What Color Should Bathroom Cabinets Be?

Finding the perfect paint color for your bathroom cabinets can be tricky without some extra help. Are you more of a minimalist, or is a fun, vibrant color better suited for your bathroom space? Whichever one it may be, we're here to help you pick. We've checked with the experts to bring you the answer. Let's discuss. 

Regardless of your taste and budget, the cabinets in your bathroom have got to make a statement. From the bathrooms we found, our top cabinet color picks include:

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • White
  • Green
  • Black
  • Beige

As we get into this post, we will share our favorite bathroom cabinet color ideas and tag some helpful products. You don't have to go crazy with your color palette to achieve a fresh new look in your bathroom space. With that said, let's get this post started!

New blue bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles, What Color Should Bathroom Cabinets Be?

What Color Is Best For Bathroom Cabinets?

When it comes to which color is best for your bathroom cabinets, that depends on your space. If your bathroom lacks color and charm, we suggest going with a blue or green cabinet option. If you want to spice things up but don't want a bright color, we recommend choosing gray or black. Finally, if you want a more traditional and modern bathroom, we suggest sticking to a white or beige cabinet color.


Our first cabinet idea is a blue option that adds a ton of color and charm to your bathroom. We recommend going with blue if you are after a unique design for your bathroom cabinets. We also want to point out how well blue goes with gold, as you can see with the cabinet handles and fixtures.

Nuvo Oxford Blue Cabinet Makeover Kit

Here is a one-day cabinet makeover kit from Nuvo in the color Oxford blue. This paint is water-based, low VOC acrylic, and will cover up to 100 square feet of cabinetry.

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Check out this blue cabinet paint kit on Amazon here.


Sleek design in well planned bathroom

Next, we have a light gray cabinet option that gives your bathroom a modern feel. Light gray is perfect for anyone after a splash of color in their bathroom and goes with just about everything. We recommend sticking with a lighter, brighter gray rather than a dark hue to get a similar look.

Nuvo Driftwood Gray Cabinet Makeover Kit

Here is another one of Nuvo's one-day cabinet painting kits that promises to be low odor and fast drying. This paint is a light gray color and has a satin finish.

View this light gray cabinet paint on Amazon here.


Beautiful and luxurious bathroom with free standing tub

Another easy way to accessorize the bathroom using chic cabinet color is a simple white like this example. White cabinets have a modern and clean feel to them, perfect for the bathroom in any home style. If you choose to go with white cabinets, we suggest adding a pop of color with your decor and countertops.

INSL-X Enamel Satin Sheen Cabinet Paint

Here is a satin finish white paint from INSL-X that is perfect for bathroom cabinets. This paint is oil-based acrylic and promises to resist scuffing and water.

Follow this link to see this paint on Amazon.


Next, we have a green bathroom cabinet idea that is sure to turn heads. We suggest going with green because of its royal look and easy to accessorize color. Here is another example of how choosing a colored bathroom cabinet can go well with gold or metal fixtures.

Rust-Oleum Hunter Green Satin Finish Cabinet Paint

Here is a satin finish acrylic green paint from Rust-Oleum that will work well on bathroom cabinets. This paint is low-odor, chip-resistant, and promises to dry in 30 minutes once you are completed.

See this hunter green cabinet paint on Amazon here.


Here is one of the bolder ideas we have, which is a black cabinet option. We recommend choosing black cabinets to give your bathroom a contemporary look while staying on-trend. Although black cabinets may seem odd, this style of decorating has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Nuvo Black Deco Cabinet Makeover Kit

Here we have a black cabinet makeover kit from Nuvo. This paint is a water-based acrylic, satin finish and has an eight-hour full cure time.

View this black cabinet kit on Amazon here.


Finally, we have a beige bathroom cabinet idea that is perfectly understated. We like beige because of how easy it is to decorate with and how well it goes with most wall colors. If you are tired of your white cabinets and want something slightly different, beige is an excellent way to go.

Nuvo Hearthstone Beige Cabinet Paint

Here we have another cabinet paint from Nuvo that is a darker beige acrylic option. This paint has a satin finish and promises to hold up in high traffic areas.

Follow this link to see this paint on Amazon.

What Is The Most Popular Color for Bathroom Cabinets?

Beautiful renovated apartment in an apartment building with bathroom

According to what we found, the most popular bathroom cabinet colors are white and gray. It seems to be a tie between the two and is a standard palette in new builds and apartments across the United States. White and gray are very easy to accessorize and coordinate with, which is why they are so widely used. From what we read, beige and nude-colored cabinets are a strong contender for the most popular cabinet color and are relatively mainstream as well.

What Color Bathroom Cabinets Are In Style?

When it comes to what colors are currently in style, the answer might shock you. In recent years, colors like black, green, and blue have been popping up in more homes because of their unique look. Many new home buyers and builders understand the need to stand out and choose to paint with unconventional colors versus white, gray, or beige. That is not to say simple cabinet colors are going out of style, but they do have some competition.

Do Bathroom Cabinets Need To Match?

Luxury bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles.

Although having a unique bathroom is essential, we suggest keeping your cabinets the same color. Your bathroom cabinets play a huge role in the space and should either be a pop of color or more neutral in style. We suggest having fun with your backsplashes or counters if you want to mix and match colors.

Should My Cabinets And Counters Match?

Even though we love a monochromatic look, there are tons of ways to mix colors in the bathroom successfully. If you want to change the color of your bathroom's counters to something different from the cabinets, we say go for it! Try following a similar color scheme and use colors that complement each other, not fight for attention.

Should Bathroom Cabinets Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

Typically, the cabinets in your bathroom should be darker than your wall color. Although this is not a one size fits all issue, more often than not, your cabinets will be darker than the walls in your bathroom. We recommend keeping your bathroom walls on the brighter side to open up your space and have your countertops and cabinets be the pop of color. Bathrooms tend to feel very small and confined, so the last thing one needs is a dark and diminishing color.

What If My Bathroom Walls Are Dark?

If you have a darker painted bathroom, that is an exception to our suggestion. For those reading with super dark bathroom walls, we recommend going with lighter and brighter cabinets to bring some contrast to your space. White or gray cabinets are the best option in a dark painted room because of how easily they fit in and how much brightness they bring.

What Type Of Paint Is Best For Bathroom Cabinets?

Four open cans of paint on bright symmetry background. Yellow, white, pink, blue colors of paint. Place for text. Renovation concept.

According to our research, the best type of paint to use on bathroom cabinets is water or oil-based semi-gloss enamel paint. Bathrooms tend to change humidity and temperature levels much faster than other home areas, so choosing durable paint is necessary. Both water and oil-based paint do well in moist, high-traffic areas, making them perfect for the bathroom. A few popular cabinet paints that we can recommend include acrylic, latex, and alkyd.

Do I Need To WaterProof My Bathroom Cabinets?

When it comes to waterproofing bathroom cabinets, we do not think it is necessary. If you paint your cabinets with oil-based paint as we suggested, that should keep your cabinets safe from any moisture or water damage in the future. Oil repels water naturally, so adding a coat or spray of waterproofing product might lead to an uneven final cabinet look. This is a decision for you to make, but we think your cabinets will be fine if you paint them with one of our suggested options.

Our Final Take

Whether you plan a remodel or build the home of your dreams, your bathroom design is super important. The cabinets in a bathroom say a lot about the space, so they should compliment the room nicely. No matter your taste or budget, it is always a good idea to choose similar colored cabinets and make sure they go with your bathroom walls.

Regardless of how big or small, your space is, choosing the right cabinet color can make or break your bathroom. From pearly white to ocean blue, the cabinets in your bathroom are going to look fantastic no matter what you decide to choose.

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