What Color Trim Goes With Repose Gray Walls?

A beautiful mix of beige and gray, greige is one of the new and upcoming colors in home decor. Repose gray is one of Sherwin Williams' most popular paint colors and works well with many different shades of trim. 

With all of the beautiful trim options out there, choosing the right trim shade can seem like an overwhelming task. We have searched several sources to bring you an inclusive selection of colors of trim to go with your repose gray walls. 

Greige is a very popular shade for interior walls, in part, due to its versatility. This gray pairs beautifully with a wide range of trim colors from one end of the color spectrum to the other and a few in between. 

Pairing repose gray with different trim colors can create a variety of looks in your home. We will discuss the following trim color options in further depth as follows:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Light golden-brown
  4. Medium orange-brown
  5. Dark brown
  6. Charcoal gray
  7. Black
  8. White walls with repose gray trim

Finding the perfect trim color to go with your repose gray walls is only one of many questions you may encounter during your project. You may wonder what color carpets should be used and whether repose gray complements brown furniture. 

You may find yourself asking if repose gray is too dark or what shade is darker than repose gray. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics—keep reading!

Small basement room interior with grey walls and white trim, What Color Trim Goes With Repose Gray Walls?

1. White

Leather sofa and living room with open door with grey walls.

Nothing creates a crisp clean look like stark white trim paired with your repose gray walls. White trim is classic but can still add a modern detailed look to your space. 

Warm up the look of your home by pairing this gray-and-white color combination with some toasty brown furniture and wood flooring. Bring some bright colors into your room for some added depth and complexity. 

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Wainscoting panels

Create a modern nautical feel in any space by using wainscoting panels. Typically painted white, these panels add tons of charm and character to any space in your home. 

This decorative method works very well in entryways and hallways to add the illusion of space. These panels can help to tone down a color or brighten dark areas in your home for a soft clean contrast. 

2. Cream

Grey wall grey cabinet and laptop style with black chair.

Creamy shades of neutral will tone down most color palettes. Using cream and gray together brings a certain modern sophistication to your space. 

Stark white shades look crisp and clean but muted cream colors add a subtle welcoming warmth to any area. This color combination is soothing yet stylish. 

3. Light golden-brown

Brown colors come in a variety of shade choices with several different undertones. Golden shades of brown are light and airy, pairing great with repose gray for a subtle glow in your home. 

This color combination is subtle yet warm, creating a welcoming ambiance. Pairing light golden-brown shades with repose gray creates a muted contrast that is eye-catching, yet not overwhelming. 

4. Medium orange-brown

Because orange and blue are located directly across from each other on the standard color wheel, light orangy shades of wood trim will accentuate the blue tones in repose gray. This color combination is fun,  bright, and sure to turn heads. 

Citrusy shades of orangey-brown wood trim will liven up your color palette without being overbearing. Splashes of crisp white accents will add some detail and dimension to this look and help to tone down this bold color scheme. 

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5. Dark brown

Lighter shades are typically used for painting trim in your home, but this doesn't have to be the case. Deep espresso-brown trim can be an interesting choice when it comes to choosing accent colors.

Although it is not for everyone, dark brown trim can create a welcoming touch to your repose-colored walls. Choose a deep chocolatey shade of brown for your trim to create a clean contemporary look. 

6. Charcoal gray

Create a bold yet soft contrast by using a deep gray trim color to pair with your repose gray walls. Using two different shades of gray within the same color family for your walls can add an element of depth and dimension to your space. 

Use accent pieces such as curtains or rugs in the two different shades of gray for a cohesive look. Wall art in vivid colors can help add some life to a double-gray space. 

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Two-toned walls

Use a two-toned method for painting your walls as an alternative to different trim colors. To make your walls appear higher, use a lighter shade (such as repose gray) on the top portion of your wall and a darker shade on the bottom.

Using the darker shade on the top portion of your wall with a lighter shade on the bottom can make your ceilings appear lower. Whichever method you decide to use to divide your wall, separate the two colors with a crisp white trim piece. 

7. Black

For a crisp modern addition to your space. consider black trim to accent your repose gray walls. Black trim can make small spaces seem even smaller, so it works well in larger spaces. 

Flat finishes of black shades work best for a modern polished look. White accents can help tone down this powerful color pairing and brighten your entire space. 

8. White walls with repose gray trim

While repose gray is an excellent choice for a wall paint color, it can also be used for trim. This method works especially well with white walls. 

Painting your trim repose gray against white walls creates a soft modern look that is unique and eye-catching. Use gray furniture to create a cohesive look in your space. 

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Should the carpet be lighter or darker than the walls?

Stylish interior design of living room with modern mint sofa, wooden console, cube, coffee table, lamp, plant, mock up poster frame, pillows, plaid, decoration and elegant accessories in home decor.

Your wall color should be at least two shades lighter than your carpet color. However, if you choose a dark wall color, consider a lighter-colored carpet to add some contrast to your space. 

Darker-colored carpets are bold and can create a warm cozy look. It is helpful to choose a carpet color first because it is easier to change your wall color than it is to change the carpet. 

Does repose gray go with brown furniture?

Shades of greige may not seem likely to pair with brown furniture but the pairing works exceptionally well. Try this color combination for a rustic and cozy look in your space. 

Lighter shades of wood or lighter brown furniture tend to bring out the warmer undertones in repose gray. Use deeper espresso brown shades to highlight cooler undertones in this shade.  

Is repose gray too dark?

Repose gray is neither too light nor too dark, which is why it comes highly recommended by realtors to clients trying to sell their homes. This shade works in any space in your home or throughout the entire place. 

This gray is on the warmer side of neutral greige colors but can look cool under some circumstances. With its slight blue and violet undertones, repose gray can look cool in north-facing or poorly lit rooms or spaces. 

What is one shade darker than repose gray?

Modern interior design of a living room in an apartment, house, office, bright modern interior details and sun rays from the window against the background of concrete walls.

Mindful gray is on the lighter side of the very popular greige color swatch and is one shade darker than repose gray. One shade lighter than Dorian gray, mindful gray is considered a mid shade that makes a beautiful wall color. 

Mindful gray contains a slightly warm undertone but is overall neutral, pairing with many different colors. White accents work beautifully with mindful gray for a brilliant sharp accent color. 

Final thoughts

Wall and trim colors make one of the biggest impacts when it comes to room decor. Choosing the right trim color to pair with your walls may seem like an afterthought, but it can totally transform the look of your space. 

With all of the available looks when it comes to wall trim color, finding the right one for your space can seem daunting. We hope that the above selection of trim colors for your repose gray walls has helped you in your home decor project. 

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