What Color Siding Goes With Tan Brick?

Are you planning to paint or re-side the exterior of your home, but aren't sure what colors will go with your existing tan brick? Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this guide to help you find the best color siding for your home's exterior. 

Here are some excellent color choices for siding for a home with tan brick.

  1. Green
  2. White
  3. Light Blue
  4. Dark Blue
  5. Light Gray
  6. Dark Gray
  7. Tan
  8. Brown
  9. Dark Red

Each of these colors will have a different effect on the exterior facade of your home. Keep reading to learn more about how each color will look with tan brick and which color schemes are most popular.

Mixed Materials House With Stone, Brick, Vinyl Siding, What Color Siding Goes With Tan Brick?

How To Choose A Siding Color To Go with Tan Brick?

Luckily, tan is a neutral color with an earthy tone, making it fairly easy to work in with other hues. There are a few colors that seem to be more compatible with tan than others, like other neutral and natural shades.

You will also want to consider the color of your trim and roof while making your decision.

1. Green

Green and Brown House of Stone, Cedar, Vinyl Siding

Tan and green go together very nicely, creating a natural, calming appearance. Both tones are earthy and combined they elevate each other and create a very zen appeal.

Green siding will work great with white trim and black or brown roofing. Toned-down greens are an excellent choice to go with tan, like sage green or pale shades of green.

Prestige Paints in Kittery Point Green

This gray-green shade is perfect for siding, it's not too vibrant, but still offers a beautiful shade of green. This exterior formula should hold up in harsh weather, making it a great option to paint siding with.

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2. White

Old Tan Brick House with Red Tile Roof

White is another neutral shade that works well with a tan. It's the perfect go-to shade since it will match any other color well. It's also rather inconspicuous, making it a great option if you don't want to draw a lot of attention to your home.

White is an all-around safe color. It will look fine with any color roof or trim, making it one of the safest options for any home's exterior.

Prestige Paints In White

This exterior paint has mildew-resistant properties that make it a great solution for siding. It comes in a satin finish so it's durable and easy to clean.

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3. Light Blue

Light blue imitates the color of the sky, making it a great choice for a home exterior. It blends nicely with tan and it's very easy to fit into a variety of color schemes. The more subtle your light blue shade is, the easier it will be to match with other shades.

Light blue will match with brown and black roofing. For the trim, consider using white or natural wood tones.

Microblend Paint In Robin's Egg

This light blue shade is a great shade to go with tan brick. It comes as a paint and primer all in one to save you time and work.

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4. Dark Blue

Tan and dark blue go together very well. The natural tones of the tan bring level out the powerful blue shade and create a harmonious balance. Dark blue siding is also easy to match with roofing and trim, it works great with black, white, or brown.

McCormick Paints In Potomac

This dark blue paint is an exterior formula designed to withstand harsh conditions. It comes in a 1-gallon or 5-gallon size to meet your needs.

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5. Light Gray

Suburban House with Double Garage

Light gray is another neutral shade that is easy to incorporate into different color schemes. It goes great with tan brick and provides an option for a neutral shade that isn't pure white. As a neutral, light gray colors are also fairly easy to match up with the roof and trim colors.

Prestige Paints In Lazy Gray

This light gray shade is perfect for home exteriors. The subtle tone is calming and it won't overpower the tan brick you're trying to match.

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6. Dark Gray

Dark gray can provide you with deep contrast against tan brick and light-colored trim. Using dark gray as the primary color can make your house appear smaller, so it's a more popular option for larger homes.

This look will provide you with plenty of options for roofing and trim since both gray and tan are neutral.

Prestige Paints In Vessel Gray

This dark gray paint will contrast well with your tan brick allowing it to become the focal point of your home's exterior. It's available in a variety of sheens to provide you with the ideal gloss.

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7. Tan

 Mixed Materials House With Stone, Brick, Vinyl Siding

Using varying tones of tan can create an interesting and appealing home. If you have a light tan shade of brick, try using a darker tan on the siding and vice versa. Break the tan up with white trim to create contrast and geometric interest. 

McCormick Paints In Amber White

This exterior paint is a very pale tan shade, which is perfect if you have dark-colored tan brick on your home. It's available in 1-gallon and 5-gallon sizes for your convenience.

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8. Brown


Brown and tan are a great match, they're very similar in tone, making them a great pair, but brown is much darker, so it provides a lovely contrast. Brown is another tone that's both natural and neutral, making it easy to work into most color schemes.

To avoid making your house too monotonous, make sure your brown provides a decent amount of contrast against the color of your brick.

Montage Signature In Old Walnut

This beautiful dark brown shade should provide plenty of contrast against the tan brick. It's available in two different size cans to meet your needs.

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9. Dark Red

A dark red shade, like this brick red, will give your home some country-style charm. Dark red works well with tan when since the red is toned down and doesn't compete with the tan color. The tan is light enough to provide contrast against the deep red tone.

Microblend Paint In Red Wall

This deep red shade is just right to provide a stark contrast against the tan brick. It's available in a variety of sizes and sheens.

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What Paint Color Goes Best With Tan Brick?

Light neutral colors are often the best choice to match with tan brick. Gray, white, and brown are some of the safest options to mix with tan shades, and they work well with most roof and trim colors too.

Bolder colors are a little tougher to work with when you have to match them with brick, roofing, and trim.

How To Choose An Exterior Color Scheme?

To choose an exterior color scheme, you'll want to choose three colors and stick with them. You'll need a primary color that will be most abundant, a secondary color for windows and doors, and an accent color for trim.

When choosing these colors, the roof color of the home should be a guide unless you are also planning to replace the roof.

What Is The Most Popular Home Color?

White is the most popular home color, it's a trustworthy option that's tried and true. Blue has been gaining steam as a popular option, but white has been a long-time favorite amongst homeowners and is likely going to keep its place as the top choice.

White goes with everything, making it easy to work with. Plus, it guarantees a cohesive and attractive appearance.

In Conclusion

Now that you know all the best shades to go with tan brick, you're ready to plan your color scheme and order swatches. Don't forget to consider your trim and roof colors and to test shades before you paint. Good luck, and have fun!

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