What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite?

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as bringing new granite countertops into your home. That said, what color paint goes with brown granite?

You can use any of the following paints to accentuate a brown granite countertop:

  • Creams
  • Burgundies and reds
  • Light blues
  • Navy blues
  • Pale yellows
  • Dusky oranges
  • Browns and tans
  • Cloudy grays

You can use these paints as primary wall colors or accent walls in your room. So long as you take the time to assess the colors present in your brown stone, the combination of the stone and paint can transform the ambiance of a room.

Modern luxury kitchen with granite counters, What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite?

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What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite?

No two brown granite countertops look exactly alike. Instead, each displays its own gradient of color. This means that brown granite countertops and accents are easy to pair with a wide variety of accessories and paints. Some of the best colors you can use to accentuate your brown granite include:


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Elegant bathroom and large tub

Creams and whites share brightening qualities when put to use in your home. Because these colors reflect natural and artificial light, you can rely on them to add additional warmth to darker spaces. Creams also tend to expand the look of a room, making your kitchen, bathroom, or basement look larger than it naturally is.

When contrasted with brown granite, both creams and whites contrast the brown’s natural depth. This means that you can rely on your brown granite to give guests’ eyes a rest while the creams continue to draw light through your room of choice.

Burgundy and Reds

Brown and red are close cousins on the color wheel. While it’s not always smart to have these colors share too much space, brown granite is versatile. As such, the combination of red and brown can reinvigorate a room. 

You immediately warm your brown granite when you paint your walls a proud red or a deep burgundy. As a result, you’ll create an atmosphere in your room of choice that reflects that sense of home and comfort.

Light Blues

This kitchen has an island with a cutting board counter top

Lighter blues serve a dual purpose when paired with brown granite. They, like whites, continue to draw light through a room, helping natural light make more of an impact on your guests. They also cool a room down. Where browns, particularly when paired with reds or oranges, naturally warm a room, a light blue can make your space feel calm and chic.

Light blues aren’t meant to be overwhelming. These colors can fade into the background of a room, allowing you to draw guests’ attention to the granite mentioned above or other accessories you’ve set up. This makes light blue an ideal color for a room that’s already relatively busy.

Navy Blues

Where light blues work much like whites, adding color to a room, navy blues do not. Navy blues can stand out against brown counters, creating a focal point in your room of choice. Moreover, they can add a sense of depth and shadow to a room. So long as you have considerable natural or artificial light, this choice can transform your average room into your house’s central hub.

Be careful not to go overboard with your navy blue, though. In some lights, navy blues can look a little too close to black. These darker paints can make it seem like your room is smaller than it is. While that’s not always bad, you’ll want to apply it to your walls with care – particularly if you’re chasing a specific looking to pair your brown granite with.

Pale Yellows

Yellow, like cream, is a fantastic color for drawing more light into your room of choice. When paired with brown granite, this color lets the granite do most of the speaking in your room. That is, yellow highlights the beauty of brown granite, emphasizing the stone’s intricacies while still adding a pop of personality to your room of choice.

Be sure to test your yellow paint against any artificial lights you include throughout your home. Some artificial lights can darken a light yellow into a color closer to orange. It’s up to you to determine how you want your lights and paint to interact, but a few test swatches can prevent you from committing to a color combination you don’t like.

Dusky Oranges

brown granite in kitchen with warm orange, white, gray box bricks design with flower decoration

No color warms a room quite like orange does. Oranges aren’t quite as overwhelming as reds, but they have more presence than many yellows. When paired with brown granite, orange paint can fill anyone who enters your room of choice with a sense of peace.

You can pair this orange with several artificial plants for a pop of green. Alternatively, consider investing in blue accents to keep a guest’s eye moving throughout your room. Both of these colors will work with your granite while also helping to tie your room together.

Browns and Tans

Large kitchen with view into adjoining rooms

The wonderful thing about granite is that it’s never truly a single color. Brown granite, in particular, embraces a variety of shades of brown. You can chase those shadows down in your stone and integrate them into the rest of your room of choice. Tans and deep browns can find their place in your room, either as accents or as dominating colors.

If you choose to mix browns, consider testing your colors before committing to a complete paint. This way, you can determine which browns may more effectively catch the light, thereby keeping your room from being overwhelmed by deeper colors.

Cloudy Grays

Modern kitchen with brown kitchen cabinets, oversized kitchen island with bar stools, granite countertops, huge refrigerator and

It may not feel exciting to paint your walls gray, but it doesn’t have to be boring, either. Dove and cloudy grays add an ethereal atmosphere to most homes, particularly when paired with brown granite. These grays can catch on the mosaic of stone included along with your granite, allowing those details to pop as the color carries throughout a room.

What’s more, gray walls can make it easier for you to sell or flip a home. When you leave the walls of a home a gentle gray, potential buyers who walk through can more readily imagine how they might reimagine the space upon moving in.

How Can You Paint a Room With Granite in Mind?

Brown granite is made up of a wide variety of colors. You’re as likely to find black and grays in your brown granite as you are to find several shades of brown. That’s why it’s in your best interest to avoid painting the room you’re installing your granite in before you’ve received your stone. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally invest in a paint that clashes with your stone of choice.

Once you’ve received your stone, take an hour to determine which colors are the most prominent in it. You don’t have to integrate these colors into your paint, but you can compare the colors against paint swatches you’ve brought home from the store. So long as you keep the color wheel and your desired design in mind, you can go about painting your room with aesthetic contrast in mind.

All the while, take care to protect your granite from paint stains. You can use drop cloths, painter’s tape, and specialized brushes to keep your paint from coming in contact with your counters. Alternatively, you can install your countertops after you’ve painted your walls.

When Should You Paint an Accent Wall Over Granite?

Accent walls allow you to diversify the pops of color you add to a room. You can use a combination of simple colors, like grays or whites, alongside brighter shades to deliberately draw the eye around your room of choice.

When working with brown granite, your accent wall options open up. You can use red, orange, or blue as an accent wall while letting whites or tans take up the rest of the room. Alternatively, you can combine your light and dark blues to take advantage of any cool tones in your stone.

Is It Better to Paint an Accent Wall or the Entire Room a Bright Color?

Only you can determine the value of an accent wall. If you want to draw attention to brown granite in particular, you may paint the wall behind a granite counter a color that directs the eye toward the counter. You can even use a backsplash to further emphasize brown granite’s diversity of color. 

Check out our post for some great inspiration, “What Backsplash Goes With Brown Granite.”

Alternatively, you can paint a room one cohesive color to let your granite mull with the rest of a room’s accessories. 

In Conclusion

Modern luxury kitchen with granite counters

The color you choose to pair with your brown granite is entirely up to you. You can rely on personal preference to decorate your space, subsequently creating rooms that reflect your inner interests and style. You can do more than express your inner vision when you turn to the color wheel for help.

Finding colors that pair well with brown granite allows you to do more with your space. You can create the illusion of a larger room, change your home’s atmosphere, and create a visual feast for your family and guests to enjoy. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to use paint swatches to explore your color options before committing to a paint job. The more you experiment, the happier you’ll be.

If you are working with a budget but still want beautiful countertops, our post, “What Type of Countertops are Cheaper Than Granite.”, is the perfect reference!

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