What Color Should My Bed Headboard Be?

For most homeowners, the bedroom is a place of privacy and tranquility. Coming home to a bedroom that's inviting and warm is a bonus, and the right headboard can add extra comfort and finesse. In this article, we'll help you choose a headboard color that matches your personality and also help you identify styles, concepts, and designs that you like. Let's dive in!

To make the bed's headboard a focal point, you have to consider the color scheme of your bedroom. Some preferred headboard colors include standard options such as wood, metal, white, cream, brown, and gray, and bright colors such as pink, green, and blue.

A bedroom varies in its concept and design. We have pieced together a few references to help guide you in choosing the right color for you headboard. This post will also provide tips on how to style your headboard according to your preference. 

Cozy Pink Bedroom corner with baby pink velvet fabric bed decorated by blanket, pillows and pink floor lamp with two-tone pink painted wall on the background interior bedroom furniture concept - What Color Should My Bed Headboard Be

Colors for Your Headboard

A white lamp side the bed with a brown pillows learning green headboard with a warm light from a window.

Your personality reflects the colors you choose for your bedroom. It's your private space, and deciding to install a headboard means you need a color that matches your bed and other furniture. In the list below are some standard options of popular headboard colors.

Natural Wood/Brown

Trendy grey chair with blanket and log of wood next to cozy double bed with wooden headboard and light bulbs

A wood finish headboard can set the mood for your bedroom. It has a rustic appeal and can create a relaxed, calm vibe whenever you walk into the room. Wood also has the ability to blend in with any color scheme it's a part of. 


Light bedroom with wooden wardrobe and bed with decorative metal frame

A headboard made of metal is a simplified approach to the luxurious appeal of wood or any upholstered headboard. It is lightweight but can carry a person's weight. Its maintenance is easy, and it lasts a long time.


Bedroom with bed, white bedding, and bedside table with bouquet of tulips in a vase. White pillows, duvet and duvet case on bed with beige headboard. Bed with clean white pillows and bed sheets.

The beauty of white lies in its versatility with many colors. If your goal is to create a clean and expensive look, choosing white may be the best option. Any concept, style, or design can go well with a white headboard; the only downside is its attraction to dust and grime, which may require maintenance and clean-up.


Elegant bedroom in greys soft pastels staged upholstered headboard soft pillows and wooden feature wall

Gray is known as the modern color of today. It exudes elegance and modernity whenever it's paired with any furniture or room. It's the most common yet popular choice for headboards today, because its cool tones complement just about anything.

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Cozy Pink Bedroom corner with baby pink velvet fabric bed decorated by blanket, pillows and pink floor lamp with two-tone pink painted wall on the background interior bedroom furniture concept

Pink can make any room chic, elegant, and gorgeous. It can be an unpopular color, but the finished outcome looks just right and sophisticated. Beautiful and very feminine, it suits a woman's bedroom.


Modern dark green bedroom interior

The wood elements in a room are perfect for pairing with green. A green headboard creates a peaceful and calming vibe. Because green is one of nature's colors,  a bedroom with a green headboard gives off tranquility.


Modern bedroom and decorating ideas ,classic blue room

A bright color like blue has an impact on any room. You might think that complementing a blue headboard with any furniture or bedroom is complicated and risky. But it can shape the space with vivid tones, making the room pop.

How to Choose a Headboard Color?

Interior of a beige bedroom with a horizontal poster on the wall between two windows, a bed with wicker chandeliers over bamboo bedside tables, and a beige carpet on the parquet floor.

You can't simply choose a headboard based on the likelihood that you have another focal point in the room. It can be hard to choose which design, concept, or color will match the overall style of your bedroom. It is your own private space, so matching your headboard with your bed and other furniture is key to finding the right color.

These tips will help you choose a headboard color for your bedroom.

Purpose of a Headboard

Putting up a headboard isn't just for show. You might install a headboard as a backrest to read a book or watch TV during bedtime. Its function depends on your particular needs.

Although headboards are said to be decorative nowadays, they are still very popular. A headboard can keep your bed from scratching your walls. It also keeps the temperature at night suitable for quality sleep.

Size of a Headboard

A good headboard is not a one-size-fits-all element to accessorize in your bedroom. There are several sizes of headboard depending on the size of your bed frame.

It's not just the bed you should be careful about; you also need to have equal proportion between your bed and your headboard. Large beds need taller headboards. A king-sized bed needs to have a king-sized headboard.

Design of Headboard

What makes a headboard a focal point in your bedroom is the concept in details. The design of a headboard should complement the overall appearance of your bedroom. Go for traditional or upholstered headboards if you want a clean and subdued look for your room.

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What are the Types of Headboard?

Large buttoned headboard of luxury bed, beige and pink pillows on it, copy space. Feminine bedroom in pink and white colors. Chesterfield style checkered soft headboard, diamond pattern

Headboards aren't just a one-shape material attached to the back of a bed. The type of headboard you choose should complement the bed you have. Headboards come in different materials, including wood, leather, upholstered, and metal. Their price tag comes with benefits, as a headboard can transform a bedroom into an elegant and sophisticated space.

Leather Headboard

Cozy bed with quilted leather headboard in a wooden frame in beige and brown colors and pastel pillows.

After wood, leather is a trending material for furniture or other household purposes. Leather is a very durable material, but it's expensive. It is available in any color. However, there are some factors to consider, as leather is susceptible to heat and damage.

It gives off a beautiful focal point in bedrooms. But leather materials should be kept away from children and rooms with damp conditions.

Wooden Headboard

Orange glass vase with a tree branch standing on the wooden table next to bed with colorful sheets

Wood, in general, has merits. It inspires creativity, as it's a timeless and sturdy material. You can easily match wood to any color, including those in the neutral spectrum. There are several options in choosing the wood tone for your headboard; it can range from dark to medium to light brown.

The positive aspect of wood is its versatility, which is adaptable to any interior concept. Color can create an aesthetic in your room with a wooden headboard. It can also be carved to create any visual interest or style, including boho, Scandinavian, farm-style, or mid-century interior styles.

Upholstered Headboard

luxury hotel bedroom. Bed with carriage coupler headboard

Install an upholstered headboard in a modern bedroom because it exudes sophistication and elegance as soon as you enter the room. It comes in any design and style, including rectangular, square, curved, tufted, arched, and buttoned. The most common upholstered headboard is a rectangular headboard with a diamond button effect.

Metal Headboard

Grey bedroom with large bed with decorative metal headboard

Most metal headboards are part of the bedframe itself. Metal headboards are inexpensive but offer the same durability as other headboards. They come in curved styles or any preference to your liking.

What are the Styles of Headboard?

Interior of a hotel bedroom

Headboards aren't just attached to your beds. Depending on the style, it can be wall-mounted, screwed to the bed, or a freestanding headboard. These styles have their benefits, and you cannot simply choose a design if it doesn't complement your bed or the room itself.

Are Headboards Expensive?

Some people think that a headboard is just an accessory to beautify a bedroom, but little did they know that a headboard comes with benefits for the room and the homeowner. A headboard plays a role in making sure the homeowner is comfortable while sleeping.

These decorative materials come with a price, but it does not outweigh the benefits of having one installed. Generally, a cheap headboard is only $150. If you prefer an aesthetically pleasing headboard for your bedroom, it can cost as much as $10,000 or more, depending on the type and style.

Final Thoughts

Headboards aren't made for just aesthetics. A headboard can protect your walls from damage and stains, support your neck and back, and keep you warm.

The right color of the headboard for you depends on your preferred concept and design. However, if the headboard matches your bed, furniture, and room, you must consider the pros and cons of choosing this color.

The cost of putting up a headboard is something to consider, because it does not come cheap. If you have extra money to spare, you can decorate your room to your liking and preference.

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