What Color Should I Paint My Front Porch?

You just moved into a new home, and you love everything about it. Well, almost everything about it. The current color of the porch is bugging you a bit, admittedly. You’d like it to be a different hue, but which one? We looked at a myriad of different home design sources to find the best ideas to inspire your porch painting!

The following paint colors are all appealing options for painting your porch:

  • Navy blue
  • Light gray/blue
  • Light gray
  • Gray-silver
  • Pale forest green
  • Pale blue
  • Off-white
  • Warm blue
  • Deep blue
  • Muted green

In this article, we’ll discuss more why the above colors work so well for many homes. We’ll also talk about whether your porch color has to match the rest of the house or if you want to paint the walls and floors of your porch two different colors. Keep reading!

Front porch of a traditional American home, What Color Should I Paint My Front Porch?

What Color Should I Paint My Porch?

Although your color options might seem limited, these hues aren’t chosen arbitrarily. Here’s why each collection of colors works so well for your home.


Your porch is a separate element from your home. When you use a striking exterior color for your house, such as a vivid blue, a variety of orange, or even some shade of red, you want to keep the porch understated. Light gray is ideal for that. Silvery gray enhances the details of your porch, making the architecture look especially impressive.

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If you’d rather make your porch the focal point, then a dark, deep blue is the paint color you want.

Pale blues work exceptionally well on certain porch accents, such as the shutters, ceiling, or railings. Blues with hints of gray add more color to your average gray without pushing an overwhelming amount of attention towards the house.

The Magical Quality Of Blue Porch Ceilings


You can also opt for greens for your front porch. Paler shades of green with some gray introduce feelings of tranquility that will make spending hours sipping drinks with friends on your porch a welcome proposition. Soft, muted greens blend in with the trees and nature around your property, expanding one’s point of view of the house and adding cohesiveness.

houses cottages with orange peach green outside exterior ...

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Should the Porch Color Be the Same Color as the House?

As you mull over your paint color options for your porch, there are plenty of options, from simple to vivid.

Play It Safe

One possibility you have is to choose the same color as the rest of your home for the porch as well.

If you have a fondness for the traditional, then this is the option you might choose. Sticking to one color like this makes your property feel open and more significant since the individual elements are harder to distinguish from one another.

Most homes that use a single-color scheme like this stick to safe neutrals such as gray, beige, or white. You might also buy two shades of the same color and then use a slightly darker version of that color to paint the porch stairs and railings. This adds dimension to your home and makes it more visually appealing.

Mix It Up

Luckily, matching your porch to your house is optional and all up to your tastes as a homeowner. If you already decided that you want to paint your home a brighter, bolder hue, or if the house came in a color that you like, you want to change your approach to the porch. In such a situation, painting the porch, the same color might be a little too brash.

Instead, you can stick to the colors highlighted above as safe picks that will make your porch–and, by extension, the rest of your home­–look great. You can also sample one color that’s already in your home’s exterior and use it for the porch.

To do that, take a color that recurs less often in your home’s exterior color scheme, such as the siding color, and then choose a complementary hue to that. Avoid a direct color match, so if the siding is a mid-toned blue, you could paint your porch a lighter blue. This still adds cohesiveness but prevents your home from being the brightest one on the block.

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What Color Should a Porch Floor Be Painted?

Your porch floor is your entryway into your home, but it’s admittedly not a spot that gets a lot of attention. As you’ve started painting the other parts of your porch, the floor has given you some pause. Should you continue painting the porch floor the same color as the rest of your porch or opt for a different hue entirely?

That depends on the material from which your porch floor is made. If your floor is wood, then you may prefer to stain it instead of paint it. What color is best for staining? Answer this question by looking at your home from the curb to see which colors are naturally occurring around the house.

Then, you can choose the color you like most, and that’s available as a stain and redo your porch floor in that hue.

You may also paint your wooden floors, or those made of concrete as well. The porch floor color doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the walls (and ceiling if your porch is enclosed). Instead, you can follow the trick from the last section and match your porch floor paint color to your home’s siding. You can even paint the walls one appealing hue, the ceiling another color, and then the poles and floors a neutral shade like white or gray, such as in this image here.



When it comes to painting your front porch, you’re never without options. Lighter hues like gray and shades of blue and green are the most complimentary. Whether you match your porch to the rest of your house or only the porch floors to the siding or railings is your choice. Have fun!


  1. My house has almond trim
    House color is light green. Burnt red front door. Storm door has almond trim
    Shutters are almond
    Want to put a vinyl railing on front entry steps
    White or almond.?
    All I see is white vinyl. How would that look

  2. My house is light tan/beige siding, black door & shutters, black lights on each side of door.
    Right now the porch floor (wood) is same as house….but I want a change . We are painting foundation darker Gray . Any ideas will be helpful Thanks

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