What Color Towels For A Black And White Bathroom?

Black and white is a fantastic color combination for bathrooms because it is simple and timeless. If you have an existing black and white bathroom or are planning to remodel with those shades, you might ask yourself what color towels will look best in a black and white bathroom? That's a great question, and the good news is that we've done the research for you and found the answer!

Since black and white are neutral colors, there are endless possibilities for choosing a towel color. The absolute best color towels for your black and white bathroom are:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Grey
  • White
  • Black

Whether you are going for a modern theme in your black and white bathroom or a classic look, or if you want to add a hint of color or keep things monochromatic, finding the perfect shade of towels for your black and white bathroom can make all of the difference.  Keep reading for some great tips on choosing just the right towel color for your space.

Elegant white and black design of bathroom, What Color Towels For A Black And White Bathroom?

Best Color Towels For Black And White Bathrooms

Since indoor plumbing began, black and white bathrooms have been a fixture in homes. Many black and white bathrooms try and maintain a classic, nostalgic look reminiscent of the past, but in recent years, the black and white bathroom has evolved into a more modern design scheme.

No matter what look you are going for; there are no rules for decorating a black and white bathroom. The reason for this is that black and white are such simple and versatile colors that you have many options. Anything will match. 

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dark gray towel prepared on the bathroom

Some experts believe that a black and white bathroom should remain entirely black and white without any color. Although an all-black and white bathroom is a classic look, not everyone wants a room completely devoid of color. The easiest way to overcome this is to subtly add a bit of color, and decorating with towels is a really simple way. You can opt for bright colors to add excitement or choose bold, darker colors to add some drama.

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the best towel colors for a black and white bathroom:

1. Pink

If you want to jazz up your black and white bathroom with a bit of feminine flair, pink towels will do the trick. Pink not only adds a wealth of color to a room, but it is also fun and youthful. You can have the modern bathroom you like, but with some charm.

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2. Red

Red is a bold color, and red towels can add the excitement you're looking for in a black and white bathroom. Too much red can overwhelm a space, but a small shock of red in a room without any color is striking and sophisticated.

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3. Green

Green is a vibrant shade that will look stunning in a black and white bathroom. Lime green and emerald green pair beautifully with black and white, but there are countless other shades of green to choose from, and any of them will provide a lovely contrast with black and white.  

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4. Teal

Teal is an exciting and bold color, so what better way to spice up your black and white bathroom than with some gorgeous blue-green towels? The brightness of teal will add just the right amount of personality and pizazz to your bathroom.

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5. Grey

 Grey towels are a stylish way to decorate your black and white bathroom. Not only is grey a popular interior design color these days, but it will also look fantastic with a black and white backdrop. Grey keeps with the tones in the room, but it offers a bit of contrast, so things don't get too boring in the space. 

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6. White 

White is an obvious choice for a black and white bathroom,  but it's also the most popular towel color. Although it might seem boring, adding white towels to a black and white bathroom will keep things simple and aesthetically balanced.

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7. Black

Black towels will look amazing in a black and white bathroom. Not only will a black and white bathroom maintain its classic appeal with black towels, but black towels can also create a more modern vibe. There is also the option to mix and match black towels and white towels, or you can buy towels that are both black and white for a unique look. 

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What Is The Best Color For Bathroom Towels

Across the board, the consensus is that white is the best color for bathroom towels. White towels match anything, and they give off a vibe of sophistication. White towels are also a great choice because they don't fade the way colored towels do. Not to mention, you will always be able to see any dirt on white towels and know when it is time for the wash.

If you don't love the idea of having plain white towels, then there are plenty of other color options to choose from, depending on your personal preference and the existing colors in your bathroom.

Should Bathroom Towels Be The Same Color As The Walls?

White floor tiles and wall with a little bit of black and white towel hangging

You might wonder if your towels should match your wall color in the bathroom? Not so, say the experts. Like anything else, you will want to take into consideration the color of the walls when choosing towel colors and opt for towels that complement the wall color and don't clash with them.

On the flip side, matching your towels to the wall color can be aesthetically pleasing. However, if your walls are an unusual color, trying to find towels to match exactly might be difficult, so a better idea would be to try and match the accents in the bathroom, the vanity, or the tile in the shower or on the floor.

Should You Have Matching Towels?

Black and white interior design of bathroom with towels

Many people prefer to have all one color towel in their bathroom, but there is something to be said for having a bathroom with a few different towel colors. Make sure that the colors you choose don't clash with each other, and opt for colors that compliment the existing shades in your bathroom.

Another interesting option is to choose towels that are the same color but a shade darker or a shade lighter than the other. Doing this will avoid monotony in your bathroom.

To Conclude

Elegant white and black design of bathroom

Choosing the right color towels for your black and white bathroom doesn't need to take a lot of time. Decide if you want a splash of color in the room or if you want to keep things entirely black and white.

Just about any color towel you choose will fit in perfectly, and you can easily change your towels if you change your mind in the future.  The great thing about having a bathroom that matches just about everything is the sky is the limit! 

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