What Color To Paint My Kitchen Ceiling? [11 Options With Photos]

Are you considering updating the paint in your kitchen but aren't sure what color to paint the ceiling? Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the research to bring you the top color options for kitchen ceilings.

The best color options for kitchen ceilings are:

  1. White
  2. Light blue
  3. Tan
  4. Light gray
  5. Green
  6. Dark gray
  7. Navy blue
  8. Yellow
  9. Beige
  10. Brown
  11. Black

Using different colors can create different visual effects in your kitchen. Some colors can make the room look taller or larger, while others create a more cozy atmosphere. Keep reading to learn all about how each color will affect the space.

Luxury kitchen with bar style island, and hardwood floor, What Color To Paint My Kitchen Ceiling? [11 Options With Photos]

What Color Should A Kitchen Ceiling Be?

There are no set rules that dictate what color your kitchen ceiling has to be, and the style of the rest of the room and home can have a huge impact on the final decision. White is the most common choice for kitchen ceilings; as a neutral color, it fits in well in almost any kitchen. 

Should The Kitchen Ceiling Be The Same Color As The Walls?

The kitchen ceiling can be the same color as the walls, but this tends to work best with neutral colors. Using the same shade that is on the walls can result in a monotonous feeling, especially in smaller rooms.

A good rule of thumb, if you want to stick with the same color, is to vary the shade of the ceiling by choosing a color two shades lighter or darker than the walls. 

1. White

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Modern kitchen with black furniture and wooden floor

White is the most popular color option for any ceiling, including the kitchen. It's nearly fool-proof since it works with just about any other color to create a cohesive space.

This kitchen uses black cabinets, appliances, and countertops to contrast against the white ceiling. Ceramic cacti were used to add a pop of color to the room and create visual interest. 

2. Light Blue

Blue kitchen with cherry cabinets and shiny light floor.

Painting the kitchen ceiling light blue can make the space feel more open and natural. Light blue is reminiscent of the sky, tricking the eye into believing that the space is larger than it is. 

Blue paint complements natural wood tones nicely, making it a great option if your cabinets or flooring have a wood look.

Using white trim around the room can help break up the color so it doesn't overpower the space. In this image, the walls are a slightly darker blue to create contrast and make the ceiling look taller.

Prestige Paints In Blue Refrain

This light blue shade will work nicely to mimic the sky, and it's not so vibrant that it will overpower the room. It comes as a paint and primer in one, making the painting process quicker.

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3. Tan

Kitchen with all appliances and patio door

Use tan paint on a kitchen ceiling if you want to stick with neutral tones but want to avoid going with a bright white shade.

It can create slight contrast against darker or lighter colors to create a gentle impact without causing a distraction. Using a dark tan with lighter walls can make the room seem shorter, so this is a better option for high ceilings.

In this image, the ceiling was painted a lighter color than the cabinets to create slight contrast and brighten the space up. They also chose a backsplash in a darker tan shade than the ceiling. 

Montage Signature In Navajo White

This light tan shade is an excellent option for a kitchen ceiling. It's not so light that it will blend with white but not so dark that your ceiling will appear shorter.

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4. Light Gray

Minimalist concrete and wooden Kitchen with island and large windows

Painting your ceiling light gray can make a statement without overwhelming the space too much. Light gray used with dark-colored walls will make the ceiling appear taller. In this image, cabinets with natural wood tones were used to break up the space and add some color.

Montage Signature In Patina

This light gray shade is the perfect option for a kitchen ceiling. It's not overwhelming, but it's still very much noticeable.

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5. Green

Green kitchen room with built-in light brown cabinets

Shades of both light and dark green can be used on a kitchen ceiling successfully, but lighter shades tend to be favored. Minty, pale, or pastel shades of green tend to be easier to work with. Daker green shades are a little tougher to pair with wall coloring and quickly become the center of attention in a room.

The kitchen in this image uses wood cabinets and a shade of green reminiscent of herbs to bring a natural theme to the room. White trim is used to help define the space and help to brighten up the room.

Prestige Paints In Pastel Green

This soft green tone is an ideal shade for a kitchen ceiling. It's gentle enough to be easy on the eyes while adding some natural color to the room.

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6. Dark Gray

Interior of stylish kitchen with dark gray and brick walls, concrete floor, grey countertops and bar with stools, cupboard and picture with New York cityscape.

A dark-gray ceiling can create a dramatic and elegant space. A room with dark walls can make the space feel cozier. This matte gray was used throughout the room to create a significant impact. White granite countertops were used to break up the gray and add contrast.

7. Navy Blue

Painting a kitchen ceiling navy blue is a sure way to make a statement. This kitchen uses white walls and beams with a navy blue ceiling that comes down the walls slightly. It provides a coastal vibe that can't be beaten. In this kitchen, wood floors and a large wood table were used to add warmth to the room.

KILZ Tribute Interior Paint In Ruling Royalty

This dark navy blue is a rich and powerful paint color that will certainly draw the attention of guests. This paint formula includes paint and primer all in one for easy application.

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8. Yellow

Perfect kitchen with white interior, yellow walls, and glossy hardwood floor.

Pale or bright yellow shades work wonders on kitchen ceilings. These shades can brighten up a room with ease, creating a more cheerful environment.

In this kitchen, white cabinets and countertops were used to brighten up the room. Plants are used on top of the upper cabinets to add some natural pops of color to the room.

9. Beige

3d illustration. Beige modern interior kitchen with breakfast bar and empty wall.

In this kitchen, the beige ceiling and walls are contrasted against the white floor, cabinets, and countertop. Gold light fixtures and stools are used as an accent color to create interest in the space. 

Microblends Interior Paint In Cozy Cream

This beige paint has minute pink undertones that bear a feminine grace. These pink tones will complement warm accent colors in the rest of the room. 

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10. Brown

Brown isn't the first color that comes to most people's minds when considering a paint color for the ceiling, but it can have an extremely powerful impact when used properly.

In this kitchen, the brown ceiling contrasts against the light-colored walls. The countertop and dark wood floors carry the warmth of the ceiling through the room.

11. Black

Luxury apartment with living room interior and modern minimalist kitchen

While slightly unconventional, using black on your kitchen ceiling can leave a lasting impression and create a unique space.

This kitchen uses black paint for the ceiling with white cabinets for a dramatic new look that creates a crisp contrast. The open concept design of this kitchen allows the black portion of the ceiling to be surrounded by the white of the living room, creating the feeling of separation.

What Finish Should Ceiling Paint Have?

Walls receive more daily abuse than ceilings, so durability is very important when it comes to choosing wall paint. Paint with some glossiness tends to be more durable than flat or matte paints. For the ceiling, a flat or matte paint finish is preferable because it reflects less light.

What Type Of Paint Is Best For Kitchen Walls And Ceilings?

Any interior paint will work well, but it is important to use a good primer to protect the painted material's surface. Using a primer will help prevent the risk of mold and mildew from forming, which is important in kitchens because of the damp, humid nature of the room. 

In Closing

Now that you know all about the best paint color options for your kitchen ceiling, you're ready to start gathering paint cards and samples. Don't forget to consider the wall color of your kitchen and the color scheme in the rest of your home before settling on a paint color. Have fun redecorating and enjoy your new kitchen. 

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