What Color Walls With Grey Carpet?

Carpet has been hugely popular as a flooring material for ages by providing cushion under your feet as well as insulating your floor from the cold. Grey is a widely popular color due to its adaptability and is an excellent cool neutral color choice for the floors of your home due to its versatile nature. Because it is so versatile, it can be a big task to narrow down wall colors to pair with the grey carpet in your home. We have researched multiple sources to bring you a thorough but condensed selection of wall colors that will pair well with your grey carpet.

The interior of your home should be a space of your own and the colors in your room should fit that space and accommodate you and your family. There is no one "right way" to decorate your space so the colors in your space should be appealing to you and your family and be reflective of your collective tastes and styles. With grey's adaptable property, the color combinations available for you to choose from are endless. The following selection of popular colors to coordinate with grey that we will discuss further include:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Monochromatic colors
  • Grey
  • Warm brown

While choosing a paint color for your walls to coordinate with your grey carpet may be a big decision in your decorating process, it is not the only factor that will need to be considered. Does grey carpet go well in every room? Does grey carpet hide dirt? What is the most popular carpet color? We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading.

Modern living room with gray carpet and blue walls, What Color Walls With Grey Carpet?


White is a longstanding favorite when it comes to wall colors. The ultimate light neutral, white is completely versatile, easily pairing with virtually any color on the color wheel. Crisp and clean, white walls give your room the perfect bright neutral background. In the example below, the white walls and light-colored grey carpets combine for a bright contemporary background that accentuates the bright green hues that accent this color scheme.

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Green couch on a gray carpet in a white wall living room


A citrusy primary color, yellow hues are sunny and rich. From pale lemony yellows to rich golds, shades of yellow can add the perfect amount of color to your space. Soft and warm, shades of yellow can give your space a bright and energetic feel, while not being overbearing or loud. Warm shades of yellow or gold pair with cool shades of grey for a modern color combination that can be a great fit for any room.

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Gray carpet and yellow walls in a modern chic bedroom


For a cool color option for your walls, consider using one of the many available shades of blue as a wall paint color to accent your grey floors. The color blue as a wall color will bring a calm and tranquil feel to your space. In the example below the cool color palette of blue and grey is warmed up with accents of dark brown and copper. The cotton decorations add a pop of bright neutral white to lighten and brighten this color palette.

Modern teen loft bedroom with gray carpet and blue wall


On the warm side of the color wheel is the energetic primary color of red. For a bright burst of glowing color, red walls are a fiery contrast to your cool grey carpet. The tomato-colored painted shiplap wall in the example below is the perfect vivid backdrop to the tan-grey colored carpet and backboard. Black and white accents spread throughout the red and grey color scheme help to break up the color and add depth and detail.

Round white glossy table and two comfort chairs in front of a large illuminated empty red plaster wall


For a cool alternative to blue, shades of green are an elegant and enduring color choice for the walls of your grey-carpeted room. Inspired by nature, with hints of blues and yellows, crisp hues of green promote positive energy and relaxation. In the example below, the deep sage green complements the light charcoal colored carpet with bright accents of white and light natural wood. Different shades of green are brought together in the picture below through the use of the throw blanket and lampshade to add a sense of dimension and diversity.

Modern office interior with a lounge corner


The perfect mixture of red, blue, warm, and cold, purple is a jewel-toned moody hue that generates an imaginative and creative feel in your space. The deep eggplant shade used in the example below contrasts with the patterned grey carpet for a mysterious and intriguing ambiance. To keep this dramatic color from being too overbearing, white paint is brought from the ceiling down to the top foot (or so) of the wall adding some lightness and brightness to the deep purple of the walls. Rich shades of gold are sprinkled through the room for a warm glow.

Monochromatic colors

At opposite ends of the colored spectrum, black and white are the ultimate classy color pairing. As grey is the product of black and white, these colors create the perfect companion to your grey carpet. The marbled black and white accent wall in the example below adds texture and elegance to this bedroom. To add a splash of color to your space, consider a brightly colored accent chair, as pictured in the example below.

Modern luxury bedroom with gray carpet and monochromatic walls


Grey walls paired with your grey carpets can create an expansive look in your room. Using different shades of the same color gives the space a sense of depth and dimension. The dark grey color palette in the example below is given a spark of rich elegant gold color using the throw pillow on the couch. Various accent colors, when combined with grey, can give your room a pop of color and emphasize the small touches of color, such as the light fixture in the example below.

Contemporary modern living room with gray carpet and matching gray walls

Warm brown

Tans and browns can add cozy warmth to any room and add a comfortable welcoming ambiance to your home. Warm earth-toned walls can pair perfectly with cool grey floors for a perfectly balanced space. This warm tan shade on the walls, in the example below, pair with the warm natural color of the wood beams to contrast the light grey carpet. Warm natural wood tones accent this grey and tan color scheme while coordinating with the wooden beams that draw the eye upward.

Elegant antique style living room with gray carpet and warm brown walls

Does grey carpet go well in every room?

Using the same carpet throughout your home can make a small home feel spacious. A sense of continuity can also be achieved by using the same colored carpets in all carpeted rooms of your home. As mentioned before, grey is a versatile color that makes an excellent color for any of the floors of your home. While carpet isn't the ideal flooring for some rooms in your home, (such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms due to moisture and hygiene) grey carpet can be a great look for any carpeted room.

Does grey carpet hide dirt?

Cobalt blue bedroom with bed

Although regular cleaning is highly important to keep your carpets as clean as possible, carpet is the perfect flooring material for all kinds of dirt and debris. Tans, dark browns, and blacks are all colors of carpet that hide dirt and other stains well. Darker grey is also a great color to hide dirt and even some other lighter colored stains, combined with its versatility makes it the perfect choice for all areas of your home. Patterned carpets of any color can also provide a camouflaged background to stains and dirt.

What is the most popular carpet color?

Neutral colored carpets have long been the most popular carpet colors. You may find it no coincidence that the most popular carpet color is grey. Quickly gaining popularity as a modern cool neutral, grey has become a favorite color for floors, walls, furniture, and homes in general. According to several sources, grey has replaced beige as the most widely used neutral colors for home decorating.

Modern living room interior design

Final thoughts

Your home is the space that you and your family will spend most of your time and should not only appeal to you but should also be reflective of the taste and style of you and your family. Colors can be thought-provoking and solicit emotions and feelings just from being in a certain colored space. While no rules exist when it comes to decorating your home, we hope to have inspired your decorative spirit with this selection of some of the most popular colors to pair with your grey carpets.

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What color combination for gray?

Gray is a neutral color that can pair well with various other colors. Here are some popular color combinations that work well with gray:

-White and navy blue -Coral and mustard yellow -Mint green and charcoal gray -Lavender and silver -Teal and peach

Does any color match with grey?

Many colors can match with grey, including yellow, blue, orange, pink, green, purple, and brown.

What accent wall goes with grey?

Accent walls that pair well with grey are navy blue, black, yellow, and green.

What matches with light grey?

Light grey can be paired with many colors, including white, beige, navy, black, yellow, and pink.

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