What Color Should A Kitchen Hutch Be?

Kitchen hutches are so versatile in what they can provide for your kitchen. Whether you're considering a kitchen hutch for additional storage, a place to show off your crockery collections, or to add a focal point to your room, choosing the right color is an integral part of buying the right kitchen hutch for your space. So what color should a kitchen hutch be? We've done the research for you and have some suggestions.

Kitchen hutches can be any color you like. You can paint a kitchen hutch to fit in with your design, or they are readily available in white, natural wood finishes, black, and grey. Many people choose to paint their hutches in colors from the natural color palette like greens, blues, yellows, and oranges.

There's a lot of flexibility with what color your kitchen hutch should be. We'll discuss some color options in more detail below, so please, keep reading! We'll answer some other questions about kitchen hutches and how you can decorate them.

Interior of a rustic inspired kitchen room with hardwood flooring, dangling industrial themed lamps, and a bay window with a dining set near, What Color Should A Kitchen Hutch Be?

Color Options For A Kitchen Hutch

Deciding on the color of your kitchen hutch can be intimidating. After all, hutches are often a focal point in any space. You want it to stand out for all the right reasons and not because the color doesn't fit with the rest of your kitchen. Below we'll show you some image examples to help you decide which one will work best for you.


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A white kitchen hutch will fit nicely in almost any kitchen. White is a good color choice for making a room feel light, spacious, and clean. It's a popular color choice for those trying to create a farmhouse kitchen.

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The beauty of white is that it can match most design styles. There are white kitchen hutches available in contemporary, antique, modern, and farmhouse, so if in doubt, white is a safe option to choose. 

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Natural Wood Finishes

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Wood finishes are also a good option if you're unsure about what color to choose. Wood finishes work well in farmhouse-style kitchens or if you have other wood finishes in your kitchen. 

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Black hutches can work really well in a modern kitchen. They pair great with stainless steel appliances and backsplashes in shades of grey and silver. They also make a great backdrop for white or silver crockery items. 

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Grey is another popular color choice because like white it can be incorporated into most design styles. The hutch above would work great in a farmhouse kitchen. The use of chicken wire and wood finishes gives it a rustic feel.

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Here's an example of a more modern style grey kitchen hutch. Like the black hutch example above, this style would work great with stainless steel kitchen appliances.

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Natural Color Palette

If you'd like a less neutral-colored kitchen hutch, some styles are available to purchase in other colors. Many people choose to paint a kitchen hutch, and as we mentioned above, they often choose colors from the natural color palette. Painting your kitchen hutch gives you more freedom with which colors you can choose, so you can go as bold or as safe as you'd like.. 


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Yellow can really brighten a room up. The color of the sun, it's associated with happiness and positivity, so a yellow kitchen hutch can be a great mood-brightening focal point. 


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A blue kitchen hutch will pair well with light-colored kitchens. If you have yellow or white walls and cabinets, a blue hutch can really complement the look. 


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A less common color choice, green is very organic. It may be harder to make a green kitchen hutch work with your design, but if done correctly, it can add depth to the overall look of your kitchen. As you can see, green works well with wood and white finishes. 

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Here's an example of a different shade of green. A darker green can work great in a rustic-style kitchen.

Does A Kitchen Hutch Need To Match The Kitchen Cabinets?

Your kitchen hutch can be any color you choose. Matching it with your kitchen cabinets is a fine choice if you're having trouble deciding which color to choose for your kitchen hutch, but it's not a requirement. As you can see from some of our image examples and suggestions above, a black or green hutch can pair well with white kitchen cabinets and vice versa. 

As long as your hutch complements other design aspects in your room, it's not necessary for it to be the same color or match your kitchen cabinets perfectly.  

What Is The Difference Between A China Cabinet And A Kitchen Hutch?

China cabinets and kitchen hutches look similar and can sometimes be interchangeable. However, the main difference is in the design.

Hutches are typically made up of two pieces—drawers or cupboards with a cabinet or shelves on top.

China cabinets are usually one large piece. They often have a larger cabinet display with glass doors. Because they are used to store china, china cabinets must be sturdy and stable. For this reason, china cabinets are usually made of solid wood.

How Do You Decorate A Kitchen Hutch?

If you have dinner sets that you want to display, arrange your kitchen hutch similar to how you would arrange a china cabinet. Have larger items, like plates and trays, standing upright in the back, and arrange smaller plates, cups, and bowls in stacks in front. 

Since your hutch is in your kitchen, try to decorate with items relevant to the room, like previously mentioned dinner sets or crockery pieces.

You can also add in a few personal touches like photo frames. Hutches are a great place to add some houseplants (artificial or real) and incorporate different textures into the room too. Consider adding a few woven baskets to your display.

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If your kitchen hutch has open shelves it's also a great place to display seasonal decor items. For more decoration ideas, take a look at some of our image examples above.

For inspiration on how to decorate your hutch on cabinets in your living room, check out our other blog post here: How To Decorate Glass Cabinets In Living Room [5 Timeless Options]

Can You Mix Styles In A Kitchen?

One way to really show your personality is to mix styles in your kitchen. Of course, you can choose a cookie-cutter design where everything fits in one style, but you can also blend two or more styles together. 

Interior of a modern kitchen with a brick designed backsplash, minimalist inspired cabinetry, and wooden kitchen countertop

One option is to mix styles between cabinets and countertops. You could choose a modern or contemporary style cabinet with a wood-finished countertop to add a traditional style to the design. 

Gorgeous modern contemporary kitchen with laminated flooring, huge dangling lamps, and black painted kitchen cabinetry

You could also choose to mix the styles of your cabinets and flooring. One example is to pair rustic or coastal flooring with modern or contemporary cabinets. 

You can even mix and match with appliances. One idea is to pair modern cabinets and countertops with retro appliances.

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At the end of the day, as long as you like how your kitchen looks don't feel restrained by design styles. Allow your personality to come through. Your family will be spending more time in it than anyone else, so as long as you like it, design it how you see fit. 

Final Thoughts

The most common kitchen hutch colors are white, black, and wood finishes. The color you choose will depend on the design and style of your kitchen. Hopefully, we've helped narrow down some options for you. Remember, if you're confident enough in your DIY ability, you can easily paint a hutch a different color. 

If your kitchen is on the small side, check out this other blog post for some ideas: 13 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas.

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