What Color Siding Goes With Brown Brick?

Curb appeal, or the aesthetic look of your home’s exterior, gives the first impression and represents what the interior appearance might be like. For this reason, making a few updates to your home’s exterior, such as repainting the siding, can make a huge difference in the look of your entire home. Many people think that only neutral colors can be paired with brown brick, but there are many other alternative colors to pair with your existing brick. We have searched multiple sources to find a condensed selection of popular colors to paint the siding on your brown brick house. 

The appearance of your home, inside and out, should be representative of your personal style and taste. While there are no hard and fast rules about pairing siding colors with brown brick, some colors are popular color companions to the color brown. The colors of siding to pair with brown brick that we will discuss are:

  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Nude/Neutral
  • Red
  • Natural stained wood

Deciding on a color to paint the siding to pair with your brown brick is not the only factor that to consider during the course of your project, and other questions are likely to arise. What color trim goes with a brown brick? How do you improve the look of a brown brick house? How do you freshen up an exterior brick? We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading.

A small two story brick home with porch and a garage on the side, What Color Siding Goes With Brown Brick?

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Brown Siding

Stable and warm, shades of brown can coordinate with brown bricks to create a cohesive look. While brown may at first seem dark and boring, these color schemes can be cozy and inviting. Using shades similar to those in the brick, as in the example below, makes the space look expansive. Darker brown, used for shutters and the white trim accents, creates depth within this color scheme. 

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Stone and vinyl house with cedar accents

Grey Siding

Grey has recently become one of the most popular paint colors for home interiors and exteriors. Cool and stable, grey is a modern neutral alternative color that makes a great color pairing with your brown brick. A bright white in the example below is used for the trim paint to break up this deep grey and brown color palette. The stained wood shutters coordinate with the brown of the brick to create this warm cozy look. 

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Blue Siding

Blue is a color inspired by nature and can be a source of calmness and serenity. Using blue as an exterior color can give your home a soft, sophisticated look. The greyish shade of blue siding combined with the brown brick in the picture below pair with each other for a cool, tranquil color palette. The chocolate stained color of the front door helps to accentuate the brown hues in the brick.

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Black Siding 

While black may seem to be masculine and dark, using this color for your home’s siding can change the whole feel of the exterior of your home. Powerful and modern, black is a bold, sophisticated color choice that can give your siding a sleek, updated look. Pairing black siding with your brown brick can be a powerful, elegant color combination. The matte black siding couples with the brown brick and deep brown stained front door and surrounding natural greenery for a cozy contemporary look in the picture below. 

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Green Siding

For a cool contrasting color to your warm brown brick exterior, consider one of any number of shades of green. Inspired by nature, the calm, serene green color can be a great color companion to your brown brick. The smoky bluish-green shade used in the example below contrasts beautifully with the brick’s deep chocolate color. The plants and greenery around the porch also provide green accents to coordinate with the green siding and complement the overall color scheme.

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White Siding 

To make your brown brick the focal point of your home’s exterior, consider a light neutral to use as a backdrop to the warm brick color. White is a great bright but unassuming color that will allow other surrounding colors to dominate the color scheme. The ultimate neutral, white, is a clean and crisp contrast to the warm-colored brown brick. In the example below, the roof’s color is a similar shade to the brown shade of the brick for a cozy coordinating look. 

Clapboard siding house with curb appeal

Nude/Neutral Siding

For a warmer version of a neutral shade, consider a nude or neutral color such as the one pictured below. While some may think neutral shades are boring, nude and neutral shades can be a dependable and relaxing color companion to your brown brick. In the example below, this neutral color palette creates a deep dimensional look. Simple and versatile, nude or neutral shades can add a warm, unassuming accent color to most color palettes.

Majestic newly constructed home facade on a blustry winter day

Red Siding

Red may seem an uncommon choice for the exterior color. Still, it can be an unexpectedly powerful and vivid color choice that will add a wild and brilliant accent to any surrounding color companion. Vibrant and bold, red siding can bring a whole new life to the exterior of your home. Pairing red siding with brown brick can be a fierce color combination that is sure to draw attention. The red siding is paired with the natural stained wood for a warm, energetic exterior look in the example below. 

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Natural stained wood siding

Stained wood can be a great bright and warm addition to your color palette. With various shades available to stain your wood siding, there are a wide array of color choices of natural wood stain to pair with your brown brick. In the example below, the rich orangey-brown gives the exterior of this home a bright warm accent that pairs perfectly with the deeper brown of the brick and darker painted siding. The natural stained wood colors bring an energetic tone as well as depth to this brown color combination. 

Mountain luxury home with stone and wood exterior

What Color Trim Goes With Brown Brick?

Brown brick, cozy and warm, can be an overwhelming amount of dark color, especially when combined with other dark colors as siding. Using trim as a secondary accent color can add definition and depth to the overall look of your home’s exterior. Light neutral colors such as nude or white trim can break up the dark colors of the brick, and siding brightens the overall color palette. If light or neutral colors are used for your siding, on the other hand, darker colored trim or even stained wood trim can provide a polished, finished look to your exterior project. 

How Do You Improve The Look Of A Brown Brick House?

Improving the look of a brown brick house can be accomplished by accenting the existing brick with natural or painted colors around the brown brick. Using natural green colors to accent your color scheme by planting bushes, shrubs, or plants in the area surrounding your home can brighten and give life to the exterior look. Add a fresh splash of color to the exterior of your home by placing brightly colored outdoor furniture strategically on a porch or patio or by adding colored or printed throw pillows to existing furniture. Accenting your brown brick with brighter and more modern colors for your trim and siding, as we discussed above, can also greatly improve the look of your home.

How Do You Freshen Up Exterior Brick?

A good, thorough cleaning of your exterior brick can make a world of difference to the appearance of your home. Using a brick cleaner like the one pictured below to clean the surface of your exterior brick can freshen up the brick’s look. Whitewashing your brick is also an option to freshen up and lighten your exterior brick color with just a coat of diluted white paint. Another option to freshen up your exterior brick look is to paint your brick with a color of your choice. 

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Final thoughts

Updating the look of your home’s exterior by painting your siding is an excellent way to increase the curb appeal and aesthetic appearance of your home. Siding colors that pair with your brown brick should reflect your personal tastes and style and represent the overall appearance of your family’s home. Choosing a color for your siding to complement your brown brick can be an overwhelming task. After reading the above selection of color pairings to go with your brown brick, we hope to have made your decision-making process more efficient. 

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