What Color Shutters For A White House? [6 Colors To Choose]

Does your home lack curb appeal? Or, you feel like your home’s white exterior looks boring, but are unsure of what to do? Painting existing shutters or adding new shutters definitely adds character. So, we researched what color shutters work best for a white house. 

A plain white house means you have ample room to play with colors. Honestly, you can choose any color you want! Professionals recommend you choose a darker color for your shutters, so your white house stands out in style. Consider the following color choices:

  1. Black
  2. Gray
  3. Navy/Blue
  4. Brown
  5. Green
  6. Red

So, should your shutters and door be the same color? Are you curious about what kind of paint you should buy? Or, do you wonder how do to choose shutters for your house? Continue reading for answers to these commonly asked questions and other related points.

Luxurious newly built house with black shutter windows installed, What Color Shutters For A White House? [6 Colors To Choose]

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Why Dark Colors?

You might wonder why dark colors look good when paired with lighter colors. It all comes down to the color wheel.

Contrasting light and dark colors are pleasing to the eye because it makes each color stand out. So, many professionals recommend you pair the two together, whether it’s inside or outside the home. 

Which Colors To Choose?

We know darker colored shutters look fantastic on a white home, but which particular colors go best? Picking the right color of shutters may be daunting. So, let’s go over some excellent color options and why we recommend them:

1. Black

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Georgian Colonial House

Black shutters look classy when paired with a white exterior. You can’t go wrong with this color combination because of its versatility and sophistication. Go with this option if you want to create a bold and modern look. 

2. Gray

a generic white home in a suburban neighborhood

Gray is a lot like black but less bold. Many people love this color pairing because it’s classic and contemporary without being overly showy. A light gray might blend in, so be sure to pick a dark gray to create contrast.

3. Navy/Blue


rustic window with blue shutters and flower pots in white rural houseNavy or blue shutters look great when against white siding. And it offers a little more personality than using gray or black shutters.

Choose this option for a fresh and coastal look. You can’t go wrong with this popular, dynamic duo. 

4. Brown

A new suburban house with half light brown siding and have brick and stone

Brown shutters are a good choice for anyone desiring a traditional look. It’s neutral, which makes it a safe option for those that can’t decide what color to choose.

If you opt for a darker brown, it may look black in the sun, so get a sample color before purchasing. 

5. Green

Window with plants and dark green wooden shutters

Green shutters will give your home oodles of personality! Its earthy tones are warm and inviting and are sure to catch your eye. Avoid lime green shades and opt for a darker green to create a calming exterior. 

6. Red

House in Fall with Red Shutters

Rustic charm is the first thing we think of with red shutters. It’s the less popular choice compared to more neutral colors. However, that doesn’t mean red shutters aren’t for you.

Not only is this color eye-catching and adventurous, but you will probably be the only one on your block with red shutters!

What About White Shutters?

So, experts recommend using dark colors for a house that has a white exterior. But what if you have your heart set on white shutters? You certainly can use any color shutters with a white house.

With that being said, white on white has always been classic. Plus, it gives the house a seamless, airy look. If you don’t want any contrast at all, white shutters are a great alternative.

Which Shutter Material Should I Use?

There are usually three different materials that you can choose from for shutters.

Whatever material you choose, make sure it’s suitable for use outdoors and not indoors. Indoor shutters can easily become damaged by the elements. And you don’t want to waste money replacing them later. So, let’s review!


Wood is the most common material for shutters. There are many beautiful types of wood and finishes that you can choose.

Word to the wise – If you live in a humid climate, err on the side of caution. Choose a different material that doesn’t get easily damaged when wet. 


Composite is a mix of both wood and PVC. So, you get the look of wood but the durability of PVC. It’s also an affordable option, making it a win-win situation for most people.


PVC is another excellent choice that is extremely durable in all weather. It’s lightweight and cost-effective. However, you won’t have the flexibility with color and finishes as you would with wood.

What Are The Different Types Of Shutter Styles?

There are many styles of shutters to choose from but don’t feel overwhelmed! Let’s review the top four choices:

Raised Panel

architectural asphalt shingle roof, vinyl siding, windows, vinyl shutters

Raised paneled shutters look great on almost any home, making it a popular choice for many buyers. It has a charming and classic look. If you feel stuck about what style to select, you can’t go wrong with paneled shutters! 

Board and Batten

Window shutters that are French influenced can be seen typically in many traditional architectural designs

This style looks similar to paneled shutters, but they open and close like French doors. They offer protection from the sun and help cool your home in the summer.

However, this style of shutters can be a hassle to open and close because you have to do this from outside your home. 


blue louvered window shutters on a white house

These open and close, just like board and batten shutters. But they also have horizontal slats, allowing light to filter through your windows. This feature is especially nice if you want privacy but don’t want to darken your room.

These shutters are one of the oldest styles, so they look exceptional installed on historical homes. 


Storm shutters on side windows of a single-family house

Bermuda shutters have slats just like Louver shutters. Instead of opening and closing from the side, they hinge from the top of the window.

These shutters are great in stormy areas where you want additional protection for your windows. Bermuda shutters are also called Bahama shutters.

What Kind Of Paint To Buy?

If you are installing brand new shutters, you won’t need to worry about what kind of paint to buy. Typically, the color and paint have already been decided before it’s time for installation.

If you are painting your existing shutters, knowing what paint to buy is extremely important to prevent the paint from peeling.

Professionals recommend either using an oil-based paint or latex paint because of their durability. Below is a great choice of paint!

Click here to view this paint on Amazon

Shutters And Door The Same Color?

Ideally, you want your shutters and door to complement each other, not clash. You can choose the same shade for your door and shutters if you wish. But most people coordinate colors, choosing either a lighter or darker hue that’s in the same color range. 

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always go with a bright red door. Actually, red is quite the popular color for front doors!

Wrapping It Up

Luxurious newly built house with black shutter windows installed

As you can see, there is a wealth of information about shutters, whether it’s about their style, color, or material. So, visit us the next time you need to know anything about shutters.

Essentially, you can choose any color you want for the shutters on a white house. Although, most professionals prefer dark colors over lighter ones. In the end, it’s your home and your style. So, the color you choose is up to you! 

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