderful colors to go with your black couch. The Convenience Comforts round ottoman seen below is a beautiful, pastel option for a black couch when selected in sea foam green. The black ottoman legs help tie in all the colors, yet remains a subtle compliment to the couch. This ottoman is also available in lilac. Find it on Amazon here. 

Homelegance features a pastel ottoman, very similar to the style discussed above. Below, see this design in a calm, blue-gray color. Placed with a black couch, this ottoman is an eye-catching piece. You can find this product on Amazon here. 

These have been some simple basics about what colored ottomans are best. However, there are more things to consider when it comes to which ottoman you should choose. Read on for more. 

Does A Patterned Ottoman Go With A Black Sofa?

In short, yes! One great way to tie in the pattern to the couch is to add throw pillows that also match the ottoman. This provides some continuity between all the patterns and makes everything look like it was designed to be together. A subtle pattern, especially one that is black and white or matches the couch with some black in it will be best.

A pillow and ottoman set like the geometric one below provides continuity between your ottoman and couch. Obviously, you can choose any pattern that you desire, but finding a pre-matching set like this makes coordinating simple. This Madison Park Shelley ottoman comes in various patterns, so if geometric is not for you, find the one that speaks to you. You can find all the patterns on Amazon here. 

You can also follow the black and white trend to keep the black moving through the living room. This HomePop ottoman is a simple, plaid with various shades of black on the upholstery and on the legs. It may be on the pricier side, but with all the storage options and the size, it is definitely worth it. You can find this product here on Amazon. 

Is It OK To Mix Fabric Ottoman With Leather Sofa?

Yes, however, you should try to match colors if you are not going to match fabrics. For example, a black leather couch should have a black ottoman of some sort, even if it is just a little black pattern, so that the colors match although textures and materials do not. 

One popular choice to pair with a black leather couch is a zebra print ottoman. This ORE International zebra print is a great way to kick the style in the room, and kick up your feet on an ottoman that ties-in all the furniture. Because of the popularity of zebra print upholstery, it is super easy to find matching pillows like mentioned above. You can find this piece on Amazon here. 

If you have a leather couch of a different color, it can be harder to match exactly. For example, if you have a blue leather couch, it may be best to choose a blue fabric ottoman that has different shades of blue, so that one of them is bound to match. This Ashley pouf has festive fabrics and materials, but also has multiple shades of blue to help tie in to a blue leather couch. This can be done with all different colors and makes the leather and fabric matching much easier on the eyes. You can find this pouf on Amazon here. 

Can You Have An Ottoman And Coffee Table Together?

Of course, and there are multiple ways to go about this as well. If you cannot conveniently fit a coffee table and an ottoman together in the same room, consider an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, called a cocktail ottoman.

When it comes to putting coffee tables and ottomans together, make sure that you are not cluttering the room. One good way to do this is to have a smaller ottoman or pouf off to the side of the couch and position a larger coffee table centrally in front of the couch. An ottoman off to the side is out of the way, but can still be pulled out when it needs to be used.

You can also store small ottomans or poufs underneath the coffee table to keep them out of the way, yet handy enough for easy use. 

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Using a cocktail ottoman is the common solution for smaller spaces. You can either use a cocktail ottoman that is soft, or you can use one that already has a hard top surface. Either way, you can place a tray atop for serving drinks and snacks. 

This Simpli Home cocktail ottoman is ideal for placing a tray, decorative books, or cups to make the perfect coffee table-ottoman hybrid. You can find this product on Amazon here. 

Seen below, the Convenience Concepts coffee table ottoman comes with soft cushions and wooden trays that can be converted either for seating or a coffee table. With this feature, you can easily entertain. It can be found on Amazon here. 

There are other ottomans out there like the one pictured below that have a more permanent option for making your ottoman into a coffee table, but these may be a little harder to find or be on the pricer side. It may make the most sense financially to simply add trays to a square, flat ottoman. 

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In summary, choosing an ottoman does not have to be a difficult task. If you have a black couch, remember to choose either bright and bold, monochromatic, or pastel colors to truly make everything pop.

It is definitely okay to have a patterned ottoman, especially if you can incorporate matching pillows. Mixing fabrics of couch and ottoman is widely done as well.

And lastly, finding a way to position an ottoman as well as a coffee table in the same space is doable, by either using smaller ottomans or opting for a cocktail ottoman as a multipurpose piece.

Decorating and designing your living space should be easy and fun, and with these simple tips, getting your living room set up will be a piece of cake! Want to know where to purchase an ottoman, check out our other article here! 

Need even more tips and want to learn how to set up your living room in general? We have you covered with this article!


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