What Color Stucco Goes With Red Brick? [7 of the Best Options!]

If your home’s exterior is partially red brick, what color stucco will work well with it? Stucco, a cement-based product, starts out as white or grey with optional added coloring. We’ve researched to see which of these colors coordinates well with red brick homes.

Here are some great stucco colors to go with red brick:

  • Tan
  • Creamy white
  • Ecru
  • Deep grey
  • Greige
  • White
  • Blue

We’re going to show you examples of each of these combinations. In addition, we’ll talk about how to go about picking stucco colors, how the colors are made, if you can paint stucco or leave it unpainted, and how long that paint job might last. So please, keep reading to find out more!

Florida home with stucco walls and red brick roofing, What Color Stucco Goes With Red Brick? [7 of the Best Options!]

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Great Stucco And Red Brick Home Exterior Combinations

Tan Stucco

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Red Brick & Tan Stucco Home

Here’s a gorgeous combination on this beautiful large traditional home. It looks like the stucco part of the home may be an addition, and rather than continuing the red brick, which might be hard to match, they chose to use stucco. This tan color works beautifully, picking up the subtle tans that are in the brick. The same tan has been used to paint the window trim on the red brick portion of the home.

Creamy White Stucco

An example of Midwest, USA residential building style, the old, quaint architecture features stucco and brick walls, red front door, and picture window looking out to the lawn

This arts and crafts bungalow plays with all of the brick colors when making additional color choices. They’ve painted the front door red. The trim is a dark brown that is only slightly darker than the roof shingles. And some of the windows are trimmed in natural stained wood. The stucco facing that makes up the upper half of the exterior walls is a rich creamy white, which works well with both the browns and the brick.

Ecru Stucco

Exterior of a modern house painted with ecru stucco pain with red brick on the wall, What Color Stucco Goes With Red Brick? [7 of the Best Options!]

This home features a light red brick on the lower portion of the exterior walls. The stucco faces have been colored a creamy, almost golden ecru color. The wood window trim is a slightly darker shade than the stucco walls. The tiled roof is a terracotta color that lands in the middle, tone-wise, between the brick and the stucco colors. It’s a really lovely look.

Deep Grey Stucco

[PIN id=”36239971984171022″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If you want something a bit more contemporary and less earthy, take a look at this gorgeous combination. A rich steely grey pairs with classic red brick for an unexpected look. The black window frames, complementary grey stairs, and soft whitish-grey trim really bring the look together for a stucco home that is unexpected and exciting. 

Greige Stucco

[PIN id=”338262622004049219″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Greige is a combination of a light grey and a light beige. It’s basically a slighter cooler-toned beige. This wonderful light color is beautifully neutral, and here we see it work surprisingly well with red brick. The darker grey-toned roof in both shingles and metal picks up the greys in the stucco, while the red picks up the stucco’s warmer tones. This is a very classy-looking combination.

White Stucco

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It’s hard to go wrong with a white and red brick combination. It’s super classic, whether it’s a combo of stucco and brick or siding and brick. The two are an always evergreen choice. Here they’re combined on a tall modern home. Window frames and roofing in deep chocolate brown compliment the two other colors really nicely.

Blue Stucco

[PIN id=”309552174392261198″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


While technically, this is more of a stucco home with red brick trim, it’s still a great example of this color combination. We could see the bottom half of the home being red brick like the columns are, and the home still has all of the same great appeal. We like that the blue tone is slightly lighter than the red of the bricks. White trim and darker blue shakes on the top eave rally finish out the home in a gorgeous fashion.

How Do You Choose A Stucco Color?

A typical American home with Stucco exterior, decorative stone veneer and asphalt roofing

Choosing a stucco color is no different than choosing any other exterior color for your home. You want to take the whole picture into consideration. Put the roof color, stucco color, trim color, and brick color together and make sure they all flow. The employees at your local paint stores can be super helpful if color choices aren’t your strong suit.

See our post here with other great stucco ideas: “15 Stunning Stucco House Ideas.”

What Is The Natural Color Of Stucco?

Stucco is made with Portland cement, sand, and lime. It hardens into a super durable material that’s great for a final finish for homes. Because of the inclusion of cement, most stucco is grey or white in overall tone before adding coloring. There are two basic base colors, white or grey, and all of the other colors build upon one or the other of these bases.

Is Stucco Painted Or Colored?

Two story house with black shutters, white trims and stucco exterior wall

Stucco bases are typically white or grey. So when your stucco is first put onto your home, the colors are achieved by adding concrete pigments to the base material. These pigments are in the same type of powder form as the natural stucco. If you’re using a synthetic stucco, then the color is added in a liquid form. These colors are sold specifically for stucco. It’s important to be consistent when mixing the color so that the colors don’t shift from batch to batch.

Now, if you live in a stucco home and the original color is starting to fade from the sun or become spotted due to age, mildew, and other elements, then you can repaint it to give it new life. If you’re painting your home a darker color than the original color, you may be able to do it in only one coat.

How Long Does Paint Last On Stucco?

Paint lasts for a pretty long time on stucco. If you have a professional-quality job done with professional-quality paints, then your stucco paint job should last between seven and ten years.

How Long Can You Leave Stucco Unpainted?

Because the base material of stucco has a color (white or grey) that comes from concrete, the pigment of paint has nothing to do with its durability. This is because the pigment powder is mixed into the stucco powder. That being said, some things can happen to your first coat of stucco over time. 

Luxurious modern home with stucco walls, red brick veneers and a huge driveway

If your stucco develops white streaks or white powder on its surface, this indicates an underlying moisture problem. You’ll want to have it checked out before painting. Your home can also settle and create cracks in the stucco. If they are large cracks, you’ll want to fill them. If they are hairline cracks, you’ll want to think about a new paint job to protect the house underneath. 

Other problems you’ll want to look for are cracking, peeling, blistering, or mold. With any of these, you’ll want to get to the root problem, fix it, then have your stucco home painted for continued protection.

House with stucco exterior, soffit boards, and sliding windows

Pick The Home Exterior You Love

Florida home with stucco walls and red brick roofing

Great curb appeal makes driving into your driveway each day a pleasure. So take your time choosing colors. Find examples you love. Look around your neighborhood to see if there’s a cohesive style. Check your HOA to make sure you’re not bound by certain color choices. And then, when you’ve decided, have fun with it!

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Exterior of a modern house painted with ecru stucco pain with red brick on the wall, What Color Stucco Goes With Red Brick? [7 of the Best Options!]

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