What Color To Paint Pool Deck? [5 Options]

Personalizing an outdoor space is often easier said than done. You have to consider your personal style while also thinking about things like the weather and your landscaping. With that in mind, what color should you paint your pool deck?

You can paint your pool deck white, blue, beige, pink, or vibrant shades. You can also work with professionals to paint designs onto your deck.

Before you rush to the hardware store, consider what mood you want to set with your deck. Think about how you plan to protect your paint from long-term water damage as well. Once you've weighed aesthetic and practicality and found a balance between the two, you can start transforming your pool deck into the space you've always dreamed of.

Backyard with swimming pool in stylish home, What Color To Paint Pool Deck? [5 Options]

What Color To Paint Pool Deck?

You're not content with how your pool deck looks. That's natural, particularly if you've just invested in modifications or a new installation. As you're considering how to add more vibrancy to your space, you can consider how a burst of color can change the atmosphere—and functionality—of your pool deck.

The factors you'll want to consider as you're painting your pool deck include:

  • How your paint's color may impact the temperature of the deck
  • How the color will interact with nearby landscaping/local weather
  • How hardware stores may price their more vibrant paints

With that in mind, some of the best colors for your pool deck may include:

White Or Off-White

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your deck is to paint it white. Both bright whites and off-whites can brighten your space by drawing in more light.

What's more, white paint tends to reflect UV rays more effectively than darker shades. While your pool deck may still get hot throughout the summer, it's less likely to burn both paws and feet.

Swimming pool in beautiful park

What's more, white paint tends to go with any accessories you may want to introduce to your pool deck.

Because this color is relatively inoffensive, you can explore a more vibrant palette with your patio furniture and pool toys. You can even line your pool with a different color of paint if you want to add a pop to your backyard. 

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The one downside of a white deck is the paint's ability to make dirt and grime shine. If you're not regularly cleaning your pool deck, your landscaping may begin to stain the paint.

The longer you leave this damage unaddressed, the more likely it is that those stains will become permanent. You can work with professionals or on your own to develop a cleaning regime that will make the most out of your white paint.


Swimming pool in home garden with wooden floor

Beige paint, like white paint, tends to go with all manner of pool deck accessories. These paints, however, tend to be a little less abrasive than their brighter cousins. There's a risk, of course, of your beige paint blending in with your landscaping.

That said, some homeowners enjoy creating the illusion of a cohesive pool deck and backyard. If you want to create this illusion, or if you appreciate beige paint's ability to inoffensively mellow a space, then you can work with local professionals to find the paint for you.


Swimming pool with blue water at hotel

When you think about pools, you probably think of blue tile. Many homeowners paint or tile their pools blue so that the water looks brighter.

If you're feeling creative, you can carry this intention into the rest of your pool deck. Blue pool decks tend to be creative spaces that encourage as many lazy afternoons as they do late-night parties. 

For safety's sake, however, it's in your best interest to paint your pool deck a different shade of blue than your deck. The distinction between surfaces can help keep visiting loved ones safe, particularly if you've had to recently drain or clean your pool.

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Turquoise blue modern pool with polished metal ladders and pink concrete decking

When you think of a pool deck, pink likely isn't the color that first comes to mind. Pinks—and particularly pinks with an orange base—add warmth to your deck that doesn't increase the temperature.

More specifically, pinks bring light and atmosphere to your pool deck. Depending on how you choose to decorate the space, you can lean into the 80s vibe or modernize the look with accessories out of the West. 

Either way, the pink of your pool deck will let you introduce some of your own personality into your backyard.

If you have sons or need to reassure a husband that a pink pool deck is just as much for him as it is for you, don't worry. There are several types of pink paint available for use on your pool deck.

Cooler pinks tend to be lighter in color and don't bring as much "oomph" to a space, but there's still a place for them on your deck. Comparatively, orange and yellow-pinks tend to make a pool deck feel sunny.

Consider Hand-Painted Patterns On Your Deck

If you're the creative type, you don't have to confine yourself to a single color. The patient homeowner can transform a pool deck with a wide variety of colors.

You can use stencils to create geometric patterns or freehand a new look for your space. If you have kids, you can get them involved and create a deck that embodies your family's joy.

Your creative options are endless when faced with such a broad, blank canvas. So long as you take the steps you need to protect your pool deck from long-term wear, you can use whatever colors and designs you like to add a new pop to your space.

Use Other Materials To Beautify Your Deck

If a new paint job isn't satisfying your need to personalize your pool deck, don't worry. There are other materials that you can use to personalize this space.

Tile, for example, comes in a wide variety of colors. You can customize your tile based on your preferred designs. You can even get creative with your grout if you want to vary its color.

If your pool deck is made out of wood, you can experiment with different kinds of stains. Certain stains even marry their coloring with waterproofing elements, making them particularly useful out by your pool.

You can also consider what impact accessories may have on your pool deck. Professional landscaping can transform a pool deck from a cement jungle into a personal paradise.

Shopping For Pool Deck Paint: What To Look For

Your local hardware store likely has the paint you need to take your pool deck from drab to fab. What features should you look for when investing in pool deck paint, though?

First and foremost, make sure that the paint you buy will work with the material you've used to make your pool deck.

For example, there are some paints that don't bind well with concrete or that won't be as vibrant when used on wood. You need your paint to suit your material if you want your redecoration efforts to be worth the expense.

You can also look for waterproof paint. While you may still want to invest in additional waterproofing means, waterproofing your deck while painting it can help you get ahead of any damage that might shorten your pool's lifespan.

Finally, make sure that the color of paint you invest in matches your expectations. Most hardware stores let you take a closer look at the paint you're interested in before you take it home.

The last thing you want to deal with is a paint color that doesn't match your expectations. You can even test your paint of choice on materials like wood or concrete to determine how your deck's make might impact the paint's vibrancy.

Should You Waterproof A Freshly Painted Deck?

It is always in your best interest to waterproof your pool deck. You can work with the contractors who install your deck to ensure that the base material is as safe as it can be from both the rain and pool runoff.

You can then make sure that any paint you introduce into the equation both preserves the original waterproofing and won't immediately be washed away by the rain.

This waterproofing process does more than preserve the hard work you put into your deck redecoration. It also extends the lifespan of your pool deck.

When you can protect your pool deck from premature warpage, rot, or other forms of damage, you can continue to use it for many happy years to come. You can even keep family members and guests safe from harm.

In Closing

Your pool promises to be the hot spot this summer—and not just because it'll help you cool down as the temperature ticks upward. The more welcoming you make your pool deck, the more enjoyable those long days in the sun are going to be.

You can paint your pool deck all sorts of colors, from simple beiges to vibrant pinks. So as to prevent your deck from retaining unwanted heat, most paints can help you transform your deck into an aesthetically-pleasing space.

Experiment with the paints and waterproofing materials at your local hardware store to find the look that best suits your taste.

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