What Color Walls Go With Burgundy Carpet?

Installing burgundy carpet is a bold choice, so you might be wondering what color you should paint your walls to create an ideal scene. After all, painting all of the walls can demand a lot of time and effort, so it’s important to prepare and save money in the long run. We have carefully researched what color walls will go with burgundy carpet.

If you have burgundy carpet, the best wall colors to accompany your floor should either highlight or soften its striking personality. Some good choices are:

  • White, gray, and black
  • Brown, beige, and cream
  • Yellow or orange
  • Blue or green

Because burgundy is such a rich color, it can be tricky to pair a burgundy floor with the right wall colors. Keep reading to learn how different neutrals and colors will create unique interior designs, including various cozy browns and bolder choices like purple. Without further ado, let's get into it.

A gorgeous fireplace painted with gray and flowers on the side for decoration and burgundy carpet up front, What Color Walls Go With Burgundy Carpet?

What paint colors go well with burgundy?

Burgundy is a darker shade of red, which is a very warm primary color. But burgundy also includes hints of purple, just like the wine it was named after. This makes burgundy carpet a little cooler, but it also feels more fancy and loud.

A burgundy carpet in front of the fireplace with gray painted mantel and flowers for decoration

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As such, you may choose colors that either enhance the strength of burgundy or help subdue it. This can be achieved by using neutrals or colors with different temperatures. Certain colors may also create more specific interior designs that make burgundy carpet feel like the right fit.

White, Gray, and Black

Neutrals have no true color, making them highly flexible and invaluable for almost any interior design. Because burgundy has such a big personality, using neutrals on your walls can reduce the visual noise.


The most commonly used paint for any home, white is always ideal for walls because it makes the surface area appear larger, and the room will look brighter.

Experts agree that this is because white reflects the most light. White paint is also generally cheaper, which is useful when you want to repaint an entire house.

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The hot temperature of white will align with burgundy carpet without letting your home feel too cluttered or overwhelming. This is a great way to highlight the burgundy carpet or even let it become the focal point of the room.

It also fits the gradient formula for interior designs. Most rooms are styled to have darker floors and grow brighter as you move towards the ceiling. This makes sure that all of the decor feels grounded on a clear foundation.

Gray and Black

These neutrals will work alongside the purple in your burgundy carpeting, instead. Gray and black have cool, heavy temperatures that will help you hide burgundy carpet.

They are often considered to feel stiff and modern because gray and black are so smooth and simple. That nature will create contrast with artsy burgundy carpet. However, your decor can still be used to create a bridge between the walls and carpeting.

Does brown go with burgundy? 

Brown is only a “near neutral,” so it is just as flexible as ordinary neutrals without feeling too overwhelming. Because brown is often thought to look like a pale, darker form of orange, it will match with the red in your burgundy carpet.

More importantly, brown is associated with earthy scenery such as dirt, sand, and trees. This will strongly agree with burgundy because red can also be a very earthy color.

For example, southwestern interior designs specifically focus on using many variations of red and brown. Lighter browns like beige and cream will resemble sand more than forests. This creates a dusty, desert look that feels warm all year.

A luxurious master bedroom with burgundy carpet, wooden cabinets and beige colored walls

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Styles like that which are meant to feel vibrant will make burgundy carpet feel like a perfect fit. This works even when you choose to focus on the coolness of burgundy’s cool purple hints.

Beige and cream can be used again but this time to create a coastal interior design. Coastal designs are also known as nautical or beach house styles, and they often incorporate orange or red in their design.

Both the red and purple in the burgundy carpet can then work together to become a coral foundation. Create a little contrast with splashes of oceanic blues in the decor while a white and beige background lets the carpet pop instead of blending in.

What colors go good with burgundy and brown?

Pairing burgundy with brown automatically sets an earthy tone for your home. So, other earthy or flowery colors like blue, green, yellow, and red should fit nicely. Different shades will create a bolder or quieter scene, such as a deep navy blue versus a gentle sky blue.

But colorful additions will draw the attention away from your burgundy features. You can use even more neutrals to shift the focus of your room onto the burgundy.

However, since neutrals can quickly become stale, white would be the safest way to keep the room from becoming too boring.

If you want to avoid typical scenes like a beach house or desert, there are still plenty of alternatives. For example, an abstract or arts and crafts interior design will invite other vibrant features which would balance out the burgundy.

Yellow or Orange

Because burgundy carpet is both cool and warm, you need to work around its personality more than its temperature.

Yellow and orange are among the loudest colors for your walls, so you’d be doubling down on making a statement. Both colors are also close to red on the color wheel. And since brown is sometimes considered a very pale orange, everything fits.

There are a surprising number of ways to use yellow and orange walls for a balanced room. It all comes down to putting together a clear and clever interior design.

Using a design inspired by settings such as an Italian, Mexican, or African style will naturally invite a combination of yellows, oranges, reds, and purples. They each have their own way of balancing that out, often with brown decor that emphasizes nature.

This angle can be extended into creating a broader garden setting. Red and purple can be considered flowery colors too, so using yellow or orange walls can feel like a cozy greenhouse stroll.

Then again, you might go in the opposite direction and create a retro scene. Features from the sixties and seventies were designed to pop, so yellow and orange walls would be favorites.

Blue or Green

This is yet another pair of options to work with the earthy appeal of burgundy carpet. Blue and green are both largely associated with nature, from clear skies to foliage.

Because purple actually sits right between red and blue on a traditional color wheel, blue will agree with both of the shades in burgundy carpet. But blue is also naturally cool, no matter what shade you use.

Green is the warmer option, but because it is so strictly fixed within nature imagery, it is less flexible than blue. Still, green is opposite from red on the color wheel, which can create a more lively contrast.

Do purple and burgundy go together?

Burgundy already has shades of purple in its nature, which would likely make purple walls too overwhelming. Walls simply take up too much surface area in the home.

In fact, purple walls alone are already difficult to work with. They represent a royal theme or a cool evening. They are highly unique and rich. However, softer variations like lavender may be more ideal, again circling back to flowers and nature.

And pairing burgundy carpet with carefully balanced purple decor should work just fine. The purple colors will tie the room together nicely so long as the rest of the room isn’t smothered. Accent pieces like throw pillows or curtains can be enough.

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In Closing

A gorgeous fireplace painted with gray and flowers on the side for decoration and burgundy carpet up front

You might be stuck with burgundy carpet in your new home. Or maybe you feel like restyling with a bold new personality.

Either way, it’s important to find the right wall colors for your flooring, especially when it’s so unique. Now that it’s clear what relationship the best colors and neutrals will have with burgundy carpet, you can make it pop or blend in as desired.

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