What Color Rug Goes With Black Furniture?

So you've picked out some black furniture, and now you just need a rug to complete your room, but what color rug goes best with black furniture? Don't worry because we've researched and scoured the internet for the best black furniture/rug combos, and we have some ideas to share with you!

Rugs that go best with black furniture are:

  • Light-colored rugs that create contrast
  • Patterned rugs 
  • Rugs that match your pillows and curtains (especially if you are using them to add pops of color to your room)
  • Shades of Grey

Now that we've given you some options, you may be wondering how you can choose which combination will work best for you. Keep reading as we go into more detail and share some examples of the different possibilities you have when choosing the color of your rug. 

Black furnitures matched with gold plated tables and chandeliers with a black rug, What Color Rug Goes With Black Furniture?

Rugs That Create Contrast

Contrast is achieved by placing two very different colors next to each other or in the same room. To create contrast with your black furniture, consider using very light-colored rugs. Think white, ivory, or any shade of cream! Contrast can really help add a 'wow factor' to your room.

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Modern dining room, black dining table and chair set

In this modern dining room, a dramatic dining set is paired with a cream rug and white curtains to add a stunning contrast to the room.

Patterned Rugs 

For a more coordinated look, try to find a rug that has black somewhere in its pattern. This can really help pull the room together.

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Living room in gray-blue color concept, black sofa and light blue wall behind

In this living room, the rug has squares of color matching both the furniture and accent wall. As you can see, having black furniture doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a dark looking room. The light blues really help to make the room seem happier!

Home interior design with black Chesterfield sofa and armchairs, Art Deco style tables, fireplace and a big three toned abstract rug

Another modern take with a different feel! In this living room, retro meets modern with black furniture and a large stunning red accent rug. There is a contrast between the red and black, but also coordination with the black in the rug. 

Rugs That Match Your Pillows, Curtains Or Other Decor

Matching your rugs with your accent pieces can really tone down the harshness of black furniture.

In this living room, neutrals and pastels are combined to add a cozy softness to the room! The subtle hints of pink, and light grey rug, really help add warmth to the black furniture.

Classic bedroom in purple and violet with black bedside tables

In this bedroom, black becomes an accent color to the different shades of purple for a dramatic, yet classic look.

Shades of Grey

Matching furniture with other shades of the same color is called a monochromatic color scheme, and grey is just another shade of black, so don't be afraid to pair blacks and greys together.

Blacks and greys are paired together in this classy and elegant living room proving that black and grey don't have to be dull. The designer used a black and grey patterned rug to continue the monochromatic theme and tie the furniture together. 

Should A Rug Be Darker Or Lighter Than The Couch?

Whether a rug should be darker or lighter than your couch depends on the color of your couch, the look you are trying to achieve in your room, and how much traffic there will be on the rug. To create contrast in your room, pair a light couch with a dark rug or a dark couch with a light rug. If your rug will see a lot of traffic either from children, pets, or just everyday use, a darker rug might be a better option for you. 

Laminated flooring inside a home office with dark tables, black wall and black and white patterned rug

To make your couch the main attraction in your living room, a lighter rug will help draw the viewer's eye to the couch. If you want the rug to have the most focus, choose a darker, or more vibrant rug to go with your neutral couch. 

There are no set rules on whether your rug should be darker or lighter than your couch. Check out some of our examples below as we show you can have a stunning living room in various ways.

The Same Color

Elegant and comfortable designed living room with big corner sofa, wooden floor, white rug and big windows with black curtains

In this living room, the couch and rug are almost the same color, but it still creates a welcoming, cozy living space. 

Retro armchairs with wooden frame and colorful pillows on a navy blue sofa and carpet in a vibrant living room interior with green plants

This design shows you can still have contrast even if your couch and rug are the same color. The wooden frame of the couch separates the two blues and the designer uses pops of orange to compliment the wooden frames. 

Darker Rug

Modern and stylish living room interior design with dark brown accent on furniture and dark carpet

A darker rug can make a huge space feel smaller and cozier. In this living room, the large dark rug helps condense the room and gives the illusion of less open space. 

Lighter Rug

Modern living room in gray walls with big windows brown leather couch, wooden furniture and light colored rug

If your couch is a focal point of your room, it is almost always better to pair it with a lighter rug to not distract the eye from the couch. This stunning orange couch stands out from the light rug and pairs nicely with the other lighter furniture.

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Does The Living Room Rug And Dining Room Rug Have To Match?

Dark oak furnitures inside a minimalist themed living room

If you have an open floor plan, rugs in your living room and dining room should be the same, or have similar patterns and color schemes. If your home does not have an open floor plan and the dining room is adjoined to your living room, you can have very different rugs and tie the rooms together in other ways—for example, by matching the curtains in the two rooms.

Living room in newly constructed luxury home, patterned carpet on living room and dining area

In this open concept design, the rugs for the living and dining areas are very different, but the blue in the dining room rug is matched with the blue on the sofa pillows. 

House interior with open floor plan, patterned carpet for living and dining area

In this living and dining area, the rugs are almost the same, sharing similar patterns and colors.

Interior of a luxury, open plan, apartment, living room, similar rug for living and dining area

Here's an example of the living and dining room rugs matching exactly. The different sizes help separate the two, and since they are simple and neutral, the matching rugs do not overpower the look.

What Color Rug Goes With A Black Bed?

The beauty of black is that it can be paired with almost any color. To create contrast, white or light-colored rugs will go best with a black bed. For a coordinated look, match your rug to your curtains and bedding. If you have a thinner bed frame, almost any rug can be paired with your bed, and you should focus more on coordinating your rug with the rest of your room. If you have a larger bed frame, where the black is more noticeable, you may want to put more consideration into matching it with your rug.

An oak accent cabinet with a light black and gray designed rug

Keep in mind the previous recommendations about rug and furniture pairings, and check out some other bedroom designs below!

In this design, a red patterned rug with earthy tones is paired with a simple black frame bed. Since the bed frame is not a focal point of the room, the rug is matched more with the other decor and furniture. 

Black and white classic bedroom with white rug

In this classic bedroom, a white rug is paired with a black bed to create an elegant arrangement. Pops of purple are added by using colored pillows to bring some light into the room. You can do this with any color, so feel free to get creative!

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If you have a thicker bed frame, it is a great idea to pair it with a light-colored rug to create a dramatic contrast.

Final Thoughts

You have a lot of options when choosing a rug to go with your black furniture, you can match it with other decor and furniture in the room, you can choose other shades of black and grey to create a monochromatic look, or you can choose a patterned rug that has hints of black to tie the furniture and rug together. As long as the rug coordinates with at least one other element in your room, it will look great! 

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Loft interior with brickwall, leather couch, wood panel, window and rug, What Color Rug Goes With Black Furniture?

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