What Color Shutters For A Red Brick House?

Brick houses have a naturally warm and inviting appeal, and they are the picture of class and elegance. Pairing them with the right shutters is essential to complete the look since these fixtures can be seen outside and as part of your exterior. So, what color of shutters should you get for your red brick house? We have gathered the best ideas for you.

You can explore different hues that can highlight or tone down the amount of red on your house's exterior. Here are the best shutter colors you can use:

  • Modern Black Shutters 
  • Neutral Gray Shutters
  • Classic Off-white Shutters
  • Vintage Green Shutters
  • Warm Yet Vibrant Cream Shutters
  • Unique Blue Shutters

Although you can explore many vibrant and attractive colors, there are still factors to think about when choosing the perfect color. Red brick homes are rich with hue, so you want your shutters to either balance or complement them. If you want to learn more about which colors to consider, keep reading below!

Large new American House in red brick with lovely green lawn in summer, What Color Shutters For A Red Brick House?

What Color Shutters For A Red Brick House?

The colors of your shutters will affect not only your interior, but your exterior as well. If you live in a red-bricked house, chances are you want to lean into the classic and rustic quality of brick.

Technically, any color would be able to blend well with brick since it's an aesthetically versatile material. However, just having a random color combination will not suit every style--or particularly, your style.

Below are the most ideal colors that pair well with a red-bricked exterior.

Modern Black Shutters 

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Outdoor view of a brick house with black shutters

Incorporating black shutters with a red-bricked house is a good way to inject a sense of modernity into the exterior without the colors clashing. They add structure and depth, and they highlight the vibrance of the bricks.

Since red bricks vary in hue intensity, black shutters are a safe yet stylish choice. It's very difficult to mess up your exterior with these two colors, even if you have a light-colored roof.

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Neutral Gray Shutters

Entrance to traditional colonial style home includes copper roof on small porch.

Neutral colors that balance out the vibrance of red bricks are a great pick for your exterior. They give off an effortless elegance, and the timeless hue can add value to your home for years to come.

Gray tones down the colors that are put next to it, so this is a good choice if your red bricks have an overly rich tint. To tie this all in, highlight your exterior color scheme by painting your trim off-white or eggshell.

Make sure to maintain your red bricks well to avoid fading.

Classic Off-white Shutters

Luxurious home facade in Chicago

You can achieve timeless elegance with off-white shutters paired with red bricks.

As much as possible, try to avoid crisp white shutters because even if they might sound good on paper, it would be very difficult to maintain their luster, especially if they show dirt easily.

Since your shutters are perched on the edge of the outdoors, they will most likely be catching dirt. Unless you have someone guarding them every hour, they will most likely start to look dirty and ruin your exterior.

This is how off-white shutters offer the balance between elegance and practicality. They elevate your curb appeal, and they don't show specks of dirt as easily as pure white shutters!

Vintage Green Shutters

Window on old brick house with shutter

Green shutters in any shade can make your exterior look unique and charming. They balance out the warm tones of your red bricks, and the colors compliment each other since they both have a rustic appeal despite having different undertones.

If you want your exterior to have a whimsical appeal, pistachio green or sage green can make your exterior look straight out of a movie.

Muted green will be able to emphasize the rich hues of your red bricks, but it will give it a different, more earthy appeal.

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Warm Yet Vibrant Cream Shutters

If any shade of white isn't for you, go for cream or beige shutters. The color has more character than plain white, and the warm undertones complement red bricks.

The color combination will make your home look more inviting and homey, especially if you pair it with muted brown trim. The color scheme teeters to the edge of a rustic style, but it has a muted elegance that can make your exterior timeless.

During certain lighting throughout the day, the shutters can look almost white. However, the undertones will be able to give it a warm glow.

Unique Blue Shutters

Front door of a brick building

If you want to experiment with other rich hues without clashing with your bricks, having blue shutters is a good place to start.

Since blue is still a natural color, it will blend seamlessly with rustic and nature-inspired color schemes. It will also give your home a more whimsical appeal since most people go to the safe light neutral colors.

If you want your blue shutters to emphasize the warmth of red, go for sky blue shutters. The light coolness of sky blue will be given life through red bricks, and the play of colors will be visually appealing for viewers.

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Considerations When Choosing Shutter Colors

Of course, despite having a list of ideal colors, you still need to consider if the color fits the style of your house and if it will still look good regardless of the weather conditions.

You also need to consider whether the colors will still be able to look good together even if they fade. If you live in a sunny area, this is something you need to contemplate seriously.

The base, trim, and accent all play a part in creating a cohesive color scheme for your exterior. If one of them strays from the ideal palette, your house may look visually messy.

Here are the main things you need to consider when choosing shutter colors.

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How vibrant is the bricks' red hue?

Consider the shade of red on your exterior. Is it one huge block of red? Has the shade started to age and fade? Does it have a rough texture?

If your exterior is one huge smooth block of red, you'll have more freedom in your color choices since you don't have texture and fading to consider--ones that come when the bricks start to age.

However, when the bricks start to age, you want to consider if your color choice blends with its rough-and-tumbled appeal.

Should you create contrast?

Creating contrast is an excellent way to inject visual stimulation into your exterior, especially if it is dominated by warm reds.

However, you still need to consider if the contrast still balances out the red bricks and if they don't visually hurt the eyes when you look at them. Note that just because two colors complement each other in theory doesn't mean they'll look good in specific conditions.

For example, some shades of yellow should technically pair well with red. However, incorporating a striking yellow into a smooth and richly red exterior can be visually straining.

Colors with cool undertones will look better with a smooth and vibrant red-bricked house since they balance each other out even though they may be contrasting.

What are the lighting conditions?

Of course, you still need to consider what certain colors look like in different lighting conditions. Naturally, colors will look best under the sun, but you still want your exterior to remain aesthetically pleasing under overcast or dark skies.

Shutter colors with warm undertones will have a warm glow under the sun. They will also make your home look inviting in any weather condition.

On the other hand, colors with cool undertones will still look visually pleasing even if the sun hides since the warmth of red bricks will give them a sense of vibrance.

Final Thoughts

Shutters are a reliable window treatment, making them a practical fixture.

However, having them is also an opportunity to elevate the look of your exterior. Doing this will add significant value to your home, enhance curb appeal, and make your home look more inviting.

As with all exterior fixtures, make sure to maintain them well so they'll look pleasing all year round.

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