What Color Should You Paint A Vaulted Ceiling?

Having vaulted ceilings in your home is like gold when it comes to real estate and property value. Are you finding yourself reconsidering your current paint color, or is it just time for something new? We have done our research into the best colors to paint your vaulted ceilings and are excited to show you. Let's get started.

Considering your vaulted ceilings are a standout space in your home, we suggest sticking with something bright and simple. The beautiful thing about this type of ceiling design is that it already speaks for itself. Going with a white or soft neutral paint color in a vaulted ceiling is our favorite look and will let your lighting and beams shine.

As we get this post started, we will share our favorite paint color recommendations and even link some helpful products. Vaulted ceilings are a favorite of ours, so we can safely say you are in good hands. Now let's find you the perfect paint color!

What Color Should You Paint A Vaulted Ceiling?, Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Includes built-ins with television and vaulted ceilings.

Aesthetically Unique Vaulted Ceilings

luxury property home interior with vaulted ceiling

Vaulted ceilings, by definition, are self-supporting arched designs that are often paired with wooden beams for structural support. These ceilings are also referred to as cathedral style and have a grand look to them. It is possible to vault your currently flat ceilings as long as they are at least eight feet high and there is open space available like an attic above them to cut into. Surprisingly, many homeowners choose to add vaulted ceilings into their current spaces to increase their overall value.

Best Colors To Paint Vaulted Ceilings

We suggest sticking with white or soft colors for your vaulted ceilings, so they don't take away from your decor and lighting. The last thing you want to have in your space is a fight for attention, so your ceilings should be bright and complementary in their color. This doesn't mean you have to paint your vaulted ceilings all white and be downright dull, but they should be on the softer side of the color palette.

Soft White

A great way to brighten your space up would be painting your vaulted ceilings a soft white similar to this. We especially like this because it makes the home look modern and elegant. The hanging string lights are also allowed to draw the eye in this kitchen, and don't fight to stand out with the vaulted ceiling.

KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Contemporary Matte White Paint

Here is a softer white paint from the KILZ brand that will get your ceilings looking bright and inviting. This paint and primer has a matte finish and promises to cover up to 400 square feet per gallon. Check it out on Amazon here.

Neutral Beige

Another paint idea we recommend would be a tan or beige to add a little color to your ceiling space. Beige paint on a vaulted ceiling is a subtle touch that pairs with just about any color and gives off a rustic farmhouse vibe. We want to note the matching molding around the room, which is a great way to tie everything together.

Microblend Interior Paint Soft Premium Sheen Beige/Antigua

Here is a beige-colored paint from the Microblend Store that will have your vaulted ceilings looking extra fresh. This product has a water base and is advertised as both a high-quality paint and primer. View it on Amazon here.

Light Eggshell

Here is another paint color idea for a vaulted ceiling that adds some color while remaining neutral. Eggshell has a soft yellowish-white look to it and is perfect for a bright dining room or kitchen space. We like how this room decided on a simple rustic chandelier and skylight cut-outs with the vaulted ceiling design.

Prestige Interior Eggshell/Brite White Ceiling Paint

Here is a soft eggshell paint from Prestige Interiors that will look amazing on your vaulted ceilings. This paint covers 250 to 400 square feet of space and has a four-hour total cure time. See it on Amazon here.

How Do I Make My Vaulted Ceilings Look Better?

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Includes built-ins with television and vaulted ceilings.

When planning and designing a vaulted ceiling, we suggest adding a unique light fixture to your space. Having a chandelier or decorative hanging light in your vaulted ceiling design will make the area feel framed out and provide much-needed light. Your fixture does not need to look like it belongs in a castle but should have a theme and distinct look.

GIODIR 6-Light Indoor High Ceiling Rustic Chandelier

Here is a rustic six-light chandelier from GIORDIR that is perfect for a high vaulted ceiling. This light fixture has a brushed iron and metal design and hangs from a 44.9-inch long chain. View it on Amazon by clicking here.

Maxax 6-Light Raindrop Crystal Chandelier

Here is a more opulent lighting idea for a vaulted ceiling from Maxax that will have your guests talking. This chandelier has a modern raindrop crystal design and measures about 5.7 feet long. Check it out on Amazon by following this link.

Sputnik 6-Light Modern Pendant Light Fixture

Here is another option for lighting your vaulted ceilings from LynPon that is a great modern design. This hanging pendant light comes in a few brushed metal options and hangs from an adjustable cord with a max length of 37.4 inches. View this pendant light fixture on Amazon here.

Does Dark Paint Make A Ceiling Look Lower?

Although we hate to say it, yes, darker paint does fool the eye into thinking a ceiling looks lower than it is. Darker color schemes have been making their way into new home designs for a while now and have a distinct look to them, even if they make your ceiling feel lower.

The rule of paint is that anything darker than a chocolate brown will end up playing games with your eyes and make your room feel smaller than it is. Warmer and more intimate feeling paint colors are great for anyone after a den vibe, but something as dramatic as black might change the look of your room.

Dark Vaulted Ceiling Alternatives

If you are more into a dark aesthetic for your home, we get it and have found a few ideas to add some drama to your spaces without having them be completely dark. We found that painting smaller areas of your ceiling or room darker still gives off a high-end look while keeping your home feeling welcoming. Even the slightest change of scenery can make your vaulted ceilings feel brand new and on-trend.

Dark Accent Beams

Our first find is a black-accented beam alternative that goes perfectly with a white painted vaulted ceiling. Going with such a bold color in a white painted ceiling is a great way to achieve a modern and artistic vibe while also having a dark feature in your space.

Glidden Interior Black Paint + Primer

Here is a bold black paint and primer from the Glidden Store that will help you get this look. This paint and primer has a matte finish and has excellent reviews from verified customers online. Follow this link to Amazon to check it out.

Dramatic Accent Wall

Another great idea for using a dark color in your space is to paint one of your walls with a bolder hue. Choosing to keep your vaulted ceiling bright while incorporating a dark accent wall will give your room a dramatic look without making it feel cramped. We like how this living area chose charcoal gray paint that compliments the space well.

KILZ TRIBUTE Charcoal/Motor Gray Interior Wall Paint

Here is a darker gray paint from the KILZ brand that will help your room feel more dramatic. This paint and primer has a matte finish and will cover up to 400 feet of wall space. View it here on Amazon.

Are Vaulted Ceilings Outdated?

Kitchen room in log cabin house with walkout deck

Vaulted ceilings have been around for centuries and don't seem to be falling out of style anytime soon. The thing about this style of design is that it feels timeless and is a structurally sound option. A great example of this ceiling's ability to reinvent itself is using the vaulted technique in modern farmhouse design. For anyone who has opened up a home magazine recently, you know how popular farmhouse design has become, and vaulted ceilings are a vital component in that.

Our Final Thoughts

Deciding on the perfect paint color for your vaulted ceilings can be quite the undertaking without a bit of help. Whether you want a bright and white space or a dark accented design, your vaulted ceilings are going to be the centerpiece of your home. This architecture style has such a timeless look and energy, making it essential to choose the right paint color and lighting for your ceilings. No matter your taste or budget, there are endless amounts of ways you can paint and design your vaulted ceiling space successfully. Remember to choose unique lighting and, most importantly, enjoy your newly designed space!

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