What Color Paint Goes With Black And White Tile? [7 Noteworthy Options]

What color paint goes great with black and white tile? We've seen a resurgence of black and white tile in design shows and at home decorating stores. And while black and white may go well with many different colors, the one you choose affects the mood of your room. Let's see which colors we found for matching with black and white tile.

Here are some great paint colors to pair with black and white tile:

  1. White
  2. Sunflower yellow
  3. Sage green
  4. Black or deep charcoal
  5. Sky blue
  6. Soft grey
  7. Light greige

We'll look at examples of each of these color variations. We'll also talk about how to go about picking paint for tile, the best grouts for black and white tile, if there's a color that doesn't match with black, and if black and white tiles are in style. So please, keep reading for more details and inspiration.

A pink sofa with two throw pillows inside a white walled living room with black and white tiles, What Color Paint Goes With Black And White Tile? [7 Noteworthy Options]

Matching Black And White Tile With Paint

Though black and white will truly match with all colors, some may look better than others. We've gathered a few of our favorites here for you to get creative ideas from. Let's take a look.

1. White

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What Color Paint Goes With Black And White Tile [7 Noteworthy Options]

For a really crisp and clean look, we suggest choosing a bright, cool white to go with your black and white tile. This color paint allows the tile to really take center stage and keeps your eye from being too busy deciding where to land. You may want to take one of your tiles with you to the paint store to be sure and match your whites, as whites can vary greatly.

2. Bold Sunflower Yellow

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exposed brick wall and a window, a claw foot bath tub and black and white tile pattern on the floor, bold sunflower yellow painted wall

Yellow is bold and bright so it makes sense that it looks fantastic with bold black and white tile. This small black and white tile in a bathroom with a black and white clawfoot tub is showcased by white wainscoting and a sunflower yellow paint color. What a happy place to take a long soak in the tub.

3. Sage Green

A clean, simple bathroom with a checkered pattern tiled floor in black and white. Sage green painted wall

This checkerboard square black and white tile is a classic. But rather than go with a classic white paint color, here they've chosen a soothing sage green above the white wainscoting. Choosing a color like this allows you to accessorize with similarly colored towels, bath mats, and toiletry accessories.

A towel set like this would be beautiful hanging on the bars in this bathroom. Click here for these towels on Amazon.

4. Black Or Deep Charcoal

pink armchair inside a room with black or deep charcoal colored walls. black and white carpets

If you want a space with a lot of drama, why not consider painting your walls black or deep charcoal. This room is incredibly elegant with black and white tile flooring and monochromatic painting of the walls and the trim in rich charcoal-colored paint. A lighter rug and modern pink armchair lift the somber mood and turn this into a space that makes you say "wow."

This little pink armchair with ottoman would look amazing on a black and white tile floor, backed by charcoal-painted walls. Click here for this set on Amazon.

5. Sky Blue

Antique luxury design of sky blue bathroom with black and white tiles

Here's another lovely bright color to paint with your black and white tile. In this bathroom, a bright and soothing sky blue has been painted above the wainscotting. Much like our sage green option, choosing a color like this allows you to pull it in as an accent color for various other items in the bathroom.

6. Soft Grey

red pouf on the black and white floor with soft gray colored wall

What do you get when you mix black paint with white paint? You get grey! This is why grey paint is a perfect pairing with black and white tiles. Here, a super soft light grey looks fantastic with the checkerboard black and white tile floor. The bold red pouf is super fun as an accent with this color combination.

Here's a nice red cube ottoman with interior storage. It will shine placed on your black and white tile. Click here for this on Amazon.

7. Light Greige

bathroom with black and white tiles, black toilet seat cover, Light Greige colored walls

Greige is everyone's favorite neutral these days. It's a happy mix of grey and beige and works for both cool-toned rooms and warm-toned rooms. In this small bathroom, it adds some warmth, yet doesn't detract from the bold black and white tile floor.

How Do You Match Paint Color With Tile? 

Matching paint color with tile is not that different from matching paint color with anything. The most helpful thing is if you have a spare tile, take it with you to the paint store. Then you can place different swatches against it to get a feel for how it's going to look. 

Luxurious modern bathroom with black and white flooring and matching black painted walls Interior of a bright modern living room with white painted walls, black and white tiles, and a long sectional sofa

Is Sherwin-Williams your go-to paint store? If so, you'll want to check out this post: How Much Does Sherwin-Williams Paint Cost? [By Paint Type]

What Is The Mood You're Going For?

Your next consideration is the family of paint colors. What's your design vibe? Are you all about neutrals? Then you're going to want to pull swatches in the same general family as your tile color. Go lighter or monochromatic. If you want drama while still staying neutral, take your color a bit darker. The same is true of white or black tiles.

Luxurious bathroom with black and white tiles

If you want something fun and bright, then go for color. Look for color design trends and see which will work with your tile of preference. If you're unsure, buy a paint sample then paint a large poster board to tack up on your wall to see if the color works.

Does It Work With Your Tile?

The next consideration is your tile color. Maybe you've moved into a home that has a color palette you don't love but all you can afford to change is the paint. You've got some funky reddish-brown tiles - how can you freshen things up? Figure out which colors you love, then check the samples against your tile color. You may be able to paint your tiles if you need to. Check out our post here: Can Bathroom Tiles Be Painted? [Here’s How]

What Color Grout Goes With Black And White Tile?

Black and white tiles inside a modern kitchen

Grout is often an under-considered component of a good tile job. The color you choose can definitely make a difference in the final product. With black and white tile, you have choices. White grout will disappear next to the white, but make the black really pop. The opposite is true of the black grout. White grout will give white lines, black grout will give black lines. But in either case, half of it will blend in.

If you go for a color in your grout, your safest bet is a grey. But keep in mind, it changes your flooring from two colors to three. Though you could choose an actual color to really funk your bathroom up, make sure this is your style before you do it. Grout can be removed and changed but it's kind of a pain. 

What Color Doesn't Match With Black?

Though most colors will go with black, you want to think a bit before choosing another really dark color. Dark browns and darker greys certainly won't clash, but you'll end up with a room that is heavy and overbearing and maybe a bit depressing. Burgundy is another one that comes to mind as something that is maybe too much of a good thing.

A pink sofa with two throw pillows inside a white walled living room with black and white tiles

Is Black And White Tile In Style?

We've been seeing a lot of black and white tile lately. These bold geometrics are popular for use as backsplashes or flooring in bathrooms. Eventually, the trend will die down and people will move on to other choices, but for now, you can feel confident picking something like this one:

Vintage Floral Pattern floor tiles in Black and White

Older black and white styles that are classic are the smaller tiles often found in bathrooms.

man wearing leather shoes standing on hexagon shape tiled floor

The large square black and white flooring. The former is probably more of an evergreen than the latter, but both have definitely stood the test of time.

white and black modern bathroom. large square black and white flooring

Paint And Tile Work Together In An Interior

These examples sure have us thinking about the awesomeness of black and white tile as a design statement. There are so many ways to shift the feel of the room by the paint color we choose. Hopefully one of these was just the spark you needed to finalize your design plans.

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modern bathroom with black and white tiles, white vanity mirror frame and sink. What Color Paint Goes With Black And White Tile [7 Noteworthy Options]

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