What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick?

For exThe front exterior of your home is the first and likely only portion of your home visible to those passing by your home. Changing the exterior of your home with siding can provide a quick update to your home's appearance and add value. Deciding on a color for the exterior siding for your home that will complement, coordinate, or contrast with the red brick of your home can be a big decision. We have searched multiple credible sources to find an inclusive yet condensed selection of some of the most popular colors to pair with red brick to make your decorating project a success.
The exterior of your home should be a reflection of you, your family, and your personal style. Red brick is very versatile and can be combined with any number of accent colors. While there are no rules for decorating your home, there are certain colors that complement and contrast with a red brick exterior. The colors of siding to pair with your red brick home that we will discuss further are:
  • White
  • Taupe
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown
While deciding on a color of siding to pair with your red brick exterior is an important decision, other questions will likely arise throughout the course of your exterior remodeling project. How Do You Match Siding To Brick? Is Red Brick Out Of Style? What Kind Of Siding Material Goes Best With Red Brick? We will answer these questions and discuss other closely related topics; keep reading.

Brick house with a country inspired design matched with shingle roofing and French windows, What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick?


Clean and classic, white is and always has been the ultimate neutral, providing a crisp, sharp contrast to almost any color scheme, including the rich orange-red color of your brick. Adding an overall lightness to any color scheme, the white siding in the example below does an excellent job of breaking up the uniform red brick color and texture while drawing attention to the stark contrast of the red and white color combination.

While the door in this example is brown, front doors are often a popular place to add a bit of color to your home's exterior. This looks good when combined with the green shrubs' natural cool color and bushes that accent the red brick and white siding. Sources suggest that natural exterior lighting can make cooler tones of white look harsh and recommend the use of warm tones of white to complement the red brick on the exterior of your home. 

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Huge red brick mansion with pointed roofing installed with shingles and a two car garage


For a warmer alternative to shades of white, consider a deep natural taupe color. Darker than a nude but lighter than a brown, taupe is the perfect example of a warm neutral color. In the picture below, this particular shade of taupe is inspired by the color present on the existing pillars and in some of the brick detail. It complements the muted deep red brick color, providing a color and texture break and warming the color scheme.

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Huge majestic country brick made mansion, cream painted wooden sidings on the bay window section, and asphalt roofing


Bright and sunny, yellow can be a great complementary color for red-orange shades. It makes a great color choice for your siding to pair with your red brick.  The lemony hues of yellow provide the perfect shades to bring out the lighter tones in the example below. The slightly deeper yellow used for the front door gives it some depth, and the energetic colors from the surrounding bushes and plants offer some bold accent colors to add to this lively color palette. 

A huge mansion with asphalt shingles, yellow painted sidings, and a gorgeous landscape on the front yard


Recently emerging as a popular color choice for a cool neutral alternative, grey is widely used as an interior and exterior color. The grey siding in the example below is a great neutral contrast to the red brick. Stable and somber, grey used as an accent color can provide balance and stability to almost any color scheme. The grey siding creates a dimensional look to the front of this red brick home in the example below. 


Cool and traditional, blue is a popular option in exterior color. The home is covered in mostly siding in the picture below but provides a good illustration of the cool blue color contrast to the warm red brick. Pairing cool colors with bright and warm colors can provide a vibrant, bold contrast. Bright, crisp white accent trim pieces provide sharp lines to finish this bold and elegant exterior.

Rows of housing with wooden white and blue painted sidings, bay windows, and a small gorgeous porch


For a classic modern look to the exterior of your home, consider black as an accent color to your red brick. Classy and sleek, black siding provides the perfect contrast to red brick. In the example below, the dark black siding allows the bright natural green of the surrounding bushes and greenery to be the bright focal color in this scene. The dark black accents create a mysterious mood and add depth and decorative detail to this home's exterior.

Country house built with bricks and shingles on the roofing


A warm primary color, red can be a great color companion to your red brick exterior. Bold yet cohesive, shades of red similar to the brick's red can create a blending effect. Pairing red brick with a similar shade can create an expansive look through the continuous use of similar colors. The deeper red in the example below provides some depth to the flat front of this building and adds some warmth to the red brick's overall color scheme, as a result. 


Another cool option to pair with your red brick is green. From pastel shades of pale green to deep jeweled tones, there are many options available to choose from in the color of green. In this example, a mossy shade of green is an exotic accent to the red brick home. This particular shade of green is subtle yet eye-catching. 


For a darker warm complementary color to your red brick home, consider a brown shade. Brown is a versatile, deep, and warm shade that complements the bright orange-red shade of brick. The brown shade in the example below is a similar shade to the darkest color in the red brick. To finish off the look with a bold pop of color, the front door is painted a vivid poppy red shade.

Huge mansion with huge bay windows, off brown colored wooden sidings, red brick decorated entryway, and shingles

How Do You Match Siding To Brick?

Matching siding to brick can create a cohesive look to your exterior. If your brick is a mixture of colors, pick the color you would like to use for your siding and use a similar tone. Coordination can be achieved by using neutral tones that will coordinate with your brick or use a complementary color to accent your brick. Contrasting colors is another way to coordinate your brick and accent or siding color.

Is Red Brick Out Of Style?

More home buyers and designers are going to light-colored exterior palettes, including brick color. While lighter, more neutral-colored brick has recently become increasingly popular. Red brick is classic, and classic never goes out of style. Many homeowners decide to modify their red brick through painting and whitewashing the surface, but many still prefer the traditional classic look of red brick. Regardless of current trends, red brick has an unmatched look that will always be classy and relevant. 

What Kind Of Siding Material Goes Best With Red Brick?

Red brick is basically an exterior neutral and goes well with almost any siding material. From contrasting colored brick to larger stone veneers, natural wood to painted vinyl siding, any number of siding material coordinates well with versatile red brick. According to experts, vinyl is a cost-efficient, durable, versatile material that can be painted in various colors. For the most durable option available with little to virtually no maintenance, brick siding is highly recommended and available in many colors for different looks to complement or contrast the existing red brick.

Final words

Red brick has been around for ages and with good reason. Versatile and practical, red brick can be combined with any number of materials in any variety of colors or endless numbers of looks for the exterior of your home. The exterior of your home should be representative of your personal tastes and style. We hope to have helped inspire your decorative spirit with the selection provided.

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