What Color Quartz Goes With White Cabinets?

Kitchens with white cabinets have a crisp, clean feeling about them. They are a classic design solution that attracts almost everyone in spite of, or because of its simplicity. So if you're thinking of installing quartz countertops, how do you make sure they don't clash with the cabinets? We have researched answers for you. 

White cabinets are versatile, so you have a wider scope of colors to choose from for quartz. To narrow your choices, you need to determine your personal style.

  • White quartz for uniformity
  • Grey quartz for a cool color scheme
  • Black quartz for dimension
  • Warm neutrals for a quiet elegance
  • Brown quartz for a country home look
  • Rose quartz for a soft flair
  • Teal-veined quartz for a refreshing vibe

Quartz has a lot of structural and visual benefits that you can hone over time. It is important to stick with your personal style to achieve a cohesive interior. Invest time in maintaining kitchen flooring so it consistently adds value to your kitchen space. Keep reading below to learn more about quartz countertops and white cabinets!

Luxurious home with a luxurious kitchen design, What Color Quartz Goes With White Cabinets?

What Color Quartz Goes With White Cabinets?

White cabinets generally go with any color, but different colors are better with specific styles than others.

For example, although white goes well with black, it is hardly the correct color if you want a more warm and intimate kitchen space. It is still possible, but it will be easier to go with warm browns for that style. 

So first, you need to figure out what environment you want to create first before narrowing down on a color scheme. Collect kitchen interior photo samples, and pin your favorites to integrate your own style from there.

Here are some quartz colors that go well with white cabinets and the aesthetic they embody. 

White Quartz For Uniformity

kitchen in newly constructed luxury home

A white-on-white pairing is a classic design solution that can make your kitchen look effortlessly cohesive. The continuity will make your kitchen space look larger and brighter, which is ideal if you have a small kitchen space.

One drawback is that having an all-white color scheme would be difficult to clean since it shows dirt more easily. You also need something to somehow break the monotony since it could look too plain.

For example, you could choose a veiny quartz countertop with a rough visual texture. That way, you have a sleek, modern look but have something to stimulate your vision.

Grey Quartz For A Cool Color Scheme

White cabinets with gray mixed white granite

Grey quartz countertops will introduce a sense of structure to your kitchen. It is a less overwhelming and pristine alternative for a fully-white color scheme, giving off a cosmopolitan and modern vibe.

Not only will your grey countertops pair excellently with white cabinets; but it will also be easier to incorporate steel and grey appliances into your kitchen. 

White-on-grey can also be a minimalist solution that will make your kitchen effortlessly chic. 

Black Quartz For Dimension

Dark Solid Granite Sink with Modern Stainless Steel Faucet Tap

Black quartz countertops will make your kitchen look more structured and chic. White cabinets will seamlessly complement your countertops since black-on-white is a traditional and minimalist design scheme.

However, this may only be ideal if you have a large space since dark colors can make a small kitchen feel cramped.

Aside from the stark color, the finish will also help to elevate its look. For example, if your white cabinets are painted with a glossy finish, you can softly contrast it with a flat finish on your black countertop. The contrast in texture will make it look more visually interesting, and you won't have to worry about it looking too plain.

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Warm Neutrals For A Quiet Elegance

Clean and neat kitchen ambiance with wonderful design

If you are inclined to have a rustic-themed kitchen space, you can go with warm neutrals for your quartz countertops. They pair excellently with white cabinets, and they have a more intimate vibe that can't be found in cool-toned color schemes.

Beige countertops that have a dark brown veining will add character to your kitchen space and break the monotony of two neutral colors. The texture will add visual stimulation without being overwhelming, so the color scheme remains versatile.

Brown Quartz For A Country Home Look

New modern house with beautiful kitchen

If you want to incorporate a natural color scheme with your white cabinetry, go for brown quartz. The color will make your kitchen space homier since brown is known to invoke feelings of security and solidity, which is an ideal color to integrate with your home.

For texture, choose a quartz countertop with beige veins. It can look more elegant that way, and it will seamlessly blend with any color of appliances.

Rose Quartz For A Soft Flair

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Rose quartz countertops create a soft and feminine atmosphere that can make your kitchen space look charming and unique. It can add value to your home since it is not a very common color in kitchens. However, the color is versatile enough that it can accommodate any style changes.

Rose quartz is also an ideal alternative to neutral and white shades. They pair beautifully with white cabinets, and your space is guaranteed to look effortlessly sophisticated.

If you want to tone down its feminine flair, you can incorporate the countertops with steel appliances and black accents. That way, you can have a contemporary vibe that still has a soft charm.

Teal-Veined Quartz For A Refreshing Vibe

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A quartz countertop with teal veins can make your kitchen look cool and refreshing. They also break the monotony of neutral-colored countertops without being visually overwhelming, so they are still aesthetically versatile.

Teal also has an island-theme-inspired look to it so you'll be more energized to whip up your favorite dishes year 'round. 

You can incorporate white or steel appliances to add dimension and structure to your kitchen. Be careful introducing bolder colors into the color scheme since teal is already a rich hue.

Is Quartz Durable?

Quartz is a highly durable material made with 93% natural stone. The material scores 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it resistant to cracking, staining, and water damage.

Though it is made with natural stone, it has been engineered to be non-porous by combining natural quartz with polymer resins, thus making it more ideal to be installed in the kitchen.

Compared to other stones such as marble, quartz is also more heat-resistant--although granite and soapstone boast quality better than quartz.

Despite these qualities, it is best not to abuse its durability and strength. Regular cleaning and avoiding direct contact with heat are some of the ways you can take care of your quartz countertop. 

Is Quartz a Natural Stone?

The argument around whether quartz can be classified as a natural stone is confusing to some people. 

The most coherent way to describe a quartz countertop is that quartz is technically a natural stone, but it has been engineered to suit home fixtures--thus, categorizing it as man-made. 

This is because natural stones are not supposed to have anything mixed into the material. Quartz has been mixed with both natural and man-made aggregates that make them more durable and visually pleasing.

Although considered man-made, many people still prefer quartz over pure natural stones since quartz is more long-lasting and reliable, especially in busy areas in the home.

Is Quartz High Maintenance?

Unlike natural stone, quartz doesn't need to be sealed since it already has a non-porous surface. Moisture and heat won't be seeping and cracking it from the inside, unlike marble. All you'll need to do to keep it in pristine condition is to wash it with a gentle soap solution using a soft cloth. 

There are only a few things to avoid, such as keeping nail polish, paint removers, bleach, and permanent inks from coming into contact with quartz countertops. 

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How much do Quartz countertops cost?

The cost of quartz depends on the size of your countertop. Generally, you should prepare a budget ranging from $50 to $75 per square foot. It may be expensive, but it is an investment you won't regret since quartz can last for generations.

Final Thoughts

Luxurious home with a luxurious kitchen design

Quartz countertops can make your kitchen space look brighter and more elegant. They are also easy to maintain, so you'll get to spend more time cooking your favorite dishes than fussing over the countertops. 

As you remodel your kitchen, make sure you pick the style and colors that can make you feel energized and upbeat throughout the day. 

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