What Color Stucco Goes With Black Roof? [5 Excellent Options Explored!]

When you have a black roof, designing the exterior of your home can be challenging. Black is the ultimate neutral for a roof since it not only matches everything, but it will easily elevate the exterior of your home, no matter the color palette you choose. Stucco is a beautiful material to use on the outside of your home because of its texture and its ability to look rich and durable. So when you have a black roof that matches anything, what color stucco is going to suit your home best? We’ve researched for you and put together a list of stucco colors that will pair perfectly with your black roof.

These stucco colors will look amazing with a black roof:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Green

If you’re in the market for an exterior upgrade to go with your black roof, then keep reading! This list will inspire you on ways to get a gorgeous home with stucco.

A huge two storey house with white painted exterior wall, black asphalt shingle roofing, and a gorgeous outdoor landscaping, What Color Stucco Goes With Black Roof? [5 Excellent Options Explored!]

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What Color Stucco Goes With A Black Roof?

Stucco is a material that isn’t often the first thought on a homeowner’s mind when choosing a new exterior. Vinyl siding, bricks, and stones are generally a gut reaction with contemplating the outside of a home. However, stucco is a beautiful alternative to those options.

Stucco is made from concrete, water, lime, and sand. The resulting product is an airy and breathable type of cement that can be laid along the exterior of the home. A huge pro of stucco is that it’s a porous material, meaning it allows water to evaporate from it, preventing water damage behind the stucco. One negative of stucco is that it can crack and chip over time, which means it will require more maintenance in the long run.

White Stucco

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A huge two storey house with white painted exterior wall, black asphalt shingle roofing, and a gorgeous outdoor landscaping

The stark contrast of white stucco paired with a black roof is a classic and versatile color combination. Large manors, as pictured above, look luxurious and sophisticated in stately white. The black roof plays off of wrought iron accents, creating a beautiful high-end charm.

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White stucco and a black roof also team up perfectly for more modern and contemporary homes. The straight, clean edges are a modern design element that is highlighted in minimalistic homes when paired with the simplicity of a black and white color palette. 

Grey Stucco

A huge two storey mansion with gray stucco wall cladding, sliding windows, and asphalt shingles

Grey stucco is a perfect way to embrace a contemporary color palette and still maintain a more homey feel. Where white and black can create a harsh contrast that can appear too sterile for some designs, grey and black creates a softer version of a still versatile color choice. 

Grey stucco gives a home a delicate and charming appeal. When paired with a black roof and window trimmings, grey stucco becomes an elevated style that looks sophisticated without being abrasive.

Beige Stucco

Exterior of an extremely luxurious million dollar home with stucco house exterior, and black shingle roofing

Beige, or other variations of browns and tans, are warm and elegant. This black roof and being stucco combination can be simple and classic. However, this color palette is perfect for experimenting with accent colors.

There is a lot of room to add more color to beige and black from shutters, doors, and porch furniture. Earthy tones like moss green and burnt orange are a great way to add warm tones to the exterior of your home. If you want a color that pops, turquoise and emerald will make sure your home is eye-catching.

Black Stucco

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Black stucco is an underestimated color choice, especially with a black roof. All black homes look dramatic and rich. You can go for extra drama by keeping the entirety of your exterior black and allowing the landscaping to add color to your home. Or you can all wood accents and pops of silver or gold decor to create a dark modern dream home.

Green Stucco

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For a stucco color that’s more adventurous yet understatedly gorgeous, shades of green are the way to go. All greens look beautiful with a black roof, and the dark neutral helps to make the stucco color stand out even more than it already will. 

Since greens are reminiscent of nature, this stucco color is perfect when combined with wood elements in light and dark stains. Most homes are going to look beautiful in shades of softer earth-tone greens. Colors closer to lime green or kelly green are going to be colors that need a bit more stylization to look well designed and thought through.

What is the most popular stucco color?

A huge two storey mansion with a stucco exterior wall, shingle roofing, and a gorgeous front lawn landscaping

The most recent stucco colors that have risen to popularity are grey and beige. Both colors have developed along with contemporary and modern contemporary home design. Greys tie into the popular appeal of greys, blacks, and whites that have made themselves known throughout minimalistic style homes. Beige and other earthy neutrals have become more trendy with the incorporation of nature and plant life into modern decor.

Does stucco color fade?

Stucco color doesn’t fade as much as it changes. Stucco can take years to cure, and in that time, the color can change from light to dark and back again. This happens as moisture is wicked away and evaporated from the stucco over time. Your color isn’t fading; it’s simply changing as it continues to reach its full strength.

How long does colored stucco last?

Colored stucco should last around five to ten years when properly maintained. Unlike painted surfaces, stucco color is in every layer of the stucco, so you don’t have to worry about the color chipping away. Proper maintenance like repairing hairline fractures in your stucco will lengthen the life of your stucco.

What is the best way to change stucco color?

Like most exterior surfaces of homes, stucco can be painted when it’s time for a color change. However, unlike other exteriors, stucco is porous and will absorb paint and water. For this reason, paint stucco with either acrylic exterior paint or exterior elastomeric paint.

Acrylic paint is recommended for stucco because it will allow the stucco to remain permeable. An important function of stucco is that it is breathable, meaning it allows water to evaporate from within and behind it, which keeps moisture out of the structure of the home. Acrylic paint allows stucco to maintain this function.

Acrylic paint is also the more affordable paint, and you can continue to paint over it. However, because it is more permeable, it will not hide cracks or breaking in your stucco.

Elastomeric paint is completely different from acrylic in that it is not as permeable. Elastomeric paint stretches, so although it will hide some cracks and breakage, it will also block the stucco’s ability to breathe fully. However, elastomeric paint is more water-resistant, which aids in stucco’s ability to protect your home from water. This paint is the more expensive option, and once you use elastomeric paint on your stucco, you should only cover it with more elastomeric paint.

In Closing

Having a black roof gives you a wide range of options when choosing a stucco color for your exterior. Choosing a color that makes you happy and enjoys looking at your home will always be the best decision!

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