What Color Walls Go With Orange Flooring?

Orange is a cool color, vibrant and upbeat, making it an interesting yet intimidating color to match. If you have orange flooring and wonder what colors will pair best to choose for your walls, you've found the right place! We've scoured the internet to find designer tips and the best color pairing options for orange, so this floor color won't overwhelm your wall paint.

Orange flooring matches best with complementary colors. Warm hues and orange shades make walls, cabinetry, and even furniture stand out. These are some of the colors that pair best with orange flooring:

  1. Pastels - Colors with low saturation; subtle, muted colors that can appear neutral.
  2. Complimentary - Colors that contrast with each other; in direct opposition to the color scheme.
  3. Analogous - Any three colors next to each other creates a monochromatic visual.
  4. Light and Shadow - Colors in the orange range. A clashing color with only an orange hue.

Knowing your color scheme will help you determine the right color combination for your wall paint with orange floors. This article will help you understand your color choices and build your home, inspiring your personality and character. Let's dig in!

3d illustration of living room with big orange sofa - What Color Walls Go With Orange Flooring

What color to paint your walls?

Nowadays, some people want the trend, the mainstream design of anything related to homes. Orange flooring, for instance, is a rarity in an environment where the achievable look is monochromatic or neutral.

Spicing up your home can be tricky, especially if you have vibrant floors. It's challenging to match a large area in a home - the walls. The question, however, is what color walls will best suit a refined taste for your orange floors.

Pastel or Neutral Colors

Neutrals are a group of pastel colors that lack saturation. These colors are often used in contemporary styles and concepts in interior design. While the tones are pale, the changes create a calming vibe in the living space.


Real photo of poster with geometric pattern hanging on the wall with wainscoting in dark living room interior with fresh plant, sofa with cushions and metal end table with decor

Grays, used in modern design, are used in anything everywhere. This neutral color with an undertone can change the overall perspective of the space. It balances well with the intense shade of orange, giving life to other existing components in the area.

White & Off-white

Caucasian woman in jeans working on laptop in modern empty domestic room..

A great way to give life to your hardwood floor is to match it with a white wall. As overwhelming as it sounds, the white wall can tone down the rich undertones of a hardwood floor. It just emphasizes the space that creates a spacious atmosphere.


Creative composition of stylish living room interior with mock up poster frame, orange sofa, beige commode, coffee table and stylish personal accessories.

If the goal is a warm and homey ambiance, the go-to look is a tan-colored wall. It harmonizes well with orange flooring, whether a tile or a hardwood floor with orange hues. The synergy between a neutral color and warm color is evident in the solid presence of the flooring.

Complimentary Colors

These are the opposite colors of the orange series on the color wheel. It is considered a wise choice for color choice as it creates a dramatic appeal to your environment. What's excellent about contrast is it establishes a hierarchy in your home.

It builds momentum and focuses on certain parts of the area you wish to emphasize. There is no formula for mixing and matching complimentary colors. Any color that overwhelms the space with too much contrast is chaotic enough from a viewer's point of view.


Miniature living room concept

The color opposite of orange is blue. To create a dramatic and rustic look in your home, paint your walls a dark blue for ambience. Its conflicting color doesn't overpower the orange flooring, instead creates symmetry and balance.


Modern room have purple sofa in open space with lamp and cabinet have wall ultra violet color of the year

The misconception about shades of orange and violet is that both colors are intense and don't play well with each other. However, both colors are interesting enough to match as wall paint and flooring. The dark shade of violet creates a theatrical influence in the living setting, toning down the vibrant orange floors. 

Analogous Colors

One piece of advice a professional designer would say is to look at the color wheel when in doubt. While monochromatic is a trend right now, mixing three colors together in a color scheme isn't a bad thing either. Similar shades of orange, yellow and yellow-orange create a happy atmosphere within the living space. 


red interior with orange furniture

It's an ebullient color that makes the place lively and bright. The color combination doesn't overpower each other, thus creating a harmonized stratosphere. Its tones create an elegant and modern atmosphere. 

Light & Shadow

The fusion of dark and light creates a balanced and harmonious living environment. It is elegant, bold and cheery. A contrasting color of a single color should not be overlooked.


3d illustration of living room with big orange sofa.

As a color in the orange family, peach can be an excellent complement to a darker orange. Since the focal point of the home is not the floor, the color of the walls is emphasized. Add furniture to achieve a modest home environment. 

What furniture color goes with orange floor?

Orange can grab a lot of attention with its strikingly bright color. We don't want to highlight the floors but rather the colors of the wall and the furniture within. You can always play with the orange mashup.

You can decide to create a cozy and warm environment or a modern monochrome. It's all up to you!  Here are suggestions on how you can marry your orange floor with the colors of your furniture.

  • Teal - You can never go wrong with the blue shades. They are the exact opposites of the orange hues. 
  • Grey - Modern and stylish. Gives off a clean and minimalistic look.
  • Green - A rich jewel color that exudes a bright and vibrant living space.
  • Vibrant Colors - Creating a dramatic atmosphere means incorporating strong colors in place of bright, warm oranges.
  • Orange - As bright as it is, what else can you think of to complement a striking orange floor, but more orange!

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Do orange floors make the room smaller or bigger?

Your room may look as big or small as you like. Generally, lighter shades will leave the space lacking in color. Matching orange floors with pale whites, grays, or neutrals can define a spacious room well. 

The light-colored case creates an airy vibe even in tight spaces, giving the illusion of spaciousness. However, dark tones with intense and vivid colors make a room shrink in size. 

It is the same with wooden floors. Whatever color you decide and choose it's going to be a neutralize or enhancer. In this case, you can choose from a variety of colors and it's all up to your style and concept for home needs.

How to make room look bigger with flooring?

A positive aspect of flooring is its ability to shrink or expand your space. Your decision on how to lay your floor is a factor to consider before placing your floor on the ground. Fortunately, your walls and floors can make up for tight spaces in a number of ways. 


What draws people into the room is its ability to be airy and spacious. A secret rule to make it happen is the diagonal rule of the floor. It creates the illusion that a small space is wide and airy.


One technique, professional designers say is to lay a wide plank flooring. What it does is reduce the traffic in the room. Instead of buying the usual strips, make them bigger.

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One factor in the reduction of tile floor space is the grout between the tiles. The larger the grout width, the smaller the environment will appear. Choose bigger tiles with narrow grouting to keep the space feeling roomy. 

Should floors be lighter than walls?

Modern interior of living room with blue leather sofa, wooden door and cabinet, against orange wall, home design

The choice of floor can control the concept of style in other areas. There is no denying that the choice of flooring makes a room look spectacular and elegant or rustic and cozy. Every shade variety holds the key to a room of space and air.

The trend most homeowners favor these days is lighter shade on the walls and darker floor space. It is the common concept and design to make an environment look spacious. However, this is not the case with low ceilings.

What gives the illusion of height for low ceiling homes is incorporating a lighter shade of flooring to a dark-painted wall. It just balances the color you choose. Before pushing for contrast or monochrome, you should know your colors.

In Closing

Including orange floors in your home is not a bad idea. Colors may seem intimidating, but if you know your color scheme, you can find its perfect contrast. Know your colors before mixing and matching.

In the case of orange floors, there are several colors that can be matched with this unique hue. If your preferred choice is to go for a contemporary and industrialized look, you can go for neutrals and muted colors on your walls. But if you want it to be comfortable and dramatic, the color scheme you need is bright colors.

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