What Color Shower Curtain With Blue Walls?

Blue is a calming color. Soothing, tranquil, and spa-like, it's a popular and suitable choice for a bathroom. Of course, once you've painted the walls your favorite shade of relaxing blue, now you have to decorate. So, question one - what color shower curtain goes best with blue walls? There are a few standard color schemes to help you create the perfect look for your space.

When decorating, typical color palettes make use of analogous or complementary color schemes. They can also include neutral colors. So to pick a shower curtain for blue walls, choose from one of the following:

  • An analogous color scheme uses similar related colors - for blue, this would be purple or green.
  • A complementary color scheme uses contrasting colors for visual interest and excitement. For blue, this is orange.
  • A neutral color allows the blue to take center stage without drawing attention away. Good pairs for blue include gray, brown, or white.

Once you've determined your color, keep reading for advice on the rest of your color palette. How many colors belong together? Is there such a thing as too few or too many? What needs to match? This article covers all of that and more.

Interior of a bathroom with gray and blue wall colors, What Color Shower Curtain With Blue Walls?

How to Pick a Shower Curtain?

Fabric shower curtains are a common favorite, as they tend to be higher quality (and look it) compared to plastic or vinyl options. They are also easy to clean, and generally, you can wash them right in the washing machine.

Most fabric shower curtains will require the use of a liner. This keeps mildew from forming and helps the floor stay dry. Water-repellant shower curtains are another option, which may not need an additional liner (read the manufacturer's instructions for use, to be sure).

As far as what color you use, the following all work in a color palette that includes blue. The one you like best is really a matter of personal preference. Just remember that light colors make rooms seem bigger and brighter, while rooms with plenty of space and lighting can pull off a darker color.  Be sure to consider any other colors (including finishes) already used in your bathroom, as this may help you decide what decorating scheme is right for you.


Purple can be a soft, romantic color. It can also be bold, elegant, and daring. Against blue walls, purple will draw eyes to the shower. Since purple is a less traditional (and unusual choice), it will turn the bath into a natural focal point as a result.

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Green and blue pair together effortlessly. They make the most natural set of colors imaginable - literally, it's comparable to the ground and sky! For an extra seamless flow, pick a blue-green shade like teal.

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If your walls are a cool blue and you want to bring a little warmth to the room, then orange makes a perfect choice. This color is bright, fun, and it's playful. And further, it's the opposite of blue, which only heightens its eye-grabbing appeal when the two are paired together. Orange is a unique choice for someone aiming for something different and noteworthy.

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As a neutral, gray goes with just about anything. Pick a cool gray to work with blue walls and silver or white finishes. A warm gray with brown undertones will be right at home with bronze, gold, or other warm finishes.

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Because brown is also a color with a warm undertone, it pairs well with bathroom fixtures that have a warm finish. For example, gold, bronze, copper, or brass are common warm finishes. Use sandy brown and ocean blue for a hint of tropical paradise, or try a soft beige with bold or dark blues. 

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Crisp and clean, white creates a relaxing, tranquil space. Further, it won't draw attention away from the rest of the decor or compete with any other colors. That isn't to say white can't stand out. However - a bright pop of white can certainly draw eyes. And finally, it will make the whole room seem brighter.

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Should My Shower Curtain Match Bath Mat?

The shower curtain and bath mat, or any other item in your bathroom decor, don't have to match necessarily, but it helps if they coordinate. Coordinating means that the items share a color palette and other linking features. Using items that were picked specifically to fit within a color scheme makes the choice and inclusion feel deliberate. This creates a sense of unity and "belonging" among everything in the bathroom, as a result.

Whether you choose to use an analogous color scheme (with colors next to each other on the color wheel) or a complementary color scheme (with colors that contrast), do it consistently. Choose around three colors (no more than five), including any neutral colors such as gray, brown, white, or black. Stick to only using items that fit specifically within that predetermined set.

For the most part, decorators use something called the 60-30-10 rule. This means that one color is the primary or dominant color, paired together with two accent colors. The main color is used about 60% of the time. Meanwhile, the two other colors are employed in 30% and 10% of the decor. As a result, this creates a good balance between all of the colors used. 

What Colors Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

To make a small bathroom look bigger, stick with light curtains that reflect the most light. Specifically, white or clear curtains will seem to increase the size of the room. For more advice, read What Color Shower Curtain Makes a Bathroom Look Bigger?

Should You Leave Your Shower Curtain Open Or Closed?

You can leave your curtain whatever way you prefer - open or closed. Some people like to have their curtain closed, as it conceals the shower and displays the shower curtain pattern. Some people (especially in tiny bathrooms) think that the room seems smaller or narrow when the shower curtain is closed. 

If, however, the shower has been recently used, you may want to leave the curtain closed until it has dried. Having the surface exposed helps remove moisture faster, which prevents the potential growth of mold or mildew. For more help preventing mold, read 5 Best Shower Curtain Liners to avoid Mildew and Mold.

Why Does My Shower Curtain Turn Yellow?

If your shower curtain is starting to discolor, and it's not from a specific event (for example, that time you spilled hair dye or a Slushie), then it's typically caused by soap scum or mildew. 

To get your shower curtains back to their shiny state, they just need a good cleaning. Fabric curtains can be placed in the washing machine in most cases (check care instructions first). You can also pre-treat first with stain remover or a baking soda paste. Plastic curtains can also be cleaned in the washer sometimes if you're careful. Read more here: How to Clean a Shower Curtain – The Ultimate Guide.  For extra cleaning power, you can treat a plastic curtain first with baking soda or bleach.

To Summarize

When decorating a bathroom, colors that go well with blue walls include purple, green, orange, gray, brown, or white. Any of these make a good choice for the shower curtain, whether you pick a bold color for an accent or a more traditional neutral color.  For a small or poorly lit bathroom, white is the best choice to open the room and make it seem brighter. Don't forget to consider colors already present in the bathroom, including bathroom fixture finishes, when picking a color scheme.

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