What Color Rug Goes With A Blue Couch?

You’ve just purchased the most scrumptious blue couch, and now it’s time to figure out what color rug to pair with it. Blue is a relatively easy color to coordinate. There are so many rugs with blue accents and so many colors that work well combined with every shade of the color blue. We’ve researched and have some great ideas for you here.

Some great color rugs to match with a blue couch are:

  • Natural Tones
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Light Gray
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Geometric Patterned
  • Floral Patterned

We’ll take a look at examples of each combination so you can decide what’s right for your room. Then will talk about the best shade rugs, light or dark, good accent colors for blue, and ways to brighten up that pretty blue couch. So please, keep reading.

Lampshade above a wooden table on a navy blue rug in a colorful living room with pillows on a couch, What Color Rug Goes With A Blue Couch

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Great Rug Colors And Patterns For A Blue Couch

We love a classy blue couch. And paired with a great rug, the combination can really create a sense of style in your living space. Each color combination sets a different mood, so take a look at these examples and think about what you’re trying to say. Then go shop for that great rug.

Natural Tones

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A natural colored rug, whether it be made from natural fibers like this jute rug or out of traditional wool, is a great choice with blue couches. The combination of any shade of blue with earth-toned sands and beiges feels totally natural and calm.  The tones are a near-perfect juxtaposition.

Click here for this rug on Amazon.

Charcoal Gray

Blue living room with sofa and shelf

Blue and gray are natural complements to one another. Pairing a deep charcoal rug with a blue couch is a dramatic choice. Add some grey throw pillows to pull the pieces together.

Light Gray

Light grey with blue is a similar approach to natural tans. It’s a neutral tone but on the cooler end of the spectrum. If you like neutral rooms that feel like a crisp winter day, then this color combination might be right for you. In this room, a shag carpet has been paired with a soft medium blue sofa and occasional chair. The rose pink accent color gives it a bit of a feminine feeling.

Click here for this rug on Amazon.


Modern home interior design of scandinavian apartment, living room with blue sofa and white rug

If you love a crisp, fresh feeling, perhaps you might consider a white rug to pair with your blue sofa. Think Greece’s setting, with the brilliant blue sky and sea, and white villas. It’s that kind of brilliant color duo. One to make you think you’re traveling someplace spectacular even while lounging in your living room.


Fancy grey lamp and blue rug in blue spacious trendy living room

We’re big proponents of the monochromatic color palette here at HomeDecorBliss.com. Choosing the same color combination allows you to play with shades and tones and throw in accent colors in other parts of the room. Think about pairing lights with darks or vice versa. Or like in this room, picking a sofa and rug that are almost the same shade of blue.


Modern Living Room Interior With Comfortable Sofa and dark green rug

Green and blue are neighbors on the color wheel, making sense they would work well together in interior design. And depending upon the shade of either, you can go bold or almost neutral. Sage green and a soft blue couch would work as neutrals. A navy velvet couch and an emerald green rug would make a bold jewel-toned statement to set your room apart.


Scandi living room with posters and pink rug on the floor

Pink and blue is a fun color combination. Pale pink and medium blue, like in this loft space, are a soft look. If you want a bit wilder, try a Fuschia and navy combination. Or, for luxurious elegance, go for navy and the palest, almost pink combination.

This post on pink poufs might give you great ideas for accent pieces to use in a pink and blue themed space: “13 Pink Knitted and Woven Poufs That Are Simply Adorable.

Geometric Patterned

Blue up-to-date decor of lounge with blue sofa and patterned rug

Geometric patterned rugs are everywhere. And they come in a wide variety of color patterns and styles. This dark grey and white rug has a tribal vibe to it. It gives this living room an eclectic look, as if some great adventurer lives here. When thinking about patterned rugs and a blue sofa, pick something with a color in the pattern that works well with blue.

Want geometric but not on the floor? See our post here on throw blankets: “15 Black and White Geometric Throw Blankets.”

Floral Patterned

We love the abstract, bold, and burnt-out floral designs available on the market today. And with so many mixed pattern rugs featuring a bit of blue in the design, it should be easy to find one to go with your particular sofa. We’ve got a couple of different ideas here that we think look great with blue sofas.

A contemporary floral rug like this gives you the blue on blue vibe that we like. The addition of the white and black rosette patterns pulls in other colors to break up the block of color. Click here for this on Amazon.

For something softer, try this burnt-out oriental rug pattern in cremes and beiges. It’s a super neutral look and gives you some pattern if you want to break up solid blocks of color. Here it looks great with the sofa and blue accessories. Click here for this rug on Amazon.

Should A Rug Be Darker Or Lighter Than A Couch?

Comfortable blue couch and wooden coffee table in simple white apartment with ligh colored patterned rug

For a dark blue couch, think about choosing a color or pattern that emphasizes lighter colors. In this room, a rich blue sofa is nicely paired with a geometric patterned rug that emphasizes the whites. 

Authentic styled living room with royal blue rug

For light-colored sofas, you could think about using a darker color rug.

However, many people love a light-colored and light-colored combination when you’re going for a soothing light, spa tone to the room. Similar is the opposite; if you want a dramatic effect in your living room, pair a dark-colored sofa with a bold colored rug.

What Is A Good Accent Color For Blue?

We’ve talked about what a great color blue is because it plays so nicely with others. Which makes choosing accent colors fun. Besides our normal host of colors, like the ones above, you might think bolder and slightly out of the box.


Blue modern sofa in blue living room with yellow pillow and standing lamp

Think about the sun. Then think about the sky. And there you have this gorgeous color combination. Whether you choose yellow throw pillows or a bright yellow pour, or a beautiful yellow vase, these two colors pair beautifully.

How about a cute yellow end table to set your cup of tea on? Click here for this on Amazon.


On the color wheel, orange is the complementary color to blue. This is why it’s a perfect accent choice if you want a bit of bold color with your blues. Think about a pair of orange candlesticks on your mantel or a gorgeous orange planter for your house plant. Choose a great orange side chair. It doesn’t have to be much, just something to elevate your design to the next level.

This ceramic flower pot pairs orange patterning with a rim of turquoise blue. Click here for this on Amazon.

This mid-century modern chair with orange upholstery is a great accent piece for a blue sofa. Click here for this on Amazon.

How Do You Decorate A Blue Couch?

Modern interior of living room with blue sofa, colorful pillows, and wall decorations

When you’re thinking about decorating a couch, that usually means throw pillows, throw blankets, poufs, and ottomans. With blue sofas, think about all of the colors we’ve discussed that work with it. Maybe match your pillows and blanket to your rug. Or choose a bold accent color to make your sofa sing. The choices are endless. But for further inspiration, please check out our post here: “Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch [12 Awesome Ideas with Pictures].

In Summary

You have so many options of what’s going to look great with your blue sofa. Peruse these options. Do some searches on the color combinations you love, then make the choice that’s perfect for you. And remember, rugs can be switched out pretty easily if you decide you want to go with a different look.


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