What Color Trim Goes With Gray Walls?

Gray can be a dramatic wall color choice, creating elegance and inspiring calm. But, what color trim can you use with gray walls to coordinate without clashing? Gray can be a tricky color to work with, but you could create a masterpiece with the right trim. We done the research to create an in-depth guide to help you choose the perfect trim color for your gray walls. 

Trim Colors For Gray Walls:

  1. White
  2. Off-White 
  3. Natural Wood
  4. Blue
  5. Gray
  6. Black
  7. Black And White Combination

The trim color you use will determine the room's atmosphere; depending on the style you are going for, some of these options may work better than others. Gray walls can be the perfect solution with the right trim color, whether you are trying to achieve a coastal look or a modern look. Keep reading to learn more about using these trim colors and what kind of styles they lean towards.

A classical empty room interior with wooden floors, gray walls and decorated with white moulding, What Color Trim Goes With Gray Walls?

Trim Colors for Gray Walls

1. White

White trim with gray walls can create a dramatic contrast that will certainly spark conversation in your home. A bright white trim with dark or mid-gray wall color will draw the eye, and using a wide, chunky trim material will create a feeling of luxury. As a neutral color, white tends to work well with any other color.

Snow White by Montage Signature

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This bright, crisp, white hue is perfect to create a striking contrast. This color is very bright, with little to no warm undertones, presenting a cold hue that stands out.

Close up of a traditional, intricate Georgian cornice moulding on the interior of an Edinburgh flat

2. Off-White

If you aren't trying to create a dramatic contrast, off-white trim may be a better option for you. More subtle color is usually preferred for the trim on light gray walls. This can help draw less attention if your trim is flawed and creates a more calming effect. Off-white can include warm whites, light cream colors, or very light beige shades.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Simply White is a warm white shade that compliments almost every other shade and color. This shade is a favorite of many professional designers due to its complementary nature.

Interior of a modern boho themed living room

3. Natural Wood

Wood trim against a gray wall is a thing of beauty. This look is versatile,too; using a rich, dark stain on the trim can provide a classy and chic look. Using weathered wood for the trim can provide a coastal beachy vibe. A knotty wood for the trim will give a rustic cabin look. You are bound to find a stain or natural wood product to fit your needs, no matter the shade of gray you are using. The possibilities are unique, gorgeous, and endless.

Interior of a rustic boho themed living room

4. Blue 

A light gray wall with blue trim can help to create a coastal feel. This look feels vintage and timeless and inspires a feeling of elegance and charm. Blue and gray can be tricky to mix, but it's definitely worth it when done right.

Shower of Spring by Microblend

This gray-blue shade will compliment gray walls well, providing a coastal retreat atmosphere. Its light tones make it easy to look at, but it could really pop against the right color gray.

5. Gray

Using the same gray color on the trim and walls can create a striking look and make the room look and feel larger. Using a light gray for the walls and a darker gray for the trim provides a gentle contrast. A dark-gray wall with light gray trim will have a similar appearance with very gentle contrast.

Pheonix Fossil by Glidden

This gorgeous medium gray is sure to turn heads. Not too light and not too dark, it's a great solution for trim or walls.

Interior of a boho themed living room with purple chairs and wooden flooring

6. Black

Black trim on gray walls produces a sophisticated and serene atmosphere. Mixing two dark colors in this manner is best for large rooms, as it can make small rooms appear smaller. Consider using bright flowers and accent furniture to make the colors really pop. 

Black Magic by Glidden

This black color from Glidden is perfect for trim and hides some lighter gray undertones that would match gray walls well. 

Ultra rustic and industrial themed living room

How Do You Choose Trim Color?

To choose the perfect trim color for your walls, you will want to start with research. Go to a website like Pinterest to find inspiration, use your wall color as your guide. Once you find some options that pique your interest, head to the paint store and pick up some paint chips to use as a visual. Take the paint chips home, and test them under various lighting to make sure it fits the look you are going for.

After this, you will probably have it narrowed down to a handful of options. Head back to the store and pick up some samples and a piece of poster board. Cut the poster board into molding-sized strips and paint them with your selected trim samples. Once they dry, you can use some painter's tape to tape the poster board samples to your trim, allowing you to make a final decision.

Should Trim Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

This depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Using a lighter trim color on darker walls will help to lighten the room up, making the wall color more vibrant. Using a dark trim on light-colored walls will focus on windows and doorways, taking the edge of the wall color. Painting the crown molding a darker color can also make the ceiling look taller.

Should Trim And Ceilings Be The Same Color?

No, they don't have to be the same color, but they can be if you like the way it looks. Painting the ceiling and the trim in the same color can help to unite the colors in the room, but it can also diminish the trim's impact. Try using the poster board sample method to help you decide if this is the right choice for you; you may find you like contrasting colors more.

What Is The Most Popular Trim Color?

Warm whites are the most popular trim color because they have an uncanny ability to tie in well with just about any other shade. Warm whites are a safe choice for any room; the neutrality of white mixed with the cozy undertones in warm white shades allow it to blend easily with bold or bright walls. 

Dove White by Benjamin Moore

This warm white from Benjamin Moore is popular among many designers for its rich undertones and its ability to match just about any shade.

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Gray Payday

Your gray walls can be brightened up or simmered down with the right trim color. Now that you know some great trim color options and how they can be used, you're ready to start brainstorming.! Be creative, have fun, and get your brushes ready so that gray color will really pay off.

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