What Color Siding Goes With Yellow Brick?

If you're renovating your house, you might be planning to repaint the siding. But if you have a yellow brick exterior, you may wonder what color siding you should pair with it. Read on because we researched this topic to bring you an answer.

Yellow brick can be difficult to match. However, several colors go well with it, including:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Brown and Beige
  • Gray
  • Grayish Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Sage Green
  • Orange
  • Red

You need to consider some factors and find the right color that fits the vibe of your house. Continue reading as we discuss these colors in greater detail and how to style them for your home.

Colors That Goes Well With Yellow Brick

Colors that goes well with yellow brick, What Color Siding Goes With Yellow Brick?

Yellow is seen as a bright and cheerful color, but finding the right color siding to go with yellow brick can be tricky. A yellow brick exterior will draw attention when used on a house.

Yellow brick makes a house exterior more attractive, and here are some of the best colors that you can match with it:


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This color symbolizes optimism, joy, and energy, so it is one of the best colors to complement your house's yellow brick exterior.

Various yellow shades can make your home more appealing and bright. If you have a lighter yellow brick, try to use a darker or brighter shade for your siding and vice versa.


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Clean white siding can make the yellow brick exterior even more noticeable. It will make the house look fresh and clean. This classic neutral color is one of the best colors to match with any other colors because it neutralizes their brightness or darkness.

If you can't decide on the color you want for your siding, choose white because you can never go wrong with it. The only drawback of using white siding is that it is prone to dirt. When it gets dirty, the stains are apparent.

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Brown And Beige

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Brown and beige are in the same color family. These colors give an exciting but attractive look to a house. Since these colors are close to yellow, use the right color palette combination.

Choose a darker shade of brown if you have a light yellow brick exterior, or a lighter shade of beige if your brick is a darker yellow.

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Although gray siding can create a contrast with yellow brick, it provides the balance between the dark and light colors of a house.

Gray is one of the most popular choices because it gives a cool, neutral tone to the exterior of your home. The gray siding in the example above make the yellow brick stand out, like an accent wall.

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Grayish Blue

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In the example above, the dark shade of grayish blue contrasts with the yellow brick in a good way. It also highlights the bricks, making the house more appealing from the outside.

Dark grayish blue is recommended for larger homes since it makes the house appear smaller when used as the primary color of the house.

Navy Blue

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Chic and modern, navy blue is one of the most versatile colors because it can match almost any shade. If you have light yellow brick, you can match it with navy blue siding and doors. You provide a highlight for each color without overwhelming them.


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Nowadays, black is one of the most popular colors for exteriors. It gives a naturally elegant look to anything and also provides a perfect contrast to the yellow brick.

Using black is a fabulous way to upgrade your house's exterior. It creates a sophisticated, classic look.

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Sage Green

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If you think it's almost impossible to match yellow bricks with green, think again. Green is an excellent color that gives off a natural look and makes you feel connected to nature. Green goes well with the exterior, especially with a garden or evergreen landscape.

Sage is the best shade of green to match with yellow brick. It is minimalist but has an exquisite look, just like the example above. It creates a relaxed, light vibe to the exterior of the house.


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If you're a fan of bright colors, you can go with orange siding. This color will work well with bright-yellow brick. You can use orange siding to highlight yellow brick, making your exterior even more attractive.


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Red is known to be a powerful color. This characteristic gives a solid contrast to the yellow brick. In the picture above, the red color highlights the bright color of the house.

Using red siding is a good option. However, you must be careful when choosing a darker shade of red, as it can overpower and overwhelm the overall look.

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Is Yellow A Good Exterior Color?

Yellow brick house on autumn day with fall leaves on the ground

Yellow is a warm, bright, energetic color you can use for the exterior of your house. It is very bold and can upgrade the look of a home. It adds to curb appeal and exudes a joyful vibe.

There is no wrong choice regarding using yellow as an exterior color. You can choose from many shades of yellow to suit your preference.

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How Long Does Painted Brick Last?

Yellow brick wall background

Painting the bricks on your house is one way to change the overall look of the exterior. Painting them adds to their charm and can increase their lifespan. Painted brick can last up to 15-20 years, depending on the quality of the paint.

It is also recommended to change the paint every three to four years. But this depends on the condition of the bricks. If the bricks start to look faded, you should do some repainting.

How To Maintain Painted Brick?

A yellow brick wall of a building with a unique design of metal fence on a glass window

While a non-painted brick exterior doesn't need special maintenance, painted brick does. Maintaining and cleaning your painted brick external will provide appeal and make your home's exterior look fresh and new.

Here are the steps for properly cleaning and maintaining your painted brick:

  1. The first step is to dust the bricks. You can use a feather duster or a soft-bristled brush with a long handle to reach the high parts.
  2. Next, prepare a cleaning mixture. Mix a small amount of detergent and warm water in a bucket. Never add bleach to the solution because it can damage or cause the paint on the bricks to fade.
  3. Start scrubbing the bricks. Use a soft brush or towel when cleaning to avoid scraping the paint.
  4. Rinse the bricks with a damp, clean cloth. Make sure to dry them quickly to prevent the accumulation of moss and algae. 
  5. Lastly, to maintain painted bricks, clean them at least once a month so there will be no accumulation of dirt, dust, and moss that can damage the paint.

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Final Thoughts

A yellow brick wall

Your home's exterior is as important as the interior, so maintaining and keeping it in style is paramount. Yellow brick is always stylish, especially with the right color siding to match. You can choose from a variety of colors for the exterior of your house.

Don't be afraid to mix and match colors with yellow bricks. Remember that the color you chose should complement the style and vibe you want to convey.

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