What Color Towels For A Gray Bathroom?

Bathroom walls and fixtures are not the only things you should pay attention to when decorating your bathroom. Towel colors also have a way of making or breaking your bathroom's aesthetic since we hang them constantly. You must be wondering what towel colors work best with your gray bathroom, so we have researched expert design opinions to find out!

Your color options depend on the kind of mood you want your bathroom to exude. Gray is a neutral color, so in theory, any color should seamlessly match it. However, different colors communicate different emotions.

  • Bright yellow towels make the bathroom brighter
  • Navy blue towels keep it simple
  • Terracotta adds a touch of unconventionality
  • Turquoise gives a beachy vibe
  • White towels keep things minimalist and classic
  • Mustard yellow is a muted yet cheerful tone
  • Patterned towels create texture to add personality
  • Charcoal gives a more structured, masculine appeal
  • Pastel pink towels add a softer touch
  • Deep green creates a deep, earthy look

These color choices evoke a different mood, so it all really depends on your preferences. There are other aesthetics that might inspire you and make your bathroom more unique. If you are interested to learn more about elevating your look, keep reading below!

Three white rolled towels with candles on the side and essential oils, What Color Towels For A Gray Bathroom?

What Color Towels For A Gray Bathroom?

To make things easier for you, we have categorized different color towels for specific aesthetics. Towels can make your bathroom look more elegant, or they can downgrade it depending on your design choices. 

Here are different towel colors that will blend with each aesthetic.

Soft and bright

A pink towel hanged inside a boho themed bathroom with a ladder divider

Soft and bright colors call for the usual favorites--pinks, yellows, and corals. However, you need to pay attention to the shade. Some shades of pink and yellow can be too neon, making it visually striking yet heavy on the eyes. 

If you want a softer yet vibrant look, go for their pastel counterparts. Seafoam pink can soften the gray interior--which has a reputation of being too drab or plain. 

Pastel pink, yellow, and light coral will give your bathroom a more feminine flair and give off a softer personality. You can add gold accents for a more elegant touch, or you can stick to pops of pink for a more retro vibe.

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Two rolled towels inside a wooden cabinets with a brick tiled backsplash

If you want to lean into the seriousness of gray interiors, go for complementary shades. Navy blue, bold browns, and darker grays can make your bathroom look more industrial and modern.

These colors will tidy up your bathroom's look, creating a no-nonsense color scheme for a sleek and clean look. These colors schemes are common in masculine spaces, but you can add your own twist to them to add personality. 

For example, adding plants or succulents to your bathroom space can liven up your bathroom and make it more relaxing. Gray has a reputation for being draining, so adding pops of color will do best.

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Patterned and textured

Patterned towel fabrics such as retro or animal prints add a burst of energy to any grey space. Your grey interior will be able to balance out the vibrant prints, and it will not be visually overwhelming. 

The prints will add personality to the space and make it more visually interesting.

Patterns you choose will also determine a different aesthetic. Prints such as sun rays and geometric shapes will give more of a retro vibe, while animal prints will pair perfectly with a nature-inspired design.

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A wooden container for bathroom and grooming essentials

If you want to go the minimalist route, stick to the neutrals--beige, white, or gray. These towel colors have a wider range, so you can give them a personal twist to avoid plainness. 

Minimalist designs do not have to be boring. If you want neutral-colored towels, choose ones with a simple pattern that can still add personality to your gray bathroom.

There are a variety of minimalist towel patterns available. For example, subtle animal prints in black and white add uniqueness to your space without being too vibrant and attention-grabbing. 

The key is to look for prints that still add visual stimuli to your gray bathroom without being overpowering like retro prints. 

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Beachy vibes

Three different sizes of sky blue colored towels inside a white bathroom

Colors that are reminiscent of beaches are easy to add to your color scheme. Turquoise, shades of soft yellow, and coral are all the colors you need to recreate tropical vacation-inspired designs. 

For a beachy vibe, choose towel colors that add refreshing energy to your gray bathroom. Incorporate turquoise into your towels, then add accents of coral and yellow on your rugs, hand towels, and bathroom curtains. 

You can also combine these color schemes with other earth-toned, minimalist, or patterned fabrics. Do not be afraid to play with texture and designs.

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Earth-toned palette

A rolled brown towel on vanity area inside a brown tiled bathroom

Earth-toned colors such as terra cotta, deep green, brown, beige, and yellow create the perfect palette for a gender-neutral and earthy look. Rugs, towels, and accents in these colors can make your gray bathroom more appealing and unique.

Remember that gray is a blank canvass when you design your bathroom. A gray interior is just waiting for a personal twist, and it is up to you to add your own flavor to it. 

Gray by itself is drab and serious, but towels can be a great accent to make the bathroom stand out. 

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How Can You Accessorize Bathrooms?

When it comes to decorating bathrooms, it is all about accessorizing. Even minimalist designs depend on accessories to make the space more comfortable and welcoming. 

Neutral-toned walls are better at accommodating different aesthetics. You can throw in complementary or contrasting colors, depending on your preference.

Here is how you can effectively accessorize your bathroom to make it more visually appealing.


A pink boho themed bathroom with modern fixtures and accessories

Your accents should follow your personal style. For an elegant vibe, go for gold or silver accents for the mirror, organizer, or countertops. 

Take advantage of your fixtures too. Rose-gold or brass-plated faucets can elevate your bathroom too; as well as light fixtures and bathtubs. 

For a rustic appeal, wood furnishings are your best friend. Keep your decorations textured, preferably in an earth tone. 

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Follow your color scheme

If you want a visually neat appearance, stick to your color scheme. You can go bold every once in a while, but be careful not to make it visually chaotic. 

For soft color palettes, you can never go wrong with neutral accents. You can also go for vintage accents such as an antique mirror frame--the contrast will be lovely.

Masculine color schemes can pair well with wood accents and earth-inspired decors like succulents and rattan organizers. 

You can also add waterproof wallpaper on one side of the bathroom to make it homier. 

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Should towels match the bathroom curtain?

Ideally, you should match your bathroom curtain with your towels. This creates a more uniform and elegant look. However, there are other design methods that you can try, such as contrasting or complementing. 

As long as they belong to the same color palette, you can mix up your bathroom curtain and towels. You can even try to incorporate prints on either one for a unique quality. 

Contrasting colors are also ideal. For example, a deep green shower curtain will be lovely next to a crisp white towel. Play with colors and textures to have a personal touch!

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Should towels match the bathroom rug?

Just like towels and shower curtains, you can add your own style by mixing and matching rugs and towels. You can match the colors exactly if you want to go the classic route, or you can look for rugs that will create an interesting contrast.

You can always combine colors as long as they complement one another. 

Final Thoughts

Three white rolled towels with candles on the side and essential oils

Gray is an adaptable color that you can artfully take advantage of. It all depends on the mood you want the bathroom to have and your personal style.

Your bathroom fabrics do not have to match one another exactly--having a play of colors can transform your gray bathroom dramatically. As with all design projects, go with your gut and vision!

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